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Basically when your SIM card is not in an iPhone, you have no iPhone to use for iMessaging, and the telephone number is out of service. So folks can send/receive iMessages to/from you if they use your Apple ID, and if you have set up your Apple ID to send/receive messages I don't have an iPhone myself, but because the account can be based on email address as well, I believe it in theory should be possible to keep using iMessage after removing your sim. However, I have experienced that my friends who have gone overseas and used a different sim have ended up having iMessage being connected to the new number When you take the SIM card out of your phone, or when you turn it off, the phone becomes unavailable to the cellular network. If someone is sending you messages via iMessage or Facebook Messenger, these will continue as they are not dependent on t.. No, text messages are stored in the android phone memory. This is why when you remove a sim card from an android phone, all the received and sent messages will stills remain in the phone When you remove your SIM card from your phone and replace it with another card, you lose access to any information on the original card. This information is still stored on the old card, so any phone numbers, addresses or text messages that you lose are available if you insert the old card into the device

If I remove my SIM card from my iPhone, will iMessage

Text messages are stored on your phone, not on your Sim. Therefore, if someone puts your Sim card into their phone, they will not see any text messages that you have received on your phone, unless you have manually moved your SMS's to your Sim In general, a SIM card can only store about 20 - 25 short messages. A short message contains the date, time, sender name, and text of the short message. When a message is stored in a cell, the cell is marked as in use. When the text message is deleted, the status of the cell will change to empty Nothing bad will happen. If you take it out, it will say that there is no sim and you will lose the cell connection. It should come back on after you put the SIM card back in. If not, you may have to reboot the phone 4. Does taking out the SIM card delete everything? Not at all. The SIM card is pretty much interchangeable. After removing the SIM card, the information that may be lost will be the contacts and messages directly saved on it. Someone can also insert a new SIM card into the device and turn on cellular data

Incoming SMS get blocked after SIM change. The new rule says that any duplicate SIM issued will not receive any SMS on that particular Number for the next 24 hours from the time of activation. However, the outgoing SMS will work like before. You will also receive calls and can make outgoing calls, data, etc. The only issue is with the incoming SMS Photos and texts are not stored on SIM cards. Usually, text messages and photos are stored on your device's memory. Will I lose my text messages if I remove my SIM card Connect Android phone to computer and run the software Use a USB cable to connect your Android phone from which you lost the text messages to the computer directly. Once the connection is successful, you can launch the installed SIM card recovery software - Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android on your computer and get its main interface like below Where do SMS/text messages go when SIM card removed (from iphone 5s) I was out of country two weeks using another carrier's SIM card. When I returned and replaced my ATT SIM card, missed calls and voicemails from those two weeks appeared on my phone, but no text messages - where are they? (ATT phone support was uninformed/unhelpful) Thanks

No, you won't. As soon as you insert your new sim card from the European provider, the iPhone will register with the phone number of your new provider. In fact, before you take out your old sim card you should go to settings>messages and temporarily turn iMessage off. This makes sure your old phone number is unregistered from iMessage Information like video, documents, or applications are not stored on SIM cards but only personal data like the contact list, text messages or photos. Therefore, when you switch the SIM card to a new iPhone, you don't carry the whole data to your new device

The SIM card doesn't receive anything. It does not contain any antenna, nor does it have a power source by itself. Your cellphone cannot receive texts without the SIM card because it uses the SIM card's information to connect to the network If you are looking for an answer to this question, then the first thing that you should know is that there are some risks involved. The simplest way to explain it would be if someone else has your sim card and they want to use it on their phone, then they can access all of your information from your phone like text messages, photos and contacts

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  1. just about the only way that could happen is for the old phone to still have the SIM in it, and still in service. And this condition automatically prevents any other phone from getting service (ie, making/taking SMS text messages) IMO, you have not notified the carrier of the change to the new phone
  2. Your SIM card contains your call records, your text messages, and other bits of data you save on your phone. This card also enables your phone to connect with your cell service. If you don't have it, your phone won't work. CDMA: Carriers include Sprint, Verizon, and US Cellular
  3. If you buy a new SIM card that you want to use on your current Android or iPhone, it will not impact your existing WhatsApp account. You can still use the WhatsApp registered with your old number...
  4. They may still reside on your SIM card. Take your phone to a consumer electronics store and ask a salesperson to test your SIM card on a SIM-card reader. Mohammad Ajmal Farahi November 7, 2012 at 6:35 pm. by mistake i deleted my text messages from my cellphone Tmobile and its very imprtent for me i really need it for the court to show to the.
  5. Tap Settings > Contacts > Import SIM Contacts. If asked, choose where you want to import your SIM card contacts. Wait for the import to complete. Open Contacts and make sure that your contacts imported.*. If needed, you can replace the SIM card you just imported from with your newer SIM card. Your iPhone doesn't store contacts on the SIM card
  6. Quoting from my user manual: SIM messages are specific text messages that are saved to your SIM card. You can copy or move those messages from the SIM to the phone memory, but not vice versa. To read SIM messages, select Menu > Messaging > Options > SIM messages
  7. We have no choice to stay with our Sprint SIM cards. This why my phone battery is draining when the phone is not that old, the calls keep dropping, and some text messages are not going out or being received. In my home area, not in the city or 10 to 50 miles away (yet)

Firstly, if you have broken your SIM, it is important to check that it is in fact broken. Have a look at what your cell phone screen says, if you see a message like SIM error, Insert SIM, SIM not ready or something similar, try taking the SIM out then put it back in and power up your phone. Often your SIM card can become. 2. Insert the SIM and wait if the phone is already set up. If your phone was already set up, you'll usually get service a few moments after you insert your SIM card. Just insert the SIM card, power it on if it wasn't on already, then wait to see if you connect Can I Just Swap My Old SIM Card For A New One If I Get A New Phone? Some carriers, like Straight Talk or T-Mobile, allow you to swap your SIM card and obtain a new number.However, if you're on an unlimited plan with Verizon for example, they may charge you extra if the phone is not paid off in full The SIM card can slip out of the adapter and get stuck in your phone if you are not careful. When you insert the adapted SIM card into your new device, be very careful and do not force it. If there is resistance, remove the tray or SIM card and check to make sure that the SIM card did not slip out of the adapter It may still read those options on the phone however the phone is inactive. 2. Should I take out the SIM card? Yes, taking the SIM card out is one thing we do suggest on any old phone. As being a 4G phone, it does have the option to re-program on it's own if SIM card is in phone. 3

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Remove your SIM card: While most of the data that you store is kept on your internal storage or micro SD card, it's still possible for contacts or call logs to be kept on your SIM card You should. I just took out the Sim card from my phone, had someone text me, put the Sim card back in, then received the texts. However I'm curious as to 1) Why don't you just put your phone into airplane mode? 2) Why is getting (month) old text messages important? 3) Isn't using your phone as an MP3 player breaking a no technology abstinence Will I lose my text messages if I remove my SIM card. No, you won't lose your text messages if you remove your sim card from your iPhone or android phone. The text messages will still there and untouched. It was back in the day during the time of Nokia Java phone or Symbian that such thing will occur If your phone has been tracked in the past and you live in a place where your adversary has access to cell phone location data, and you do get both a new phone and a new phone number, your new mobile phone identity can be easily connected to your old one if you don't also change your behaviour radically 1 Answer1. If you have a contract, the fixed monthly fees will still apply (if you use it or not) with SIM installed or not. If you do not use your mobile data (true your carrier) but use free WiFi, you will not be charged any fees for that by your carrier.. You can always go into your Cellular settings to turn off data which will allow for you.

If your phone is damaged then it may still receive texts but you won't be able to read them. The smartest thing to do once you recognise a fault with your phone is take the sim card out. This means that it is no longer transmitting so any text message that has been sent to you since you took the sim card out will just wait to be delivered With unlocked phones, you can always switch your phone service between different phones as easily as popping out the SIM card and moving it. You can also use different phone service plans in a single unlocked phone, say one for work and one for personal, by switching the SIMs. In contrast, only SIM cards from a specific cell phone company will.

Once you've ensured that your SIM card hasn't been cloned or hacked, you may also want to check if someone has installed spyware on your phone. As mentioned above, this is a much more common way for hackers to eavesdrop on your calls or texts as well as reading other private information such as emails, browsing history and account passwords Networking capabilities unlock. By putting a new SIM card in, you unlock the capability of accessing a 3G, 4G, and soon, 5G network. That allows you to access the Internet, call, text, and use certain messaging apps. But, your phone needs to be configured to access the Internet first. One of the following will happen I took my SD card out first, no reason to play around and lose 13,000 photos even if I have did save them to my computer already. It takes time to recover, why risk wasting the time. I left the SIM card because it is a new one and nothing could be lost anyway I do not understand. I inserted an SD card for the specific reason to have enough space on my phone. As I delete a video or photo on my device, it deletes it on the SD card as well - with my Galaxy J5 it worked perfect. Please assist - isn't there a setting to separate the device and the SD card completel

Take that pin, and push it down into the hole on the top of the phone on the left side, where the door is, and the slot will just pop out.. That is where your MicroSD card and your SIM card both. Another popular option is to donate your phone to a charity or you may, of course, re-gift it to a friend or family member who wants one. Our SIM card makes it easy for someone to get started using your old phone with our service. Visit our SIM card page to see how. You can also use your old phone in a new way FAQ: Swapping SIMs to save big on calls abroad. For travelers who can't stomach the high rates U.S. carriers charge for international roaming, there is an alternative Once you swap your SIM card(s), you'll be able to take full advantage of T-Mobile's network, with more coverage in more places. Your Sprint account will remain the same, with the same price, plan, and billing experience but now you can access the T-Mobile network as your primary network If you've already factory reset your phone, there shouldn't be any personal information on it. However, the SIM card will give the other person access to your mobile plan (including your phone number, text messages, etc). For that reason, I'd recommend contacting your mobile network ASAP to get that SIM card blocked and replaced with a.

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  1. Total cost for 3 months is $40. And the 3 months after that is only $20 + the cost of a cheap sim card. I forward all calls to my original number (now with Google) to my skype number. Works like a charm and the best part is that I can buy a local SIM card and get skype over a data plan if I am not in WiFi range
  2. SIM card removal is different for different devices, in some phones the SIM is located behind the battery cover; simply pop off the battery cover and slide the card from the slot. (While you're at it don't forget to remove your SD card if your phone has one!
  3. Once that's out of the way, you need to do one of the following with your old SIM card: Option 1: destruction. The most common way to deal with your old SIM card is to destroy it. When you've figured out how to remove it from your old handset, destroying the SIM card is quite simple. All you need is a pair of scissors
  4. A SIM card, or Subscriber Identity Module card, is a removable and integrated circuit that safely stores the contact information in GSM phones, smart watches, cameras, etc. Since it is easily portable, once lost or crashed, you will lose all SIM card contacts. That may be why many people want to transfer SIM card data to a computer for backup

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  1. g calls and text messages will be routed to whatever phone the new SIM card is in. At first glance, it seems somewhat harmless
  2. Move these contacts and messages from the SIM card memory onto the phone memory. Turn off both your phones. Remove your old SIM card from your new phone. Put your new SIM card back into your new phone. 3. If you are moving from a locked phone to a locked phone (of different networks): This is where things get a little tricky. As both of your.
  3. Take your SIM out of your phone. Using the option you chose above (or a different option you prefer), try calling yourself. Ensure the call connects and you hear your voicemail message playing
  4. Remove your SIM card: While most of the data that you store is kept on your internal storage or micro SD card, it's still possible for contacts or call logs to be kept on your SIM card
  5. If your provider believes the bogus story and activates the new SIM card, the scammer — not you — will get all your text messages, calls, and data on the new phone. The scammer — who now has control of your number — could open new cellular accounts in your name or buy new phones using your information
  6. 4. Purchase Your New Plan. After you've found a new cell phone plan and figured out the phone situation, it's time to purchase your new plan! Some of the most popular prepaid carriers sell SIM cards at major retailers including Walmart, Target, Best Buy and CVS. These SIM cards are also sold online
  7. Not having a second SIM card filled with data, and refusing to go out and buy a new one, I figured the best way to test it was to stick my phone's SIM card inside

sim cards don't normally break as a result of water damage. I would suspect that your sim is not hurt and the problem is with the phone. Yes, if the sim card fits, it will work. iphone 6 does require a different format sim on some networks though Have the SIM card mailed to you. Pre-order the SIM card and pick it up at a Verizon Retail store or Authorized Retailer. Your pick up choices will only include locations where SIM card pick up is available. Go to a Verizon Retail store and get the SIM card that day.*. Go to select Authorized Retailers and get the SIM card within 3 days.*

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Since SIM cards hold the subscriber's information, they come in handy when the battery on your phone is low or needs to be recharged. You can take out the SIM card and place it into another phone. Hello- I'm aware this question has been asked but I am getting conflicting information. I currently have an iPhone 6 on a verizon plan. If I buy an iPhone XR UNLOCKED through Apple, am I able to simply take the SIM card from my 6 and put it into the XR? Would everything still work the same? Thank y.. Simple Steps to Fully Wipe out Android SIM Card: Step 1. To start with, open the installed software on the computer and then get your Android phone connected to the computer via the USB cord. Then follow the screen to let the software recognize your mobile phone. Make sure the SIM card has been inserted into your device. Step 2. Now, click. Use an Old SIM Card in an Unlocked Phone. If you really want to stick with your contract, you can try giving your carrier the ol' switcheroo with your SIM card. You'll need three things for this. With the device off, open the SIM card tray and insert the SIM card. Use the order confirmation email to see which SIM card goes in which device. Here's a short video to guide you through the process. Activate the SIM card. For the best 5G experience, we don't recommend using your previous SIM card. Turn the device on

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Once the provider sends the new SIM to the hacker, the old SIM card will be deactivated, and your phone number will be stolen. This means the hacker has taken over your phone calls, messages, etc. This method of hacking is relatively easy if the hacker can convince the provider that they are you. Keeping personal details to yourself is an. If Your SIM Card Doesn't Fit in Your iPhone. SIM cards have turned up in a range of different sizes over the years, the original size, micro, and now nano. If your SIM card doesn't easily slot into the SIM tray on your iPhone, it means you have the wrong size. If your SIM card is too big, take a close look at it to see if you can pop out a.

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How you get connected once you've received your SIM: STEP 6: After a successful RICA, your SIM should be active within 2 hours of delivery but could take up to 24 hours in some cases. You will receive an SMS and email once your SIM is active. You can also check your 'my rain' page to find out whether it's active or not First, you'll want to make sure your SIM card is inserted correctly. Ensure your phone is powered off and follow these steps: Open the SIM tray using your SIM Ejector Tool or a paperclip. To find out exactly where the tray is located on your phone, see specifics for Samsung phones, LG phones, and iPhones. Clean the SIM card by blowing off dust.

SIM Cards Change Your Number. You need to understand that when you replace your SIM card, you'll automatically be getting a new phone number since cell phone numbers are actually associated with the SIM cards and not the individual phones. You should hold on to your existing SIM and simply pop it back in when you get back home Choose the SIM card on which you want to enable the spam filter. Now tap on Spam protection. Use the Toggle button to enable it. You can do the same for your other SIM card if you are using dual SIM on your phone. Alternatively, if you want to block a particular sender, you can also do that. Long tap on the SMS thread and tap the Block icon. Hello everybody. I saw the notification in the my sprint app to go get a t mobile sim card for better network coverage, so I went to get a t mobile sim and now my coverage is worse, plus my wifi calling doesn't work at my job anymore. My thought was that my phone was going to take advantage of both networks, but that doesn't seem to be the case Hi, I have RCA,Galileo Pro,was having having issues with freezing up alot,so I did a factory reset ,now it won't take my wifi: Can't take sd card out: Where is the keyboard on a rca tablet when you take it apart: my 32 GB still won't take stuffs, could it be that I've erased some valuable default apps which can help in getting my Enter the requested info and follow the prompts to update your account with your new SIM card and IMEI number. Data services don't work after swapping SIM card. If you're swapping a SIM card from a basic phone to a smartphone or tablet, we'll add a compatible data plan when the device activates on our network. Or, call us to add it

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Will this tablet work without an active SIM card? I discontinued my data services on this tablet last month thinking I could still use it with wifi. It says I am connected and have an excellent connection, but when trying to do anything that requires an internet connection it keeps saying I need to turn on data or connect to wifi. Please help The cost is $2.00 at time of writing. Here are the steps: Download and install AutoNotification via Google Play on your phone. Next, swipe down from the top of your phone's screen, and clear all notifications from the Android taskbar except for the 'Sim card is not from Verizon' message. Note: to clear an app notification, swipe it to the right A cellphone without a SIM card is anonymous to the network, and it will be ignored for everything other than 911 calls and emergency alerts. Since your identity to the carrier is tied to the SIM card and not to the phone (or tablet, or hotspot) - it is theoretically possible to move your SIM card to another device to transfer your service

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Order a SIM Activation Kit to get phone service for free or unlimited data starting at only 19.99/mo. How does the BYOP program work? We'll ship your SIM card to you with free shipping. Once your SIM arrives, put it in your device and follow our simple activation guide. You will be up and running in a matter of minutes. Is my phone eligible Once that was done, I was sent home with a SIM card in my hand without needing to pay anything on the spot. From that day (December 24), the process would have taken 3-4 days and my new SIM should.

Thanks for posting, Mary. In general, fully unlocked GSM devices work well with our SIM card, so it sounds like your phone could be a good fit. We're happy to get a SIM card on the way to you, so visit our website here to place the order, or pick one up at your local Target store. We appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us, and we. How to get your PUK Code and unlock SIM card on iPhone. Contact your carrier. Usually this can be done by calling 611 from your mobile phone, but you'll be unable to make calls if you are locked out of your SIM card. In this case, you'll want to use another device for calling them This means that if you want to set up a new iPhone, or simply protect your personal information from being stolen while the phone is away, you should take out the SIM card. Luckily, doing so is easy I bought an iPhone5x from a friend of my she Gave me the iPhone by remove his sim card, and she give it to me which I removed his icloud with the information give to me by her the sim card side is working but it only works by u seen network on taps of it but not working, so which in need your help, because she bought it new, when she was using it so the settings was done by the company, so she. Using Your Current SIM card. You can move your current SIM card from your current phone to your new phone if: Your current phone and your new phone use the same size SIM card. In 2020, you have a lot of choices for prepaid wireless service. You may be able to save $100s per year and get the features you want such as Wi-Fi calling, Mobile.

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When your TracFone is turned on you may receive the message SIM card registration failed, Unregistered SIM, or No Service because your phone has not yet been Activated. Please disregard this message, it will disappear once your phone is Active It may be possible to recover deleted text messages on phones that use a SIM card. The reason that it is possible to recover deleted text messages is that when a message is deleted, the data is not completely erased at that time. While it does disappear from the message queue on the cell phone, the information is still there 10-15-2010 01:17 PM. Hi captainjango, The SIM card is basically what identifies your phone on the network. If you change phones all you have to do is take the SIM card out of your old phone and put it in your new one. Think of it like your phone number is registered to the SIM card, and you can move it around from phone to phone as you please But whats worse is he took a part of me. 2 STDS, a hate for myself through out 3 months total of awful, horridly hurtful messages and threats, lied to, held captive be it in my own car where he wouldn't get out, even when I was driving and got out, taken my ability to leave the room by blocking, taken the ability to really ever cling to. Method 3: Get a Regular SIM. Your final option, rather obviously, is just to go ahead and get a regular SIM card. This will allow you to do anything you want in your car, from making calls to streaming music. It may or may not be cheaper than using a data only SIM, that depends on the plan you choose

Your Galaxy phone's SIM card allows you to make phone calls, send text messages, and do pretty much anything else you'd expect to get from your carrier's service. Keep reading to learn how to insert or remove the SIM card if the need ever arises Insert and Remove the Samsung Galaxy S21 SIM Card. The SIM card tray is located on the outer frame of the front display. Look at the bottom of the phone, and the SIM card tray is located to the left of the charging port. Here's how you can remove the SIM Card from the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra. Power the Galaxy S21 off completely Tip: When ordering a SIM card, make sure you purchase the right size for your phone. SIMs now come in three different sizes: standard, micro, and nano. If you get the wrong size for your device, it is possible to manually cut a larger one to a smaller size, or you can purchase an adapter to fit a smaller SIM into one that requires a larger card The rest of the settings vary based on your Android smartphone and the Dual SIM implementation used by its manufacturer. However, you should see some of the following: Cellular data or Default mobile data - decide which of the two SIM cards is used by your Android smartphone when connecting to the internet.; Calls or Default calling SIM - set how Android behaves when you initiate a call It seems that once your sim card stops working, the porting process has begun. When you put in your new vodafone sim card, it can take a while till your original nunmber registers on it, asda send you confirmation via a text message that it has been done. Hopefully after that you have been transferred over to the new network

Yes. Phones that are not designed for Fi can still get many of the benefits of the Google Fi plan. To check whether you can bring your phone, use our compatibility checker, or see a full list of compatible phones. When you sign up, you'll have the option to get a free SIM card shipped to you, or you may be able to activate your phone without one Insert a SIM card. With your phone off: Into the small hole on the phone's left edge, insert the SIM ejection tool. Tip: On Pixel 3 (2018), the SIM card slot is on the phone's bottom edge. Firmly but gently push until the tray pops out. Remove the tray and put the nano SIM card in the tray. Gently push the tray back into its slot IMEI STATUS CHECK: Dial *#06# to get your phone's IMEI, or find it in phone settings. Enter IMEI *. Check phone. You're all set. Your device is compatible with the T‑Mobile network and can take advantage of our most powerful signal, Extended Range LTE. Next Steps. Confirm that the device is unlocked

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On top of that, you do have a couple of other options for sending and receiving text messages without a phone plan or SIM card — there are actually a number of apps that help you out here 1. Log on to MY LYCAMOBILE. 2. Complete a recharge using your debit or credit card. 3. While processing a payment, please select the Auto recharge service and set the minimum level of credit you want on your phone at all times. You can also choose from $10, $20, $30, $40, $50, $100 for your recharge

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SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module. This is a mini card or chip that stores data for GSM network phones. All three major wireless carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon) as well as Mobile Virtual Network Operator like Mint Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile use SIM cards to tie phones to the cellular networks.Think of SIM cards as keys to a wireless network Hackers will ask to have your information transferred to a new SIM card, and they'll be able to put that in their devices and access all of or text messages. Then they they use is the SMS feature of the password reset for Google email, for your bank accounts to reset and gain access to your bank accounts, said Sweezy 1. DO NOT erase images from your memory card in your camera! Clarification: What I mean by this is: Do not go through your photos and delete them one by one using your camera. I see people (including professional photographers) doing this all the time and it is a REALLY bad idea. Your camera is awesome at taking photos, but it is not very smart. Check if your current phone is compatible with our network.; Pick the monthly plan and features that work best for you.; Get the right SIM Card.; Activate your prepaid phone. Activating your prepaid phone online is easy. All you need is a Virgin Plus prepaid SIM card and an unlocked or compatible phone Locate the SIM ejector on your phone (it's on the right side for most models) then insert a paperclip until the tray pops out. Remove the SIM card, replace the tray, and you're set to ship your.

Flag as inappropriate If I buy an iPhone 11 pro from Apple, can I take my straight talk SIM card out of my 7 plus and put it in the new phone without a new sim? Answer. Facebook Twitter iPhone. 36 Questions. Follow this Question. Enter your email address to track this question and its answers.. By SIM cards, we mean those smart cards that are used in mobile networks. In 2G, the smart card is called the subscriber identity module that represents hardware and software together. Even though these SIMs can also be used in 3G systems, for enhanced security, 3G systems use a newer smart card with software and hardware separated

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There are many, many European phone carriers, and each offers different SIM cards, packages and options. Broadly speaking, to make this work for you, you'll need to purchase two things: 1. a SIM card (which gives your phone the actual phone number), and. 2. credits to make phone calls and use data