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  1. Seething Lane is a narrow street in the City of London. The street is located in the southeast of the city in the Tower Ward. The narrow road takes its name from the grain that was once threshed in the street and came through the nearby city gate from the Tower Hamlets to London. Seething is an Old English word for chaff
  2. Crescent - thought to be first crescent-shaped street in London Cripplegate Street - after the former Cripplegate that stood here, referring either to a crepel (Latin for 'covered way') or the association with the nearby St Giles-without-Cripplegate church (St Giles is the patron saint of cripples
  3. d that the Present Name often already existed, the Former Namebeing incorporated as a part, and in some cases has been changed again later
  4. Ever wondered where some of London's more unusual street names come from? Prior to the nineteenth century, street names were typically generic and descriptive, usually named after the goods sold in them e.g. Bread Street. Thereafter it became commonplace for streets to bear the name of renowned figures from British history

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Weird London street names can tell you a lot about the history of an area, once you do a bit of digging. Cheapside, for instance, comes from a saxon word 'chepe' that meant market. So as the market boulevard you can take a confident stab at what was sold on its connecting streets like Wood Street, Bread Street, Honey Lane and Poultry London Streets Names There are thoroughfares that have been named after simple Christian names. 43 have been named as Albert, 48 as George, 40 as Victoria and 8 at Adelaide. Then there are 33 Edwards, 30 Alfreds, 35 Jameses, 47 Johns, and others Charlottes, Fredericks, and Elizabeths. There are also Roberts, Anns, Pauls, Adams, Marys, and Amelias

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Park Lane (W1) (Circa 1734) Was named Chapel Street (from Grosvenor Chapel) until 1886 The 1940 street directory serves two purposes. It was a listing of many of the buildings in London just prior to the blitz of London with air raids. The first major raid took place on the 7th September 1940 and continued until May 1941. Along with the later V1 and V2 rocket attacks in 1944-45, over 85,000 Londoners were killed and injured

Albert Terrace was formerly known as Slutwell Lane and was recorded by that name from 1773; it was presumably Slutt Lane, mentioned in 1712. (fn. 4) The name was changed to Albert Terrace in 1896. (fn. 5) Aldford, Alford, Alforth, see Manor Road. Aldgate, see Hull Road Honey Lane, EC2. Another street leading into Cheapside's food market, Honey Lane was known as Huni Lane at the beginning of the 13th century. As the name makes it clear, honey producers sold. The first list of street names was published in 1868, but it wasn't until the London County Council started publishing its different editions of its List of Streets and Places that order took shape out of confusion. These books list over 23,000 roads with 3,000 name alterations since 1856, and can be found in various editions—in 1901, 1912.

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So, street names can raise as many questions as they can solve. Of course street names can also change, so it might be interesting to use the current map as a starting point, and then compare the names with some of the main roads on a much older map London Street Names Street Names - Henry I stipulated that a street could not be named as such unless it was paved and was wide enough for sixteen knights to ride abreast. A Lane had only to be the width of a beer barrel rolled by two men. Addle Hill E.C.4 - Here once stood the Saxon Royal Palace of King Athelstan (Adelstan). Albemarle Street W.

The famous streets of London are many and varied indeed. They include some of best in London shopping, from the flagship Oxford Street shops to the thriving London street markets of Camden and Brick Lane. Some of them are home to the most famous landmarks in London, steeped in history and an essential part of any London itinerary We're in the City of London this week, looking at London Street Names and what they can tell us about the history of London.We'll also learn the meaning behi.. This is a list of the etymology of street names in the London district of Soho, in the City of Westminster. The following utilises the generally accepted boundaries of Soho viz. Oxford Street to the north, Charing Cross Road to the east, Shaftesbury Avenue to the south and Regent Street to the west

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London street names by Gillian Bebbington, unknown edition 48 London Neighborhoods: A Quick Reference Guide. As the capital of the United Kingdom, London is a large and bustling city with an incredible amount of things to see and do. This post was published on the now-closed HuffPost Contributor platform. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site 1560 anon. 1739 reproduction of original, from Maitland's History of London Microcolour. Fleet Street, The Temple etc. 1563 Ralph Aggas, from London,Old & New by Edward Walford, 1881 Re-publishing. Whitehall and Westminster. 1563 Ralph Aggas from London,Old & New, Edward Walford, 1881 (264kb T he Romans left London surprisingly few place names, but they did leave the wall that guarded the settlement - you can see a chunk of it in the Museum of London, on the street called.

A reminder that history lies all around us, yet is so often unseen or unnoticed. Newgate Prison Newgate Prison - Photo credit: peterberthoud.co.uk. So named because it was originally built into London's old Roman wall, this hellish prison came to be when Henry II instigated legal reform giving the Crown more authority in administering justice London street names by Gillian Bebbington, 1972, Batsford edition, in Englis 24. Regent Street, London. Historical buildings, shops, cafe, and photography, these are some of many things which makes this street popular not just in London or the UK but all around the world. A trip to London cannot be completed until once step to Regent Street, London. This is a curved street with most shopping options in London Jan 24, 2019 - Explore Larry Stubbs's board London street names on Pinterest. See more ideas about street names, london street, london

Mar 27, 2018 - History of London Street names and popular London distrcits and localtions. See more ideas about london street, street names, london. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Touch device users can explore by touch or with swipe gestures Londoners and tourists alike probably wonder about the meaning of such street names as Piccadilly, Pall Mall, Old Bailey, Houndsditch and Crutched Friars. John Wittich explains the origins of these and many other London street names which can reveal unsuspected facts about the history of the area, which occasionally dates back to Saxon times

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Oxford Street. London. This is perhaps one of the most iconic street names in the country, especially amongst shoppers and fashion enthusiasts. Oxford Street is the centre of London's retail scene and is home to a huge list of high-end brands and luxury boutiques Feb 25, 2013 - Funny, unusual, quirky and hilarious London and UK street names www.londonofficespace.com. See more ideas about london street, street names, london Haringey Council decided to change the name of the street in South Tottenham, London, to 'La Rose Lane' after local poet and essayist John La Rose, in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests

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LONDONSTREETNAMES, PRELIMINARY. ThehappinessofLondon,saidtheoracular DrJohnson,whomwestillreverenceasthe greatlexicographer,notwithstandinghisinevit. List of Street Names in City of London, Ontario, Maps and Streets Views. 1st Street; 2nd Street; 3 Valleys Crescent; 3 Valleys Place; 3rd Street; 4 Oaks Crescent; Abbey Rise; Abbott Street; Aberdeen Drive; Acorn Crescent; Acorn Place; Acton Crescent; Ada Street; Adare Crescent; Addison Drive; Adelaide Street North; Adelaide Street South

1. Salmon and Ball, Bethnal Green. There's been a pub on the corner of Bethnal Green Road since 1733, but try and search for the reason behind the name 'Salmon and Ball' and you'll have a tricky time finding anything. It was a prominent enough location to be chosen as the execution spot for two rioters hanged in 1771 Category: History. Page: 128. View: 797. DOWNLOAD → London Street Names uncovers the stories behind over 100 streets in locations such as Byron, Lambeth, and Westminster township. This book contains contributions from more than 25 of the city's leading local historians. 2003-10-22 2003-10-22

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Mar 27, 2018 - Ever wondered how some of London's most popular districts and boroughs got their names? We have already looked into the history of London street names, so let's jump in and take a look at the. Call Us Today! +61 (07) 3215 8888 | enquiries@vmlearning.com.au. Home; About Us. Our Team; Master Programs. Assertiveness Skills; Choices for Developing Emotional Intelligenc This map of London and part of the Home Counties was published in Pinnock's 'Guide to Knowledge'. Reduced from an original Ordnance Survey drawing, the map is printed in white on black, with the title in inset table at top centre. Though none of the sheets of the first edition of the Ordnance Survey covered London, part of the metropolitan area. J Bullman, N Hegarty, and B Hill, The Secret History of our Streets: London, a social history through the houses and streets we live in, BBC Books, 2012. This book accompanies the BBC series of the same name looking at how London has changed since Charles Booth's survey recording social conditions in 1886, returning to six archetypal London. — Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) June 9, 2020. Announcing the creation of the Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm in June of last year, Sadiq Khan said that London's greatest strength is its diversity but claimed that the capital's statues, road names and public spaces reflect a bygone era

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Unsurprisingly, dull names like Church Street, Mill Lane, and Station Road are still among the most common street names in England. And yet this haphazard approach also bequeathed us Britain's most ear-pleasing names. Reading the streets of English towns and cities is a delightful exercise in time travel. In London, names like Honey Lane. London Street Names: An Illustrated Guide ( Ontario Local History ) By: Baker, Michael with Hilary Bates Neary. Price: $18.24. Quantity: 1 available. Condition: Near Fine (see description) Add | CA$ 18.24 Views: 53. Description; Details. Those researchers had a novel idea: to map values by studying street names, which were designated in honor of a city's most celebrated people. The team chose four places with an abundance of.

The book is a browser's miscellany of London street names, focusing on names that have interesting or surprising origins, unusual street names, and street names which tell an interesting story. The book tries to explain why the streets in question acquired their names, and in doing so offers rich insights into the history of London Sep 7, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Uzo Vn Couture. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres London. It's no surprise that one of the most vibrant cities in the world has its fair share of stories to tell. It's time to take a dig into the history of the city with these 55 weird and interesting facts about London. London Is the Only City that has Hosted the Olympic City Three Times . In 1908, 1948 and 2012 respectively - Please bookmark this page (add it to your favorites). - If you wish to link to this page, you can do so by referring to the URL address below this line

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19/07/2020 by. Dutch Girl in London. Located next to London's hipster neighbourhood of Shoreditch, multicultural Whitechapel in East London is most famous for its dark past. The grim 1888 Whitechapel Murders have given the area eternal 'fame'. But also the harsh daily life of the souls roaming its crowded streets served as inspiration for. But Did You Check eBay? Find History London Street Names On eBay. Check Out History London Street Names On eBay. Find It On eBay I did some investigation and found some answers in London's long history The French Influence on London Street Names. Now that London is reputed to be the 6 th biggest French City (by population), estimated to be between 300-400,000, all things French become very important in the capital - more important than they have generally been in. The street name remains, though the irony is lost. For much of London's history, cockfighting (and betting on cockfighting) was a popular pastime among the upper classes

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origin of the names of the principal buildings, streets, &c. in london and westminster, from stow, speed, maitland, &c. Clifford's Inn was a house granted by Edward II. to the family of Cliffords, and afterwards leased, and then sold to the students of the law The Place and Street Names of the area contained within the old Municipal Borough of Poplar like those other parts Greater London are of all kinds and periods. They recall both noble and more modest landlords, historical events, buildings of all kinds no longer standing and illustrate something of the social history of the past Map Street Name. 1746 John Rocque Map George Street 1827 Greenwood Map Bluegate Fields (A Digital Archive on the History and Topography of London) which contains 21 digitized maps of old London. Five of the maps show the short street along the east edge of St. George's church yard as Ratcliffe St. One map, captioned (at the bottom of the. London Street Signs Contain Clues to the City's History. Some London street signs do more than just tell you where you are - they reveal a secret typographical history of the city. If you spend any time at all walking around London, and especially if you get a tiny bit lost, you'll notice the characteristic nameplates, with their white.

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Vulgarity has a very long history in street names, says Dr David Mills, author of dictionaries of English and London place names, published by Oxford. 'There are several derogatory names [from. A few months ago, I realized that those street names would probably make a great window into local history, full of local heroes and pivotal events from every different layer of a city's past, so I decided to try mapping those stories for my hometown of San Francisco Hidden History: Opie Street and Gropecunt Lane. Opie Street, nice ring, named thus for a fair while, it gained the name following the death of the famous Regency bonnet wearing writer and philanthropist Amelia Opie. Amelia was born in Colegate in 1769 to fairly well-to-do parents the Aldersons The London Room has a short run of these permits from 1908 to 1926 on microfilm. The index lists the date of the permit, owner's name, builder's name, address of the house, nearest cross street, purpose of the permit and its value. The index is arranged by street name and then by date of the permit. Area Clippings Fil The Map of Early Modern London (MoEML) comprises four distinct, interoperable projects. MoEML began in 1999 as a digital atlas of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century London based on the 1560s Agas woodcut map of the city. MoEML now includes an encyclopedia of early modern London people and places, a library of mayoral shows and other texts rich in London toponyms, and a forthcoming versioned.

A blog about London and its history by exploringlondon January 27, 2014 The name of this central London thoroughfare - which runs from Fleet Street to a dead-end just shy of Holborn, with New Fetter Lane forking off to continue the journey to Holborn Circus - has nothing to do with fetters, chains or prisoners Songs of London Town replaces street names with song names. The pastel coloured, hand-drawn basemap is overlaid with hundreds of song titles, each arranged over the street that it references. It's rather a clever idea and allows for the creation of your own song-narrated self-guided tour of each central London neighborhood you happen to be in

HISTORY OF WORLD CITIES. This is the first known view of London, a section from a road map (from London to Rome) drawn by the monk, Matthew Paris, in about 1252. The view shows three recognisable monuments: on the left, The Tower, St. Paul's in the centre, and to the right, Westminster Abbey. The wall, with its gates, is visible in the. London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom and one of the largest and most important cities in the world. The area was originally settled by early hunter gatherers around 6,000 B.C. Replica London Street Name Signs for Sale Online. London street signs are approximately 300mm height, with width determined by length of street name (usually approx 600 mm). The signs often feature the street name in black, the postcode area in red and the London borough name in red. Please specify the street name, postcode and London borough in the space provided along wit The Battle of Cable Street - East London. In the 1930s, one narrow East End street, Cable Street, became the location for one of the most famous anti-fascist clashes in England's history. On the day, local residents fought against the fascist and anti-Semitic principles of Sir Oswald Mosley and his Blackshirt followers

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Map of the Vicinity of London, 1897, (500K) Map of Middlesex, (early 19th c.) Fire in Bishopsgate Street, 1765. Wren's Plan for rebuilding London. Map of Guildford Town, early 19th c. Ward/Parish Maps. Aldersgate / St. Martins. Aldgate. Parish of St. Ann. Baynards Castle Ward & Faringdon Ward Within. Billingsgate & Bridge Ward within. London was founded by the Romans about 50 AD. Its name is derived from the Celtic word Londinios, which means the place of the bold one. After they invaded Britain in 43 ADthe Romans built a bridge across the Thames. They later decided it was an excellent place to built a port Situated along ever-popular Fleet Street, it sprung up just after the Great Fire of London in 1667. Since then, it has become one of the most popular of London's oldest pubs. It offers a simple yet delicious menu with classics like fried scampi, while there are plenty of local ales on tap The street-names of Greater London are of all kinds and of all periods, preserving old place- names or even field names, and ranging from the names of noble landlords, their relatives and possessions, to names of inns and inn-keepers, builders, battles and games, convents and theatres, men famous and obscure If you do need to search by location, there are helps available. For registers from 1885 through 1954 check the London County Council Names of Streets and Places in the Administrative County of London to place a street name into its proper constituency. Boundary Commission maps can also help

Here is the history of street food in London. London is also known for its fantastic street food markets, such as the ones in Camden Market, situated a short walk away from the Lancaster Gate hotels, Borough Market, Dalston Food Market, Berwick Street Market and Whitecross Street. For any food lover, a trip to one or many of these markets will. Clive Emsley, Tim Hitchcock and Robert Shoemaker, London History - London, 1800-1913, Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 7.0, 03 August 2021 ) Close London, 1800-191 In 1939, the journalist H. V. Morton wrote a book called the Ghosts Of London, which lamented the loss of the lamplighters who were once seen on every street at dusk. There were 412 of them then Oxford Street is lined with pedestrians, cyclists and buses. (Photo via AP) With the 2012 Games putting a spotlight on London, let's take a look at 10 Famous Streets in London and what they have to offer. Click on the arrows in the left corner of the interactive photos below to view 360 degree angles The London borough of Islington incorporates some 1,155 streets. Islington at its widest point is 6.2 miles by 4.4 miles in length. Islington is traditionally a mecca for the cream of London's liberal, journalists, writers and artists. This vibrant borough boasts a thriving fringe theatre scene, a wealth of fantastic restaurants and vibrant.

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The Lovian list of street names contains all streets, avenues and drives in Lovia. Abby Park Street (KI-NH-NH) Adelaide Avenue (KI-NH-MA) Airplane Avenue (CL-SO-HV) Airport Avenue (KI-NH-OP) Airport Street (SY-NC-TC) Andreas Avenue (SY-NC-TQ) Arthur Street (CL-SO-01) Auerbach Avenue, see P. Auerbach Avenue Auburn Avenue (SE-KY-01) Barn Street (SY-NC-LR) Bay Avenue (SY-NC-BS) Beatles Avenue (SY. An essay on the origin and history of the includes a section on the origin of British Place Names. Tourists in London This section gives more information about the city itself for visitors. The 32 London Boroughs. Search by tube map, street or London place name.. Edinburgh has a wealth of interesting street names, some with more obvious origins than others. From famous residents to homages to royalty, here are how some of Edinburgh's most recognisable.

The London borough of Kensington and Chelsea incorporates some 1,019 streets. Kensington and Chelsea at its widest point is 5.6 miles by 5.5 miles in length. Kensington and Chelsea is renowned for its thriving, cosmopolitan atmosphere. The borough has many famous shopping areas including the King's Road, High Street Kensington and Knightsbridge. 10 Deadly Street Gangs Of The Victorian Era. by Debra Kelly. fact checked by Jamie Frater. In the 19th century, the world was a changing place—especially in the big cities. Immigrants flooded into New York, Liverpool, and Glasgow, causing mixing religious and ethnic groups to fight for their place in their new world Gautier Houba / TripSavvy. Address. 5B Greenwich Market, London SE10 9HZ, UK. Get directions. Phone +44 20 8269 5096. Web Visit website. Greenwich Market is open seven days a week and is one of London's best markets for arts and crafts, unique gifts, antiques, and collectibles In London the lamps were used for two main reasons; firstly to burn off the smells and germs from London's sewer system, and secondly as a low cost, low maintenance way to keep London lit up at night. Methane was collected by a small dome in the roof of the sewer, with the gas then being diverted into the lamp on the street above