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Bos Outfitters is a Hunting Outfitter based in South Africa.Hunting safaris in Southern Africa is our main priority. The Company is run by Henning & Christelle Prinsloo and Rikus & Alexa de Lange. Henning is an expert Big 5, Plains Game Professional hunter and Outfitter. BOS Outfitters are undertaken on a diverse range of areas with a wide range of hunting opportunities South Africa's Premier Hunting and Conservation Destination. Blaauwkrantz Safaris is a world-class hunting outfitter and conservationist of almost 100000 acres, founded in 1978, it is owned and operated by us, the Arthur Rudman Family. We are located in the malaria-free Eastern Cape, South Africa Plains Game Hunting. The South African bushveld has the widest range of plains game mammals than any other part of the world. Choose from the Greater Kudu, Eland (Cape or Livingston), Waterbuck, Black or Blue Wildebeest, Zebra, Springbuck, Gemsbuck and numerous antelope species when you book your hunt through Africa Hunting Safaris

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Specialist outfitter on Leopard hunting in Africa with big game hounds. Comments Rate this Site: 2 McDonald Safaris: 10.00 0 980 With McDonald Safaris hunting areas in South Africa, Mozambique and Central African Republic we are in a unique position to offer our clientele a wide variety of plains and big game species in African Comment HUNTING ACCOMMODATION GALLERY Situated in the heart of the Eastern Cape, South Africa, set against a beautiful landscape, the Hunter has an opportunity for classic African Adventure, experiencing the essence of 5 Star African luxury in a Malaria-free Game Reserve. BOOK A SAFARI Welcome to Tam Safaris Your hosts, the Tam Family, proudly invite you [ Kemp African Safaris has grown into one of South Africa's premier, responsible, hunting operation companies, with an impeccable record of producing world-class trophies. Kemp African Safaris is a family-owned outfit operated by myself Dawie Kemp, accompanied by my father Awie Kemp, both Professional Hunters and Hunting Outfitters

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  1. Most African hunting is based on trophy fees payable after the animal is taken. Hey, we all have budgets, and some animals may be beyond our means. However, once you're there you've already paid travel costs and the basic safari fees. If you have an opportunity to take an extra animal or two that you hadn't budgeted, do so if you can
  2. Zembe Safaris is one of the top professional hunting outfitters in South Africa - #1 Big Game Buffalo Hunting Safaris. Based in Mpumalanga, South Africa and on the outskirts of the Kruger National Park, Zembe Safaris has access to some of the best private hunting concessions in an area known for its trophy quality dangerous game, especially Cape Buffalo hunting and an abundance of plains and.
  3. Hunt the notorious African Cape Buffalo in a malaria free area of South Africa. More info; Cull or Trophy Hunt? Cull hunts are the best value for money or you can choose a trophy hunt - we cater for all. More info; African Hunt Safari. Choose from an array of hunting packages for the best deals or create your own dream hunting package. More inf
  4. Best Africa Hunts - Top Outfitters & Hunting Trips in Africa. Africa - the Dark Continent - every hunters' dream. Every African Hunting Safari is unique and your first safari probably won't be your last. Planning a safari can be both exhilarating and daunting at the same time. Whether you are a first timer or have been on many safaris.
  5. African Hunting Safaris. Whether you are interested in hunting a member of the 'Big Five' or the plains game of Africa, a hunting safari in South Africa, Zimbabwe or Namibia is sure to be a thrilling experience. We offer quality hunting safaris accompanied by experienced professional hunters
  6. Discount African Hunts can help take much of the uncertainty out of the process of selecting and planning African hunting safaris. With their wide network of contacts and experienced African hunting safari outfitters, Discount African Hunts can make sure that you are booking with quality outfitters that will help make your African dream hunts a.
  7. Hello hunters, welcome to South Africa. I am Kobus Davel owner and PH of Africa Safaris Outfitters. We are situated on a 1200ha with access to 25000ha concessions to hunt on in the surrounding area. . O.R. Tambo International Airport (JNB) in Johannesburg is approximately a 3-hour drive to our Safari Hunting Lodge.
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Waterfowl hunting in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. From $3,800.00 to $5,000.00. Abaqulusi NU • Being based in KwaZulu - Natal, Roelofsz Safaris, has access to some of the best Waterfowl hunting areas in South Africa. We have 14 species of waterfowl that can be collected during our hunting season: 31 May to 31 August With a full service bow shop, 24 hour shooting range, and guides who have a vast knowledge of bow hunting we can handle any situation that may arise throughout your hunt. BOW HUNTING WITH CHORONGA SAFARIS WILL BE THE BOW HUNT OF A LIFETIME! REFERENCES: - Tony Heinart (MT) 406.965.3236 - Strick Mays (FL)strickmays@cox.ne ZERO commissions & best price African Hunting Safaris Connecting you directly to Africa's most reputable, PHASA approved, Outfitters A luxury hunting lodge in the heart of the wild Kalahari, Tinashe is the premier destination for plains game hunting and lion hunting in South Africa, close to the Botswana border. A large hunting area of Kalahari bushveld, high trophy quality and uniquely South African hospitality, will ensure that your highest expectations are met at Tinashe About Us. Somerby Hunting Safaris is owned and operated by Drom & Sune Beukes and has grown into one of South Africa's premier hunting outfitters with an impeccable record of producing world class trophies through ethical fair chase hunting.. We do not offer just a hunt, but we deliver a complete safari adventure, paying special attention to each hunter or group and custom making the hunt so.

Find everything you need to know to embark on an African hunting safari; get detailed planning information, connect with reputable hunting outfitters and service providers to avoid costly mistakes. Our friendly hunting community welcomes 442,000 visitors monthly with over 70,000 members and is a place for seasoned African hunters and those who. South Africa has become the premier hunting safari destination in the world. Offering first-world infrastructure and hospitality. A visit to South Africa can be combined with a national park trip to see the Big Five. We hunt in a malaria-free area in Eastern Cape, South Africa Cape Valley Safaris, one of South Africa's premier hunting outfitters, is owned and run by Adolf Kleinhans, a professional hunter, and is based between Hankey and Patensie in the malaria-free Eastern Cape. Adolf learned his trade from his father, the late J.P Kleinhans snr, one of the best-known hunters in South Africa Marulapi Hunting Safaris invites you to experience a once in a lifetime hunting safari experience in South Africa. We pride ourselves on offering only the best in quality of trophy animals to our clients. We adhere strongly by the code of ethics and therefore only hunt animals that are roaming freely Dangerous Game Outfitter. Boss Safaris and Outfitters was founded by professional hunter and outfitter, Wayne Muller. It has always been our main goal to be the most reputable outfit in South Africa. Over the years, with hard work and effort from the whole team, we grew hand in hand. At the end of 2018, Jacus Visagie, professional hunter.

South Africa hunting Outfitter, Professional Hunters - Cruiser Safaris. Your Ultimate South African Safari Hunting Destination. Us Toll Free: 877-856-5259. International: (US Code)-616-844-0136. CRUISER SAFARIS Crusader Safaris is a Free Range Hunting Outfitter in South Africa. Crusader Safaris' reputation is built on the fact that we hunt three large free range conservancies in South Africa, 800 000 acres of prime hunting country, with no high fences and animals indigenous to these areas

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HUNTING AREA. We are located 200 miles / 320 km North of Port Elizabeth ( PE ) in the North West of the Cradock district. PE is our pick up and drop off point. We are in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa which is Safe, Malaria free, Disease Free and a Mecca for hunting Safaris in South Africa. CLICK HERE for Location and Maps Zeekoepan is a once-in-a-lifetime African hunting experience, situated 37km outside of Pongola, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, where the Elephant Coast meets Zululand. We're passionate about conservation through hunting, nature and showcasing our unique surroundings to guests from across the world We are hunting outfitters in Limpopo. Ranchero Safaris is situated on a 5000 hectare game ranch in the Limpopo Province of South Africa and we also have hunting rights to a further 45 000 hectares in the surrounding area. Our Safari Lodge is situated 15 km west of the town of Musina in the Limpopo Province of South Africa

Welcome to Safari Hunting Africa. We are outfitters and professional hunters based in Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa, from where we conduct hunting safaris. Most of our hunting is done in the Free State province, but we hunt in all the provinces of South Africa depending on the trophies our customers want to hunt Iliwa Safaris is a registered hunting outfitter in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. It is owned by the 5th generation Dorfling family, farming on the ranch Rietfontein. Father and son, Cois and Francois Dorfling, are both professional hunters. Iliwa Safaris has been a registered hunting outfitter since 1990 Our South African hunting safari prices 2022 became available during May 2021. Please be advised: our African hunting safari prices South Africa for 2022 have just become available. Below is a list of trophy animals you can hunt in South Africa with us. All animals on the trophy hunting list are available for legal hunting only

Black Horn Safaris is a Premium Hunting Outfitter in South Africa. We offer fully guided Safaris including Trophy Hunting, Big Five Hunting, Bow Hunting and Wing Shooting.Our expert guides and Professional Hunters are hardworking and will put you in the perfect position to succeed on your hunt Graham Sales Safaris(GSS) has professionally guided hunters on successful big 5 hunts (Dangerous game), big game hunts, bow hunting Safaris and plains game hunting Safaris for two decades. Graham Sales himself is a two-time winner of the PHASA Uncle Stevie award (2004 and 2007) as well as the prestigious PHASA Professional Hunter of the Year award in 2018 and is a hunter who believes in. African Sky Hunting Adventures invite you on an unforgettable hunting safari in the countries of South Africa, Namibia or Zimbabwe. African Sky Hunting Adventures (Pty) Ltd is based in South Africa. Our team has been providing quality hunting and photographic safaris for many years. The professional hunters are experienced in pursuing the Big.

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South Africa Hunting Safaris Outfitters in South Africa with Affordable Plains Game Hunting Prices. At Andri Fox Safaris, you have access to over a million acres of privately owned hunting land with the best quality animals in the country. I will personally hunt the requested animals with you and will use all the experience that I have gained. Plains Game Hunting Safaris. JKO Hunting Safaris is based in South Africa and is operated by Jacques Spamer. Jacques has been instrumental in organizing quality African hunts since 2004. JKO Hunting Safaris offers you the service to personalize and perfectly craft your safari to suit your personal needs and budget About Spear Safaris. Spear Safaris, a hunting outfitter based in South Africa, offers one of the best Buffalo hunting areas in South Africa on a pristine 20 000 acre reserve bordering the Greater Kruger National Park.The Buffalo herds are naturally occurring and indigenous to the area. The old dagga bulls are a challenging yet thrilling quest When trophy hunting in Africa, you will need to consider a number of factors, especially since hunting here is unlike hunting anywhere else in the world. A few things to think about. When hunting in South Africa, or in any other African country, there are a variety of animals to select from. Animals are divided into two categories

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To many this is the last hunting destination where one can still feel and experience the old fashioned African Safari. Tanzania is without a doubt one of the last remaining, truly wild African hunting destinations. We have teamed up with the best in the business to create custom East-African type bowhunting adventures for the serious bowhunter Here at SunSetter Safaris our goal is to make your South African Safari an experience of a lifetime. We have been hunting South Africa for years. Friend and outdoorsman Richard Holmes has influenced highly. Taking the inputs from our hunters, professional hunting guides and staff, we bridge the gap between South Africa and the United States

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HUNT AFRICA Hunting in Africa with our top professionals is an amazing experience. We have been arranging African safaris for nearly 70 years and have partnered with only those professional hunters with a proven track record. We fully understand that with hundreds of safari companies out there, choosing an excellent quality safari for yourself can [ Newfoundland Moose Hunting Outfitter. Outfitter # 502. From . $4,750. $4,250. 2- Spots Sept 19-25, 2021 ONLY. Kudu - Southern Greater South Africa Hunts . Colorado Hunts . New Zealand Hunts . Top Elk Hunts. See all Elk hunts > Draw Required. Rocky Mountain Elk. Hunting enthusiasts can purchase leather-bound volumes of African Outfitter to add to the collection on their bookshelves. . To order your collection email: neels@africanoutfitter.com. VOLUME 1-11 NOW AVAILABLE Hunting Outfitter and PH, Justin's appreciation for conservation and the natural fauna and flora in South Africa is deep-seated and whether hunting, fishing or on a photographic safari, always acts respectfully towards the environment he is in

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CROWN HUNTING SAFARIS. Situated along the banks of the Matlabas river in the beautiful Limpopo Valley bushveld, CROWN HUNTING SAFARIS, is a proud reputable hunting outfitter providing over 25 years of unparalleled hunting safari vacations in Limpopo, South Africa. Your stay at CROWN HUNTING SAFARIS will be a memorable one South Africa Hunting Package Show Special 10 days $13,250 Impala, Blue Wildebeeste, Warthog, Zebra, Oryx, Waterbuck, Eland, Kudu, Red Hartebeeste, Bushbuck 7 Days, 10 Animals hunting in Premier Lodge, Limpopo, South Africa World Class African Hunting Safaris. HuntingAfrica.com offers unique hunting experiences in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Choose from large private reserves, offering trophy hunting, bow hunting, fishing and wing shooting. YouTube. HuntingAfrica_com. 673 subscribers Hunting. Most hunts in South Africa are spot-and-stalk or safari style, with the hunters covering ground either on foot or by vehicle and, once an animal is spotted, completing a stalk on foot. Terrain varies dramatically from relatively flat savanna to rugged mountains, depending on the region of the country you're hunting

Bow - Crossbow 1x1 ONLY $2,250 / HUNTER !!! This 7-day / 5 animal plains game bow cull hunt in South Africa is a great value, as it includes cull fees for an eland, kudu, blue wildebeest, springbok and an impala. You will hunt on a 126 sq. mi. hunting concession that features a 4-star lodge with blinds that are strategically placed on waterholes South Africa Private Hunting Farms and Outfitters Custom Rifle and Bow Hunting Plains Game Hunting Safaris in Northern Cape Province. Mount Carmel Safaris has been operating since 1985, your every need will be catered for by the team of professional hunters, trackers, skinners and taxidermist as well as our warm and caring staff Looking for an affordable South African hunting safari? Here is our South Africa hunting price list for the 2021 and 2022 hunting seasons. Update June 2021: We are pleased to announce that South Africa is currently OPEN for business and we are in the middle of a very successful hunting season for plains game and cape buffalo. Travelers from most countries (to include the USA) just need to. Dangerous and Plains Game hunts for more than 70 species are conducted across Cameroon, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Hunting areas include over 5 million acres of government concessions and conservancies across Southern and Eastern Africa as well as Cameroon, and more than a million acres of malaria-free. Northern Cape Hunting Safaris. Our Northern Cape Concession covers a large area of around 35 000 acres, our area is situated in the heart of the Kalahari desert but still boast a very diverse terrain which includes some rocky ridges, big red sand dunes and wide open Savannah. Our Northern Cape hunting safari packages includes and is known to.

With more than 30 years African hunting experience and over 260 successfully guided hunts, Pierré van Tonder is an extensively experienced professional hunter throughout Africa. Fluent in Kiswahili, Pierré has hunted in Tanzania for many years and is dedicated to providing you with the hunt of your lifetime. This opens in a new window Introduction Package South Africa. INTRODUCTION PACKAGE Euro 3 795 Hunting 1 x 1 6 Nights/.7 Days All inclusive 1 x Hunter + 1 Observer 4 Trophy Animals Impala Blesbuck Warthog Steenbuck or Common Duiker. Trip duration: 7 days. Hunting season: 4 Dec 2019 4 Dec 2021. Package price $4,483 for 7 days, 1 hunter, 1 guest An Unforgettable, Professional Hunting Safari. Clients from across the globe rely on Tinashe's expertise to provide the most unforgettable African Safaris, the highest quality trophies and unsurpassed service in the industry. Below are some of our packages for lion hunting, plains game hunting and dangerous game hunting. We're happy to create a. As a registered hunting outfitter in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, we offer you a unique safari hunting experience in beautiful malaria-free surroundings. Mayogi is a family owned and operated Trophy Hunting destination, which is situated in the heart of the Valley Bushveld in the Eastern Cape Sensational Hunting Safaris Africa. 0 Reviews. Sensational Hunting Safari Africa's headquarters is located 54 miles (34 km) South West of Mokopane (Potgietersrus) in the Limpopo Province of Southern Africa. We offer 32000 acres of owned or accessible hunting areas. Leon & Egbert Boon

THE ULTIMATE HUNTING EXPERIENCE. Huntershill offers a unique hunting experience in South Africa's Eastern Cape. This large game farm of 55,000 acres, with access to over 250,000 leased acres, offers trophy hunting, bow hunting, fishing and wing shooting. View Our Hunts Fair chase, hunts for free roaming animals in their natural environment on our own private 20,000 Acre wildlife preserve; Specialized hunts for Bucket List species. These hunts might take the visiting hunter to various different parts of South Africa; Youth and Group Hunts - Never leave home without your special people - We make it happe Our guides will share info about deer movement, patterning, and will share trail cam photos with them. We want our hunters to be as involved a possible with their hunts, and to make sure that each and every person, who passes through our doors, has the ultimate hunting experience at our hunting lodge

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The best hunting packages in Africa. We offer the widest range of hunting packages, catered to your specific hunting needs. Wintershoek Safaris owns & operates some of the largest hunting areas in Southern Africa. Rifle hunting, bow hunting and big 7 hunting packages South Africa Kirabo Game Lodge is situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa in a Malaria and Bilharzia free environment. Kirabo Game Lodge offers our clients the adventure of a lifetime hunting the majestic and magnificent trophies of the African Bush. We offer exceptional trophies for rifle and bow hunters alike in packages tailor-made to facilitate. Nathan is a full time PH and outfitter, he is one of the most experienced guides in the world. He is the only American to hold Professional Hunter Licenses in multiple African Countries. Bullet Safaris consistently produces amazing experiences in Africa while providing top quality trophies under fair chase hunting practices This hunting area in the north east of Uganda, stretching over 12,300,000 acres and sharing a boundary with the famed Kidepo National Park, remains one of the last true wilderness areas in the country. Kafu River Basin in central Uganda covers about 12,355,000 acres and hosts the elusive Sitatunga, ghost of the swamp 25. 26. PLAINS GAME & DANGEROUS GAME HUNTS IN SOUTH AFRICA. Ken and Roseann offer fully escorted safaris to South Africa and pleasure trips to Cape Town, Victoria Falls and the Chobe National Park. Ken has been hunting Africa since 1978. Northern Cape Package $4,500. 5 animals pictured are included. $4,500 for 5 animal package - $1,350 for.

Embark on your own journey of a lifetime and experience a bow hunting adventure in the wilds of Africa. Watts Bow Hunting Safaris understands archery and the special needs of a bow hunter and strive for success.. We conducts our bow hunting safaris all over South Africa and beyond into neighbouring countries, like ZIMBABWE, MOZAMBIQUE, BOTSWANA, NAMIBIA, ZAMBIA and UGANDA to give every. Thorndale Safari is world-renowned for its top quality trophies, which include the East Cape Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Gemsbuck, Impala and other species. With over 40 species to hunt and more than 2000 antelope on our ranch, game is in abundance and gives the hunter a real African hunting experience at its very best The entire experience including the African hunting safari, Adventure with Elephants, and photo safari was amazing. Eli van der Walt and the entire staff were very courteous and professional. Every meal that Chef Cliff prepared was so delicious I never expected the African game to taste so good! Can't wait to go back Ultimate African Hunt 2 x 1 $10 250 per hunter 13 Days (12 hunting and 1 travel) 15 Trophy Animal The Limpopo Province and KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. South African plains game hunting safaris. South Africa Safari Hunting Outfitters and Professional Hunters. On our African Safaris, trophy hunters receive complete satisfaction from every aspect of their individual safari and our NO HIDDEN FEES policy makes your hunt stress free

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Hunters looking for South Africa hunting outfitters for plains game hunting to big game hunting can contact us by email at info@huntingagent.com or +1 (832) 306.1786. We make it EASY for hunters to book a great hunt in South Africa! We look forward to helping make your hunting South Africa adventure the best it can be WELCOME to SAFARI NJEMA Hunting is an art that runs in our blood! With the passion and over 20 years experience of Owner and Outfitter Piet(Pete) Steyn, Safari Njema has become one of the most remarkable African Hunting Outfitters by offering personalised hands-on Hunting & Adventure Safaris. We believe in empowering each hunter to hunt with skill and great success in a natural, wild.

Hunting in South Africa, specifically the Eastern Cape is an experience unlike any other available. Whether you are a first time visitor looking for an all round introduction to hunting South Africa or a seasoned veteran looking for a new adventure, Lalapa Hunting Safaris South Africa can supply the hunt for you With hunting areas in South Africa and Mozambique, McDonald Safaris are in a unique position to offer their clientele a wide variety of game species in spectacular hunting locations. A classic safari with first class safari camps, highly experienced guides and staff and quality hunting experiences will ensure you an adventure to write home about Bos Outfitters offers African hunting packages in the countries of Southern Africa that is all-inclusive. In South Africa, we offer both plains game hunting packages as well as Dangerous Six hunting packages found throughout the country. In the other countries, we offer a smaller range of hunting packages that include dangerous. Dangerous Six include Elephant,..

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Subscriber H. Meyers recently filed a report on a South Africa safari with an unusual add-on - cow buffalo hunting. In Report 10582 Meyers says that he hunted the Timbavati and Klaserie reserves with PH Graham Sales of Graham Sales Safaris (www.grahamsalessafaris.com; salesgraham@gmail.com; 011-27-82-449-2357) in May The staff at Spear Safaris is dedicated to ensuring a hunting safari experience that surpasses all expectations. We offer excellent and affordable Buffalo and Plains game hunting safaris on our total of 70 000 acres, combined concessions in the North of Limpopo Province, South Africa. As well as a huge variety of Plains game species on. African Hunting Safari Prices. Pricing is split into two groups: Trophy. animals and. Cull. animals. Daily fees are also shown below. Prices shown exclude 15% VAT (Value Added Tax). You can view our African Hunting Package Deals here »

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South Africa is a highly successful trophy hunting destination for both the bow hunter and the rifle hunter. We have the philosophy of sustainable use of natural resources integrated with conservation. The greatest variety of animals available for hunting in one country in Africa! The number of game on private land is a estimated two and a half. Best Hunting Experience in Southern Africa . Chumlet Safaris is able to offer a bigger and better selection of classic hunting safari destinations throughout Africa. Based in South Africa, we specialise in hunting safaris using rifle, bow and handgun hunting for plains game (antelope) and the Big 5, Buffalo, Leopard, Rhino, Lion and Elephant FREE STATE, South Africa • Hunts are taken on Popallin Ranch (on the banks of the Limpopo and Nwanedzi rivers), the Kalahari, Northern Cape, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania or Mozambique. Tshipise Safaris caters for all kinds of hunting, including the Big 5, All African Bushveld Antelope, Plains Game and Winged Safaris. African Hunting Gazette started this for two reasons: To promote hunting in Africa WITH these outfitters and; To aggressively promote the African Dawn outfitters; 12 months, 52 weeks and ultimately every day of the year, to existing and new markets. This is their Catalogue, and we hope you enjoy reading through it.. Chris Troskie has more than 23 years of experience as Professional Hunter in Africa.. CT Safaris is a visited and verified Outfitter and member of African Hunting Gazette's African Dawn Program. Chris is also a proud member of PHASA, Dallas Woods and Waters Club and Safari Club International.. Our promise to you: Affordable, all inclusive pricing for your African hunt with no surprises along.

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In addition, we are South African professional hunters and Outfitters so we do some of the local hunts ourselves. There are some very good hunting opportunities in South Africa that has always been a market leader as far as Southern African hunting is concerned. South Africa is for the most part a high fenced area hunting destination KhoiSan Adventures is proud to offer carefully selected, highly qualified African bow hunting outfitters, such as Tom Miranda, that specialize in hunting with archery equipment.These outfitters are technically competent with advice on bow hunting and archery equipment and abide by the relevant country laws and government legislation to ensure that hunt ethics of the sport and code of conduct.

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Our hunting tours ensure that you have the closest possible access to the very best variety of African game. Our Mission Our mission as a hunting outfitter in the Eastern Cape, South Africa is to provide the most enjoyable African safari hunting experience, a holiday of a lifetime and to promote conservation of wild fauna and flora for the. Most of our hunting is done using the spot and stalk method, are fair-chase, and we do not shoot off vehicles. Shots will vary between 80 - 300 yards. Shooting sticks are commonly used in South Africa, so we urge you to practice shooting from bipod shooting sticks Situated in the tranquil Northern Cape bushveld of South Africa, Magersfontein offers more than a thrilling Hunting Safari. Founded in 1995 by professional hunter & outfitter Greg Edwards, run together with his wife Jacqui, Magersfontein Safaris not only offers the thrill of a hunting safari, but is unique in that the property is steeped in the history of the Battle of Magersfontein which took. Call 1-800-346-8747. SOUTH AFRICA EASTERN CAPE PLAINSGAME 5-STAR ACCOMODATIONS TRIP #262. With more than 260,000 acres of African bush, vast open savannas surrounded by rolling hills and stately mountains at his disposal, this outfitter will make your African dreams come true. With the diverse terrain and fauna they are able to offer hunting of. Beware the Cheap Outfitter. It's true that an African hunting safari is generally very affordable and might just be one of the best hunting bargains out there.. However, t here are more than a few places selling cheap or discount African hunts. Unfortunately, many of the stories about bad experiences in Africa are told by people who booked with the cheapest place they could find and got.

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The price per hunting package can be further reduced if it is more than one hunter in a group : Cape Game Management Association of South Africa. Tel: (041) 922 7618 On conventional hunts you pay the daily rate and the trophy fees of the game you hunt and wound, and you choose the species you wish to take.. Welcome to Wormald Hunting Adventures - Eastern Cape, South Africa. Ever dreamed of Africa? Make that dream come true in the malaria-free Eastern Cape: join us on a trophy hunting safari you will never forget! As a professional hunter with deep roots in conservation - and an African birth - I would like to introduce you to the Africa I know best When hunting these Lions, outfitters will strictly only take an old male lion, one that has passed its breeding prime. When hunting a lion in South Africa you will be hunting a captive-reared Lion. There is a common misconception with regards to these animals and that is that they are tame Valley Bushveld Safaris - Join us for the experience of a lifetime! Our Mission. Our mission as a hunting outfitter in the Eastern Cape, South Africa is to provide the most enjoyable African safari hunting experience, a holiday of a lifetime and to promote conservation of wild fauna and flora for the future benefit of our children and sport. The majority of South African Professional Hunters belong to one or more of three main hunting associations operating in South Africa. Many of these Professional Hunters are also members of Wild Ranching South Africa which is not a hunting association but plays a very important role supporting role to this industry This is a collection of African hunting videos in South Africa. Plains game hunting videos. Dangerous game hunting videos. Come, hunting in Africa with Mkulu..