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  1. Dog rake deshedding dematting Brush Comb - Undercoat rake for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, matted, Short or Long Hair Coats - Brush for Shedding, Double Row of Stainless Steel pins - Reduce Shedding by 90%. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 1,330. $7.87
  2. ator P-92930 is an affordable undercoat rake, which comes fitted with rotating metal teeth for the efficient removal of loose undercoat hair.. The same rotating teeth do an excellent job of preventing the mats and tangles typical in dense furs. This property makes the rake great for groo
  3. g tool which is designed to remove hair from an animal's soft, loose undercoat without disturbing the longer hairs of the upper coat. These tools are extremely useful for brushing out animals in the late spring and early summer, when the loose.
  4. g your dog a pleasure. Available in double row or single row, these rakes feature smooth, rounded pins.
  5. g Rake Undercoat Brush for Dogs Long Hair, Long Tooth Undercoat Rake + Stainless Steel Dog Comb, Deshedding Tool Set for Husky Long-haired Cats 4.2 out of 5 stars 6 $19.99 $ 19 . 99 ($10.00/Count

Dematting Comb Pet Grooming Rake Tool Professional Single Sided Undercoat Rake for Cats 9.8 9.3 9.9 2: Pet Brush Comb-Undercoat Hair rake for Dogs,Cats,Coats Etc. Stainless Steel Pin The LUKACY undercoat rake is a dual-sided tool that has five large teeth on one side (for stubborn tangles) and 10 smaller teeth on the other side (for deshedding and thinning the undercoat). That. Undercoat rakes can be used on a wet or a dry coat. Pull the rake in the direction of the coat growth.Always start with a wider toothed rake to start (see Illustration 3). Work down to narrower teeth as the tool pulls through easily, removing less and less coat. Undercoat rakes normally work better when used prior to bathing or in the tub on a. The Dog Deshedding Dematting Undercoat Rake is the best undercoat rake I have come across for Golden Retrievers. In most instances this will do a much better job than the Furminator as it works by using a double row of stainless steel pins that are design to encourage a nice sensation during use

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  1. g the pet. The good thing about these brushes is that they are highly versatile. So, you would be able to do a lot of groo
  2. g Rake Removes Tangles and Knots - Cat Comb for Removing Loose Undercoat, 2-in-1 Groo
  3. Best Undercoat Rake - Buyer's Guide. There are many things to look for when purchasing the best undercoat rake for pets. First and foremost, pet owners need to consider the ergonomic design of the handle. This statement is especially true for pet owners who have arthritis or who cannot otherwise grip thin, hard handles easily
  4. g Brush Deshedding Comb Gentle on Long Haired Pets,Deshedding and Dematting Tool Helps Prevent Tangles and Mats. $12.88. $12
  5. All it takes is a few short, quick strokes of the rake over your pet's undercoat. Easily remove fur from the rake itself. Rounded Ends The stainless-steel teeth easily remove loose, shedding fur from even the thickest undercoats without painfully pulling or damaging sensitive pet's skin. All of the teeth have rounded ends so it will not.

What's The Undercoat Rake? The undercoat rake is a specially crafted tool designed to target dense matted hair on dogs with double coats. Because of the existence of a double coat, you're going to find that dogs like Golden Retrievers will have one. A ton of hair that doesn't break on its own The Evolution Undercoat Rake is made from the highest quality materials, offering long lasting durability. The precision tapered, rotating pins will gently remove mats and loose undercoat without removing other hair. Choose from two models: Thick Coats with a double row of pins; Overall Length 6 Rake area .5x4 Medium Coats with a single row. The Best Undercoat Rake for Golden Retriever - Reviews 1. Pat Your Pet 2 Sided Undercoat Rake. The first item on our list is a versatile tool that is designed to deal with a range of problems that generally plague the Golden Retriever's coat

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This rake is fantastic!!! My Rag Doll cat hates being groomed, but she loves this. She will sit and purr while I use it on her. This thing gets all the way down to the undercoat, without a lot of pulling. Safe for my girl, and safe for me. The hair it removes is unbelievable! 3 You liked it! Something went wrong. Please try again later. Repor This undercoat rake with its sleek wooden handle is a professional groomer's best-kept secret. If you have a dog or cat that sheds a lot, it's important to groom their coats several times a week—but do not shave them. Shaving your pet's undercoat will reduce their ability to regulate their own body temperature Pet Grooming Undercoat Rake 2 Sided Dematting Tool for Dogs and Cats. $17.99. Free shipping. Make Offer. - Pet Grooming Undercoat Rake 2 Sided Dematting Tool for Dogs and Cats. Master Grooming Tools Steel Pin Undercoat COAT RAKE Short-Medium Hair DOG CAT. $16.99. +$5.22 shipping. Make Offer Undercoat rake — This type of brush truly looks like a small rake, usually featuring a single row of long metal teeth that reach into the undercoat and collect loose or dead fur. This helps greatly reduce the amount that a Border Collie sheds, particularly during their bi-annual coat blows

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Undercoat rakes can successfully perform many essential grooming tasks. Depending on the quality of the undercoat rake, you can accomplish more than only removing excess hair and controlling shedding. A premium undercoat rake can also eliminate mats and work through tangles. The best undercoat rakes can be used for stripping Jeffers Non-Slip Undercoat Rake Use to remove undercoat and loose, dead hair with ease. Features non-slip finger and thumb rests for extra control. Pin length = 5/8L. Single Row, 7½L with 13 or 20 short pins; Double Row, 13 long, 12 short pin Remove shedding hair from your pet easily with the Retriever 0101-044 Undercoat Pet Rake. This stainless steel fur rake has a comfort grip handle and bristles that collect loose and dead hair from your pet. Dimensions:: 6.02 in. x 4.625 in. x 1.57 in. Constructed from ABS, TPR and Stainless steel Mikki Undercoat Rakes are designed by grooming experts to enable you to remove tangles and keep your dog's coat in top condition. The stepped design of the undercoat rake teeth removes fluffy undercoat, leaving a healthy top coat. The flexible head gives a more gentle brushing experience for you and your pet

The 15 Best Undercoat Rake on the market are researched and tested by our prime experts to help you make the best choice. You will be interested in the Best Undercoat Rake in 2021. Listed below you will see major brands as: whoobell, Fioviel, PawsPamper, Coastal Pet, Maxpower Planet, Bonve Pet, UPSCOOL, Pat Your Pet, Ordermore, Closeep, Nomad, Tetragonal tree, BRILLIARE, genericss Undercoat Rakes; Browse By. Filter. Category. JW (1) Miracle Pet (2) Safari (2) Undercoat Rakes. Sort By. Set Descending Direction. 5 Item(s) Show. Safari Longtooth Undercoat Rake. $10.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare ; Safari Double Row Undercoat Rake. $12.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist. 1. Pat Your Pet Two-Sided Undercoat Rake. A versatile tool that can help make your pet retriever look their furry best, Pat Your Pet Two-Sided Undercoat Rake has earned rave reviews for being an excellent grooming tool. The undercoat rake can easily and gently cut through the outer coat to groom the cuddly and soft inner coat Joined Sep 13, 2011. ·. 4,325 Posts. #3 · Feb 11, 2012. For extremely thick undercoats I would recommend a double rake. Something like this: Amazon.com: Evolution W6110 Grooming Undercoat Rake with Rotating Teeth, Double Row: Pet Supplies Undercoat Rake for Dogs: Deeply penetrates undercoats with precision tapered pins to prevent matting; Effective: Remove mats and tangles and maintain a healthy coat with this dematting tool for dogs; For Medium & Long Hair: This single-row undercoat rake brush for dogs is a must-have grooming too

Jeffers Magic Spring Undercoat Rake Ensure a comfortable, more pleasurable grooming experience for your pet. The Magic Spring Grooming Product's floating spring controlled teeth retract and rotate, yielding to your pet's body contour, providing optimum control and an even, all-over application 200. Aug 31, 2009. When brushing Bailey, I've always used a pin brush, slicker brush and a greyhound comb to line brush. The greyhound comb always did a decent job of removing her undercoat. At agility class last night, my trainer brought an undercoat rake. I decided to try the rake while we were waiting our turn This rake is good for longer haired dogs. It is a good tool to remove the loose undercoat hair. The pins are nickel-plated. The rake is good for the following breeds: Huskies, Collies, Irish Setters, German Shepherds, Chows, and similar breeds. This is one of the finest tools I have ever used. For a long-haired dog with a really thick undercoat. Undercoat rakes are the ideal tools for those of you who want to home groom their pets. It works by removing the undercoat hairs that are ready to be shed. Just as its name suggests, a rake refers to a tool with a wide working headline with rows of rigid and round teeth

9 product ratings - Oster Professional Pet Grooming Undercoat Rake, 18 Teeth Wide, Coarse 78928-300. $29.99. $7.67 shipping. or Best Offer Caroline Spencer Ancol expert, explains how to use the Ancol Ergo Undercoat Rake. The undercoat rake effectively removes loose fur from thick coats, ideal fo..

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Undercoat Rake Pet accessories. The Undercoat Rake removes loose undercoat and untangles mats. Key Features. Removes loose undercoat and untangles mats. Recommended for medium and long double coats. Promotes a healthy and shiny coat Description. Help maintain the quality of your pet's coat with Safari's Undercoat Rake Grooming Tool. It's designed with a single row of precision tapered pins that work through mats, tangles and loose hair for a smooth finish. The ergonomic handle features a non-slip grip and curved design for supreme comfort and control Pricier than competitors, but also versatile. Best Bang for the Buck. ConairPRO. Dog Undercoat Rake. Check Price. Bottom Line. A low-cost rake with stainless steel pins for the removal of excess hair and the prevention of shedding. Available for pets with medium and short coats. Pros The Ancol undercoat rake effectively removes dead and loose fur from the undercoat and the rake is extra-wide to ensure large areas of the dog's coat are completed quickly. The rake is especially useful for removing loose hair when the dog is moulting Show all 3 for $36.58. Description. Comfortably take control of your paw-tner's undercoat with help from Safari's Double Row Undercoat Rake Dog Grooming Tool designed for dogs with thick undercoats. The rounded, rotating pins gently penetrate the undercoat and remove excess hair—a comfortable, no-fuss experience for your furbaby

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  1. g tool to penetrate to the hair closest to their skin. Using an undercoat rake for groo
  2. g your furry friend. The complete Gripsoft line offers a variety of designs.
  3. g Tool with Double Sided, Shedding Brush Undercoat Rake tool for Dogs and Cats, Pet Safe and Round End Blades for Long and Short Hair, Effectively Remove Mats, Red. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 265. $15.99
  4. utes, yet leave the top coat shiny and healthy
  5. Find the best undercoat rakes for dogs based on what customers sai

The rake combs through dogs' coats with ease, removing dead hair and dander, while de-matting and untangling hair. Perfect for use on any coat type and texture, from short and wiry to long and flat. The Gripsoft Undercoat Rake is a favorite of professional groomers because of its reliability and advanced design The FURminator Grooming Rake removes loose hair, tangles and prevents mats. The rotating metal teeth help to remove loose hair from undercoat in dense fur. This tool is best for dogs and cats with thick fur or dense double coats. Use this convenient daily solution for undercoat care as part of your at home grooming regimen Great for gently removing the undercoat and any knots in long coated dogs. The bristles are much more gentle than those of many undercoat rakes, especially the metal ones, which tend to be quite uncomfortable for the dog and can scratch. This brush took off a record amount of undercoat in one brushing Safari Undercoat Dog Rakes penetrate deep to remove undercoats. The single row undercoat dog rake is designed for longhaired dogs while the double row dog rake features two pin lengths for dogs with thick, heavy coats. Both designs feature precision tapered pins that penetrate deep into your dog's coat This dog undercoat rake offers an ergonomic handle with a grooved grip for greater comfort and control. Dog grooming rake removes 90% of loose fur. Durable stainless steel pins effectively remove shedding fur. Breaks up large mats and tangles and removes dead undercoat. Generously sized for use on larger breeds such as collies, German Shepherds.

Dramatically reduces undercoat, quickly, easily, and comfortably. The perfect dog grooming tool for thinning, de-matting, and stripping. For best results, start with a coarse or medium Coat Rake to prepare and de-mat the coat. Then use a comb or brush to finish the coat. Achieve a flawless, hand-stripped, smooth look with less time and effort Sided Undercoat Rake for Dogs &Cats-Safe and Effective Dematting Comb for Mats&Tangles Removing-No More Nasty Shedding or Flying Hair * KEEP YOUR PRECIOUS DOGS AND CATS CLEAR OF MATS AND TANGLES! The grooming tool will work through those tough matt's and tangles working on all types of coats, dogs, cats and other long haired pets

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200 matches. ($9.25 - $96.73) Find great deals on the latest styles of Undercoat rake. Compare prices & save money on Dog Supplies 1,942 cat undercoat rake products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which brushes accounts for 9%, combs accounts for 6%, and clippers & blades accounts for 1%. A wide variety of cat undercoat rake options are available to you, such as not applicable

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New! 2019 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Rakes Deals and Updates.Start Saving Here: https://www.clipadvise.com/black-friday?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=so.. iMountek Dog Grooming Rakes 2 Sided Undercoat Rake Pet Dematting Shedding Comb Pet Grooming Tool for Pet Dogs Cats Medium & Long Hair Pet Detangler Tool Removes Undercoat Knots Mats. Features:*Pet Grooming Rake For Dogs & Cats: iMouTEK dual sided pet grooming comb has a different number of teeth on each side. Use the lower density side as a dematting rake for stubborn matts and tangles Oster Dog Rake and Shedding Brush, 18-Tooth Coarse. This Oster Shedding Tool easily removes dead undercoat with minimal cutting and creates the look of a hand-stripped finish. Its aluminum construction, complete with solid stainless steel blades, make it rust-resistant and simple to keep clean. Great for large breeds (over 25lbs) with medium to.

After hours researching and comparing all models on the market, we find out Top 15 Best Ryans Undercoat Rake of 2021. Check our ranking and reviews below. Are you looking for the Ryans Undercoat Rake of 2021? Romance University supports to analyzes, compares, reviews from consumer report, our expert community... The Grip Soft Undercoat Rake With Short Teeth Is Used To Loosen Lightly Matted Parts Of The Coat And To Lift Out Dead And Shedding Hair From The Undercoat Of Shorter-haired Breeds. This Rake Has A Row Of Round Tipped Teeth That Are Designed To Tend To You $10.58. Choose Options Compare. Qty in Cart: 0. Price: $10.58. The precision tapered pins on this undercoat rake will penetrate deeply into your dog's coat and remove loose undercoat without removing the other hair. It is especially suited for breeds with shorter, thick coats, and those with an undercoat. Add to cart to backorder the selected product now The Evolution Double Row Undercoat Rake is the perfect tool for clearing loose fur and preventing matting in your dogs undercoat. With twenty rotating metal pins that harmlessly pull through the coat, this rake is designed for breeds with thick, heavy coats. Grooming rake for dogs with thick, heavy coats and undercoats Place your fingers between the rake and the skin to prevent pulling of the skin and discomfort. Slowly move the rake through the mat with a saw like motion to cut through the mat. To assist with mat removal, use the CHI for Dogs Oatmeal Conditioner. After using the Undercoat Rake, brush through the coat to collect loose hair and debris

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Eliminate hair in minutes: All it takes is a few short, quick strokes of the rake over your pet's undercoat. Easily remove fur from the rake itself. Easily remove fur from the rake itself. Rounded ends: The stainless-steel teeth easily remove loose, shedding fur from even the thickest undercoats without painfully pulling or damaging sensitive. View more offers. Prevent your dog's undercoat from matting with the Safari W6192 NCL00 Dog Rotating Pin Double Row Undercoat Rakes! For dogs with extra thick, heavy coats, the double-row rake features dual-length pins for maximum performance. Your dog won't fuss during grooming thanks to the gentle but effective rounded rotating pins

Evolution Undercoat Rakes. Coastal Pet Products. $8.99 - $9.99. The Evolution Undercoat Rake is made from the highest quality materials, offering long lasting durability. The precision tapered, rotating pins will gently remove mats and loose undercoat without... Out of Stock. Oster Grooming Rakes. Oster $23.99 - $29. The undercoat rake features stainless steel pins to grab loose hair and maintain your dog's shiny, healthy coat color. When your Australian Cattle Dog comes inside with burrs and other things sticking to their coat, the ConairPRO Dog Undercoat Rake removes those with ease so your dog's fur is clean once more Brush the undercoat year-round to prevent matting and during shedding season to help remove the loose fur. If you encounter undercoat mats, moisten fur with a detangler and use a mat rake or slicker to gently detangle the fur. If your pooch is severely matted, schedule a trip to the groomer. Do not attempt to cut or shave the hair yourself

WAHL Pet Grooming Undercoat Rake About this Item: Stainless steel rotating pins remove loose undercoat and untangle mats. Ideal for breeds with harsh outer guard coat and a dense, thick, soft down undercoat. Soft grip for added comfort and control JW Pet GripSofts Undercoat Rake removes dead or shedding hair from the innermost layer while leaving outercoat undisturbed. Used by professional groomers to get through the outercoat of long-haired pets. The JW Pet GripSoft Undercoat Rake keeps the groomer comfortable with the GripSoft rubber-sheathed handle, the first line of ergonomic rubber. What is the undercoat? Most cats actually have double coats. The exception is the single-coated Rex that sports fine, curly hair and does not shed. A double coat is made up of an outer guard layer that is longer and coarser. The lower layer is very soft, and fine. That is the undercoat. Guard hairs are single and have individual follicles

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  1. Undercoat Rakes easily remove dead and tangled hair from coats. Teflon coated pins glide easily through the coat. Pin shoulders help remove excess undercoat. Handles are comfortable and feature non-slip grips
  2. The rotating rounded pins of the undercoat rake pull through your dog's coat without damaging it, while removing tangles, mats and loose undercoat. Suitable for dogs with thick, heavy coats or undercoats. Description. Even the thickest of coats will shine after this undercoat rake does its job. It removes loose undercoat and mats without.
  3. High Quality rake with soft grip non slip handle rake handle. Helps to remove heavy undercoat. Non slip, grip handle. Removes undercoat. Rake design. Groom Professional quality. There are 13 reviews with an average rating of 4.92. 5.00 out of 5 stars. Steve from United Kingdom Owner 16 July 2016 19:37
  4. Dog rake deshedding dematting Brush Comb - Undercoat rake for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, matted, Short or Long Hair Coats - Brush for Shedding, Double Row of Stainless Steel pins - Reduce Shedding by 90% One of the best dog brushes on the market, It has a double row of stainless steel pins/teeth to reduce pulling the coat without damaging it or.

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DetailsSafari undercoat rakes feature easy grip handles to reduce fatigue. rakes have precision tapered pins to deeply penetrate coat DetailsThese rakes have floating spring-controlled teeth that retract and rotate, yielding to pet's body-contour. Magic Spring offers optimum control and allows you to groom with less effort. Patented. Double Row (13 Long/12 Short) 3.5 inch Millers Forge Vista Undercoat Rake is popular with professional groomers who use it to get rid of shedding, tangled or matted undercoat, which is otherwise tough to handle. The undercoat rake takes care of loose undercoat problems without disturbing the top coat. Time tested quality. Maintain pet's health. SKU: 104505. Ren's Pets Kruuse Buster Flexible Undercoat Rake (20 Long Pins) Close. Vehicle Info Needed. Enter your vehicle's info to make sure this product fits. Yes, check compatibility. It's your call. This doesn't fit the vehicle based on the information you provided. Edit vehicle info That's ok, I want this

  1. Click the button below to add the Evolution Double Row Undercoat Rake to your wish list. Related Products. Heavy Duty DeMatting Rake $14.99. Mini DeMatting Rake $6.99. Undercoat Shedding Rake - Single Row $6.99. Undercoat Shedding Rake - Double Row $6.99. Evolution Single Row Undercoat Rake $9.99
  2. g a more pleasurable experience for you. UPC: 745899827078
  3. Master Paws™ Undercoat Rake Comb has a non-slip soft grip that conforms to the shape of your hand, giving you better control and less hand fatigue. Remove loose, excess hair from undercoat. Shipping Dimensions: 9.00 H x 5.00 W x 1.25 D. Shipping Weight: 0.25 lbs. Brand Name: Master Paws
  4. Pet 2 In 1 Deshedding Undercoat Rake Dual Heads Dematting Comb For Dog Cat Brush , Find Complete Details about Pet 2 In 1 Deshedding Undercoat Rake Dual Heads Dematting Comb For Dog Cat Brush,2 In 1 Stainless Pet Combing Brush,Double Sided Dematting Comb,Blue Pet Hair Removing Brush from Brushes Supplier or Manufacturer-Quanzhou Wangwangyi Technology Co., Ltd
  5. ator and others. An undercoat rake is a dog groo
  6. g process, Brush & Style
  7. g a dog, it has to be those with a thick undercoat or, as they are often called, a double coated dog. There are those who wonder why you don't simply shave these types of dogs and be done with it
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Safari Long Tooth Undercoat Dog Rake. $11.99. List Price: $15.99. Today's savings: 25%. promotional discount applied. Cart total will reflect savings. x. Sometimes, manufacturers require that products be advertised only at their suggested prices. When we choose to sell these items for less, we display the sale price only in the cart Designed for heavy coats and double coat breeds, the Millers Forge Undercoat Rake removes loose undercoat hair quickly without disturbing the outer coat. Features: Quickly removes hair Comfortable Won't disturb outer coat Item Specifications: Size: 4 1/4W Teeth:20 total, 1/2H. Menu. 0 An undercoat rake is also a very good brush however it could have the potential to ruin the doggie's coat and skin or harm your canine friend when an excessive amount of force is used. This type of pet brush is in addition not advised for single coated pets as well as pets with very thin coat We carry Grooming Dematting & Undercoat at discounted prices, here at Groomers Choice. To view our wide variety of pet grooming products, visit us online today. 888-364-624 Model Name 2 Sided Undercoat Rake for Cats & Dogs - Safe Dematting Comb for Easy Mats & Tangles Removing - No More Nasty Shedding and Flying Hair. Color Black and Blue. Size 1 Count (Pack of 1) Material Stainless Steel, Rubber. Age Range Description All Life Stages. Care Instructions Clean after Use

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In addition, before using the undercoat deShedding tool, remove tangles or mats with FURminator® Fur Dematting Tool or Grooming Rake. Step 3 Use the undercoat deShedding tool much like a brush, gently stroking across the pet's coat in the direction of hair growth, angling the stainless steel teeth towards the coat The JW Pet GripSoft Undercoat Rake keeps the groomer comfortable with the GripSoft rubber-sheathed handle, the first line of ergonomic rubber handle grooming tools. JW Pet worked with a group of groomers and a hand surgeon with expertise in Carpel-Tunnel Syndrome to develop our unique, patented grip. The result is the most comfortable grip. The undercoat is the most complex and problematic of the two hair structures because: Undercoat hairs are more numerous than topcoat hairs; The amount of undercoat hair depends on the environment that the dog (or type of dog) originally inhabite SKU: 103494. Description. JW Pet GripSoft's Undercoat Rake removes dead or shedding hair from the innermost layer while leaving outercoat undisturbed. Used by professional groomers to get through the outercoat of long-haired pets. - JW Grip Soft Undercoat Rake is ideal for lifting out dead & shedding hair from the undercoat of your dog


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Rakes. Undercoat rakes are ideal tools for home grooming that will remove the ready-to-be-shed undercoat hairs. As the name implies, this grooming tool looks like a small rake with metal teeth that often are angled and set fairly wide apart. The rake glides through the upper coat and rakes out the loose undercoat hairs Professional Pet Grooming Undercoat Rake Comb Dematting Tool Dog Cat Brush Care. 4.8 out of 5 stars (33) Total ratings 33, 97% agree - Would recommend. £4.95 New. Chusq 853404 Mars 12-blade Coat King Rake. 4.9 out of 5 stars (28) Total ratings 28, 100% agree - Would recommend. £28.95 New Rufus & Coco 2-in-1 Bright White Wash 200mL. $13. . 50. Prized Petz Pet Grooming Kit. $50. Oakwood Pet Shampoo With Tea Tree 280mL. $10. Oakwood Gentle Shampoo suitable for smooth and short coats with Oatmeal & Aloe Vera 280mL Latest PAWS PAMPER UNDERCOAT RAKE Coupons & 63% OFF PAWS PAMPER UNDERCOAT RAKE Discount Codes For August 2021. Save Now On PAWS PAMPER UNDERCOAT RAKE Products W/ Verified PAWS PAMPER UNDERCOAT RAKE Promo Codes Pet Hair Shedding Grooming Trimmer Comb Brush Slicker Undercoat Rake Dog Cat New. AU $4.70. AU $4.95 previous price AU $4.95 previous price AU $4.95. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. Grooming Brush For Pet Dog Cat Deshedding Tool Rake Remover Fur Hair Comb T7M1. AU $8.19

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Made in Germany, 12-Blade and more at,Find Mars Coat King Double Wide Dematting Undercoat Grooming Rake Stripper Tool for Dogs and Cats, Stainless Steel with Wooden Handle,Free Shipping and Free Returns,Here are your favorite items,Global trade starts here,Fast delivery and 100% satisfaction or refund guarantee Undercoat rakes are best for using to remove undercoat on thick or double-coated breeds. Undercoat rakes are ideal for breeds with thicker and double coats, as the longer, wider-spaced tines allow them to pass through both coats and coax the loose under layer free. Although referred to as Undercoat Rakes these tools are not only great for removing undercoat but also are perfect to remove.