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  1. Click Load Driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation. This problem arises when you boot from Windows 10 installation USB drive and the same fail to detect the partition drive. If you are facing this situation and need the perfect solution, then you have landed at the right place because you will get comprehensive information on.
  2. 1. Put the installation media on your computer. 2. Once the 'No device drivers were found' message appears on your screen, plug the USB drive containing the drivers
  3. g a DISM scan
  4. Under Driver-Storage, download the Intel RST driver (RAID) driver to your desktop. Do not install the downloaded file. Right-click on the downloaded file, select Extract to, and then select the USB drive you used to create the Windows 10 installation media. The computer copies the files, including in the driver package, to the USB drive

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When they initiated a clean installation of Windows 10, they used the method for fixing the same error in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Basically, all you have to do is remove the USB installation drive midway through the process, then try using another port. Here are the steps: Download the Media Creation Tool and create a USB installation drive Try installing your Windows 10 operating system using this drive and check to see if the same error appears. Solution 4: Enable the xHCI hand-off Option in BIOS This option is quite debatable and there are quite a few representations of what exactly does it to I right clicked one of those drivers, selected Update Driver and in next window From Computer (not search online for drivers). Next step was to find the Windows.old folder and go to C:\Windows.old.000\Windows\System32 which contains drivers from previous Windows Connect your device to your Windows PC and open the Device Manager. Right-click My Computer and select Properties from the menu. Click on Device Manager in the left column in the properties window. Since drivers for your device failed to install, Windows doesn't know what kind of device you connected

During the process of installing Windows OS on a specified HDD or SSD, you may surprisingly find that the hard disk is not detected during the Windows installation, with either of the following error messages coming along. We couldn't find any drives. To get a storage driver, click Load driver. No drives were found Windows 10 installation tool can't find drivers. drive's controller driver and plug the USB drive when you need the disk and the partition where you want Windows to be installed, then click Load driver and browse to the USB drive for Windows to be able to locate the disk controller's drive and recognize the new disk.. hp-15 da0032wm Intel RST m2 nvme no device drivers found samsung980 windows 10 installation error; Sidebar. Forums. Hardware. Storage Previous After I Plugged in 980 SSD I Tried to Install Windows 10 on it. But During Windows Installation on Samsung SSD 980 I got this erro

If during the installation of Windows 10, you see the error No drives were found. Click Load Driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation, don't worry If you choose to update drivers manually, you can follow steps below how to install the driver step by step in Windows 10. 1. Open Windows 10 Control Panel by pressing Win+X (Windows key windows key 3 and X key) at the same time and clicking Control Panel. 2. View by Small icons. 3. Click Device Manager. 4 RE: Driver Needed for Clean Installing Windows 10? If you want to install in PCIe mode, the SATA setting in the Bios must be set to AHCI (or disabled). You have to boot the install media as UEFI. There may also be a setting in the Bios to set the M.2 slot to PCIe

Windows device installation uses digital signatures to verify the integrity of driver packages and to verify the identity of the vendor (software publisher) who provides the driver packages. For Windows 10, drivers must be signed by the Windows Hardware Dev Center Dashboard, which requires an EV certificate Posted by BL3NDIZI: Drivers not installing on Windows 10 said: I have this exact issue with my GTX 780. I can't find anything Nvidia related in the taskmanager. I've downloaded the newest windows 10 driver, I've tried with a Windows 8.1 driver, and I've also tried the driver from windows updates Download and install Driver Booster on Windows 10. 2. After running Driver Booster on your PC, attempt to hit Scan. 3

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• Go to Control Panel - Devices and printers - Click on Add printer and follow the on-screen instructions. • When the page prompts for the drivers, select Windows update. The driver list will be updated. • Click HP, Hewlett Packard, or Hewlett-Packard in the Manufacturer pane, and then click the name of your printer in the Printers pane I also get printer driver not installed and Element not found errors. Print to PDF is not on the printers list. I found a driver for Windows 10 at the MS Downloads site. Executing the install seemed to work without errors, but the same printer install errors occurred Posted by =[pG]= Beast: GTX 1050 Ti Drivers Not Installing6hours....what happened that you decided to change the drivers? ===== Try this on the Drivers: Download this 387.92 driver Download DDU (get the or NEWER) Disable the Windows 10 Driver updating. download the DISABLE .REG files in Option 2 and 4 Merge one of the DISABLE .REG files and REBOOT Older peripheral devices such as printers may not function properly after upgrading to Windows 10. If you are using a Canon printer, then you should first take a look at Canon's website to see the list of printers that will work with Windows 10. If your printer model figures in the list but you are still facing printer problems, we have set out some possible solutions below

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  1. Download Driver Booster at first. 2. After installing and running it on Windows 10, hit Scan to find out which drivers are missing, which drivers are incongruent, which drivers are faulty on your PC. 3. Then locate the driver for the unknown device to Update
  2. Here in this article, we are trying to provide a solution to Install incompatible Drivers on Windows 10. How to install incompatible drivers on Windows 10. There are multiple ways to install non-compatible drivers in Windows 10, i.e., driver signature not approved by Microsoft. Since there worked fine before an update, it should work now as well
  3. Connect this USB drive to the system where you are installing Windows 10. On the page where you select the drive to use, click Load Driver. Click Browse, and navigate to the folder on the USB drive with the previous extracted files. When you selected this folder, click OK. Select Intel RST VMD Controller 9A08 (TGL), and click Next

Right-click the device and select Update driver. Click Browse my compute for drivers option. Click Browse button to select the Windows 10 driver location folder that contains the driver files like C:\Windows\System32\Drivers or C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore. Click OK. Click Include subfolders option, and click Next button to start installing. Installing drivers is very tedious, however, especially on older versions of Windows. If your computer runs on Windows 10, you can get automated driver updates fairly simple If you've had some trouble installing the drivers from Hantek for windows 10, there's a few issues that need to be resolved.. The first set is to ensure you have secure boot disabled. Secure boot prevents any software from changing the boot sector for Windows 10, but that includes any windows programs as well All of these are updated with the latest drivers so I'm not sure what's going on. I tried to install the Windows 10 DCH Drivers but I get the error: The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer manufacture

HP Printers - Windows 10 Built-in Driver Failed to Install This document is for HP printers and computers with Windows 10. When you connect the printer to your computer wirelessly, with a USB cable, or an Ethernet cable, Windows 10 does not automatically install the built-in printer driver MX492 not found when installing Canon drivers, but is found with Windows add printer. 08-28-2020 12:00 PM. The printer is connected via wifi and set up through through the menu on the printer. When I install MX490 series Full Driver & Software Package (Windows) win-mx490-1_1-ucd.exe, no printer is found and nothing prints Open Device Manager. Expand Mice and other pointing devices. Double-click your mouse. Go to the Drivers tab. Click Update Driver. Select Search automatically for drivers. Install any new drivers that are found. If no updates are found, click Search for updated drivers on Windows Updates. Restart the system after installing mouse drivers

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  1. g a background Windows Update, a driver installation may also fail. This articles provides step by steps instructions formanually clean installing the driver using the NVIDIA Game Ready Driver/Studio Driver installer. 1
  2. When you install Windows 10 retail or enterprise version, both need to load the IRST driver so that you are able to install Windows. It's normal, not hardware defect. If your computer is with the 11th Generation Intel processor, and then you experience that Windows cannot find any drives when installing Windows 10, please refer to the.
  3. Method 3: Update the Bluetooth Driver Manually (Alternative) If the method 2 didn't work for you then follow the methods given below. There is an alternative set of drivers that you install to solve this issue. Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog box. Then type devmgmt.msc and press Enter or click ok
  4. That said, it is also entirely possible that something didn't go fully right when you upgraded Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 - hence my recommendation that before you downgrade to Windows 8.1 you could as well do a clean Windows 10 install. Last but not least, there is a 3rd possibility - our drivers not working well with whichever USB chipset.
  5. Chose the manufacturer, model number of the device > Next > Finish. 10. Go back to Device Manager, right-click your audio device > Enable. Now check if the audio should be working, if not uninstall the audio driver and restart the system to fix no audio devices are installed

For the installation to proceed, the user must select Install. For more information on trust and driver installation, see Code-Signing Best Practices. An unsigned driver will show the following dialog, which allows a user to install an unsigned driver (this may not work in x64 version of Windows) Hi, I'm having a problem installing the latest nvidia driver (456.71) on a clean install of Windows. System specs are: Nvidia Dell Precision T1600Windows 10 x64 version 2004 (build 19041.572) All updates applied.CPU: Intel Xeon E31270 @ 3.4 GHz16 GB DDR Then, either install them yourself or have Windows 10 do that for you via the Device Manager. If you prefer the second method, go through the following steps. 1. Right-click the Start menu and select Device Manager. 2. Expand the Sound, video and game controllers section. 3. Right-click the audio driver and select Update driver Despite the fact that the Pro version of Windows is the prefferred option for Laptops, Laptop manufacturers insist on installing the Home version. I have been trying to perform a clean install, a tried and trusted procedure when Windows gets flakey (might not improve Windows 10 because it seems to be flakey from the ground up) Amd driver not installed or not working properly Jump to solution. (both pc have windows 10 pro genuine) and did used DDU to uninstall last used gpu driver that was gtx 1060 6gb and the i tries to install amd driver shown on amd page launched on may for my rx 480 4gb with antivirus turned off it showed it has been installed and requires.

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However, despite this, there are other factors as well responsible for cannot install brother printer driver Windows 10, or Brother Printer driver installation problem. Here check out some of the common ones: After updating to Windows 10 the printer driver might get corrupted or damaged; The brother driver goes missing after upgrading to Windows 10 Hamachi Network Adapters have disappeared and will not install. Tried uninstalling, reinstalling, uninstalling, run CCleaner, rebooting, reinstalling; pretty much everything I can find in the Community for installing drivers for Hamachi. I know I'm on the bleeding edge with Windows 10, but everything has run well up till now

Error: Unable to install Xerox AltaLink C8055 PCL6, Type 3 - User Mode, x64 driver. Element not found. Element not found. I've verified that this driver is compatible on the vendor's webpage 2 Installing FTDI Device Drivers The Windows Combined Driver Model (CDM) may be installed on XP, VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 allowing applications to access FTDI devices through either the D2XX DLL or a COM port without having to change driver type. However, it should be noted that an applicatio Once you've found the latest driver for your graphics card, download it and save the driver file in a suitable location. Next, double-click the driver file—the one with .exe extension—and follow the onscreen instructions to complete installation. Finally, reboot Windows. Updating NVIDIA Graphics Driver Automaticall Trouble installing Windows 10 Drivers - The hash for the file is not present (FIX: Toggle Driver Signing) The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file. The file is likely corrupt or the victim of tampering. To solve this problem, I had to disable Device Driver Signing. Here's how it's done in Windows 10 But still no led light on cable driver. (The Jungo driver is not listed.) The log from running the bat file is below. I appreciate and suggestions or debugging methods. Thanks. INFO: InstallPath=c:\Xilinx\Vivado\2018.3\data\xicom\cable_drivers\nt64\ windrvr6 is not installed (this is expected for Windows 10 and later

and download the f6flpy-x64.zip file listed in the left colum. Extract the contents to a folder on flash drive - can be the same one you're usng for the Win 10 install. When you get to the part of the installation where the target drive is missing, select add driver, browse to your iRST folder and select. That should let you move on Windows will automatically install the correct drivers. Step 4. Connect the SSD and see if you can see it on your computer. The file system is not supported or corrupted. If the file system is the issue, you can try to format it to NTFS or FAT33 using Diskpart or a third-party tool. SSD drive not recognized in Windows 10 - fixed by Diskpart. I just installed the tool and plugged in the USB Blaster and Windows 10 reports an 'Unknown device'. I go to 'Update driver' using files at C:\intelFPGA\16.1\qprogrammer\drivers with the 'Include subfolders' checked. and it gets it to load the Altera USB-Blaster into the USB controllers but it still has an exclamation point When I run haspdinst on win10 (version 7.32.52580.1 - the latest as far as I know), it fails. The same thing happens using HaspUserSetup.exe I get Unabl

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Type Device in your Windows 10 search box. Click on Device Manager item. Go to <Computer Name> >> Sound, video and game Controllers. A yellow warning symbol on your Realtek Audio driver, indicates a problem. Right-click it and click on Update Driver. From the list of device drivers on your computer, select Install High Definition Audio. One of the reasons caused iTunes not detecting iOS 10/9/8 iPhone is the problem of updating the iPhone drivers in Windows. To fix this problem: Open Control Panel, click on Hardware and Sound and then look for Apple iPhone under the 'Unspecified' section These operating systems have the CDC drivers pre-installed, which means you shouldn't need to install any extra software. However, there are a wide range of operating systems out there, so if you run into driver problems, you can get the archived drivers linked below: Windows (EXE)-- Driver executable; Windows (ZIP): Driver v3.4 (2016-09-27

The steps are similar as shown in the above solution. Step 2. After completing the Step 1, visit official Microsoft website and download the Xbox 360 wireless controller and Receiver drivers for Windows 10. Step 3. After downloading, install the drivers and check if both the Controller and Receiver are working properly and are connected. Step 4 Then install using administrative privileges which can be done with a right-click. Once it has installed, restart your computer. When your computer boots up again, go into your Device Manager (you should be able to search your computer for this program). If the driver works correctly, you should see something under Ports Have been experiencing the same problem. I installed the drivers from the Fujitsu site and they didn't work, then ran the Twain SSM_9.21 Scanner Utility for Microsoft Windows and it was fixed. Hopefully this helps. (Got the driver from the ScannedAll Pro CD). Edited Dec 20, 2020 at 23:44 UT To check your Korg midi setup run the Uninstall Korg USB Midi Device app (this will be installed as part of the Korg drivers and will not actually un-install the driver if you cancel it). After updating, it looked like this: with the Korg devices on channel 12 and 13 with channel 1 to 9 not used Now everything seemed to go smoothly. Win10 got installed and booted OK. But first thing I noticed was no WiFi. After lots of googling I realized Boot Camp should have kicked in within Windows and installed some drivers. I searched for evidence of Boot Camp Utility but none was found. I also couldn't find bookcamp.msi or other executables

Step 7: Now follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure of reverting the touchpad driver to its previously installed version. Step 8: Also, ensure to disable the Windows Automatic Updates so that your touchpad drivers are not updated again. Now check to see if the problem of Asus mouse pad not working is resolved otherwise move on to the subsequent fixes Step 4: Checking Correct Driver Installation in Arduino IDE. Open the Arduino IDE software. Go to the Tools menu and from the Port section, select the port number appropriate port that your board is connected to. Note that this port number must be the same as the number you saw in the previous step. To make sure, you can upload a code that you. to install printer/scanner Canon MF4880dw in windows 10. - use the Canon installer to install the SCANNER driver ONLY. - enter the IP, and follow the steps - the MF4800 series should be found and then you ought to be able to print a test page. I hope this helps others who have been running into the same issue

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I had just changed machines where was previously running my old HP laserjet 1018 under win 10 64 bit with I believe a driver for win 7.1 or 8.1 but could not find a solution for my new computer (lenovo) Mar 2020. Ttied everywhere and unsuccessful until I found Wincert.net. Thanks so much. worked immediately after 2 min d/L and install Now you have install ADB on Windows 10, enabled the USB debugging option on Android and have tested ADB on your device. But, i f you did not find your device in the above list then you will need to install the appropriate driver for your device. Method 4 - Install Appropriate Driver

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After you install a Windows Vista Service Pack on a computer that is running Windows Vista, a hardware device does not work correctly. Additionally, if you open Device Manager, you might see an exclamation point next to the name of the hardware device. Resolution. The device driver might not be installed or it might not be installed correctly I have tried the latest release of windows 10 and earlier releases of windows 10 too. Thinking about installing Ubuntu 18.04 next just to prove the video card works. I do have the correct drivers Select the Update Driver option from the pop-up menu. Now, select the Browse my computer for driver software option and browse the location of the NVIDIA folder. Make sure that the Include subfolders box is checked and then click on Next. Wait for the driver update to finish. Restart your computer So, if you want to install Windows 7 on a device without USB 2.0 port, you need to pick up the drivers from the manufacturer of the device to continue with the installation. There are other solutions that users have posted over the years, for instance to add USB 3.0 drivers to the installation files, which can be useful if you use the copy to.

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My suggestion is to reinstall Windows 10 and then reinstall the printer driver,i do not recommend upgrading Windows 10, because some software will not work after the computer is upgraded. Microsoft supports a way to install Windows 10,more info from So I have downloaded all the drivers from HP's site and also found that on a bare install of Windows 10, only the Intel chipset drivers, graphics drivers and Intel MEI drivers are missing. So with that in mind, I have imported those drivers into SCCM and created a new category and driver package for them, and distributed the package Any Windows 10 drivers by Acer, for your Acer computer, are available via the Acer Download Drivers & Manuals page.. Just search for your Acer PC model and then select Windows 10 from the Operating System drop-down box.. If your Acer computer model does not have any Windows 10 drivers available, especially if it is listed on the Acer Windows 10 Upgrade page, don't worry - it just means that.

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Drivers in Windows 10. Drivers are important parts of your system. They establish a connection between your system and a device and make functionality possible. Naturally, Microsoft can't include native support for every type of existing hardware. More often than not, you need to acquire and install drivers yourself to provide functionality. Reinstalling FTDI is not needed. They are two drivers for two different usb products. Try to install the CH341SER once more, and restart your computer. It is possible that something is wrong in the settings of Windows 10 ow with the disk. Can you run a disk check ? 1khenegar April 29, 2016, 6:03pm #4 For example, if you're using Windows 10 64-bit, install the drivers designed for that specific version of Windows. Many of these errors are caused by attempting to install the wrong drivers for a device. One way to be sure you're getting the right driver is to use a free driver updater tool The easiest way to install the driver for the NexImage camera is by downloading it from the Internet, then installing the downloaded driver instead of using the driver (Windows XP) on the CD. Since the NexImage camera is based on the PhilipsToUCam, a Philips Windows 7 driver will allow the camera to be used with either Windows 7 32-bit or 64. When Windows 10 Setup appears, confirm that the Language, Time, Currency and Keyboard Method fields display the correct settings. On the Windows 10 Installation dialog box, click Install Now. Review the license agreement, and click I accept the license terms. On the Which type of installation do you want? window, click Custom (advanced)

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I figured this was security that was built into Windows to prevent me from installing bad drivers. This is a feature called Device Driver Signing. After going through the steps to disable driver signing in Windows 8, I was able to get my community drivers installed. Here's how I did it. Select the Start button. Type startup We have seen an issue with both win7/win10 where virtual adapters are depleted causing either an install issue or connection issue with the Pulse client. Increase the value for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Network\MaxNumFilters to get around this. 04-27-2016 04:14:PM. 04-27-2016 04:14:PM How to fix Nvidia driver install failed and update Nvidia drivers on Windows 10. There are always problems of NVIDIA installer failed when we install NVIDIA graphics driver on Windows 10, such as The Standard NVIDIA Graphics Driver Is Not Compatible with This Version of Windows However, having an older version or installing an older version of the HASP driver causes Windows 10 (Version 2004, 20H2, and 21H1) to fail. The following issues have been observed: E-Prime is installed on a machine that is not Windows 10 (Version 2004, 20H2, 21H1). The HASP driver is not the most current driver

disable and enable TAP-Windows Adapter V9 in device manager>network adapters to reinitialize the driver with the newly added ComponentId Users with Kaspersky Internet Security install might still have issues after following this tutorial Launch the Settings app in your Windows 10 computer. Then, click on Update & Security option. Furthermore, you will have to choose the Windows Update option from the leftside menu and then press the Check for Updates button on the main screen. Windows will begin installing the available sound driver updates on your Windows system

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Windows 10 might ask you for permission to install. Allow the driver manufacturer to make changes to your PC. The driver will now install and your printer will be ready for use following installation How to disable driver signing on Windows 10. Older device drivers are not signed. Disable Device Driver Signing in Windows 10 I was trying to install a driver for a legacy HP plotter. Every time I tried to install the driver I got this error: Windows encountered a problem install Windows found driver software for your device but encountered. No device drivers were found while installing Windows 7. First, I will start by saying that when I turn on my PC, I receive this message on a black screen Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key. When I press a key, nothing changes, i.e. still stuck on the same screen

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I had already completed all the Windows 10 repair steps I know about, and was considering a re-install - then I found this article. Since Device Manager did not display a CD/DVD Rom Drive, I was. Subject: Re: [Anytone] Help installing USB driver for AT-D868UV on Windows 10. If your Device manager shows another active USB Serial Device (COM3 here), uninstall it then choose the GD device port in your CPS. (The installed device will reinstall when you unplug the radio). Gary Watson. -.- To install the driver in compatibility mode: 1: Right-click the driver configuration file and select Properties. Select the Compatibility tab. Select the Run this program in compatibility mode check box and select the operating system from the drop-down list respectively. Allow the driver to install, then check to see if it is working A clean boot starts Windows 10 with the barest minimum set of drivers and startup programs. It seeks to eliminate possible causes of trouble that have been added to the startup environment over.

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Fix-5 Install the Bluetooth driver manually-Installing the Bluetooth driver manually will solve the issue for sure. 1. Open a browser window on your computer. 2. Search intel Bluetooth driver for windows 10 and then hit Enter. 3. In the search result window, click on Download Intel Wireless Bluetooth Driver for Windows 10. 4 For example, one machine upgraded to Windows 10 showed 11 updates to core hardware by AMD and Lenovo that were not getting installed: On another machine, even after manually updating some graphics and network drivers, I see multiple hardware updates pending: Try It Yoursel *Includes the following version of of the Windows operating system: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 8, 8.1, Windows server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10. Also, as Windows 8 RT is a closed system not allowing for 3rd party driver installation our Windows 8 driver will not support this variant of the OS 5.If you're still not able to Fix Mouse and keyboard not working in Windows 10 then make sure to download and install latest drivers of Keyboard from manufacturer's website. Option 5: Update Keyboard Drivers. 1.Press Windows Key + R then type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter to open Device Manager

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4) Boot your device into fastboot mode. This should cause it to show up in device manager as Andriod, with a yellow triangle. 5) In device manager (press windows + x to bring up a menu, then you can press m or select device manager for quick access) right click the android device. -----Update driver 2. Install the MTP USB Device Driver. Press and hold the Windows key and press R. In the run dialogue box that opens, type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter. This will open the device manager. Alternatively, you can also press the Windows key and type Device manager to search for it. search for device manager. Expand Portable devices and find your device Use these steps to view the installed printer drivers in Windows 10. Click inside the search field at the bottom-right of the screen. Type control panel then click the Control Panel result. Select the View devices and printers option. Click on any of your installed printers, then click Print server properties at the top. Here are the steps: Go to your taskbar, then right-click the Windows icon. Select Device Manager from the list of options. Again, you'll need to expand the contents of the Other Devices category. Right-click the Bluetooth Peripheral Device entry, then choose Update Driver from the context menu