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2 - Installing a Wooden Fence. The other solution available to you is to install a fence. There are several kinds of fences that can prove to be quite effective at keeping leaves away from your yard. The first one that we are going to talk about is the wooden fence. The wooden fence consists of wooden slats or panels that are installed. Weedseal® Fence and Border Guard is a durable rubber strip that lies beneath fencing or along objects to prevent the growth of grass and weeds. Made from recycled materials, this green product reduces landfill waste. With a substantial thickness of approximately 1/4, it provides years of vegetation control without the need for stakes. Question about retaining wall against fence. I'd like to build a retaining wall of about 2' in height along 2 sides of the fence in our backyard. This is to create a raised bed to plant trees, creepers, flower bed, etc. Our fence is made of redwood. Obviously it's not acceptable to have dirt resting/pressing against the existing fence

2. You Can't Blow Leaves Onto Your Neighbor's Property. Credit: MC Morgan. Wherever the leaves fall, that is the property owner who has to eliminate them. You cannot dump the leaves on someone else's property either, even if a majority of them fall on your yard. The tree owner has no claim to the leaves. No one really wants to spend their. If the fence is on or near the property line, for example, the neighbor might have assumed that he had the right to use the fence as he or she saw fit. Indeed, if a fence is on or near the property line it can sometimes be counted as a boundary fence, which means you and your neighbor share ownership of the fence - and equal. Colour Tree's Expandable Willow Trellis is the fastest and cheapest solution to instantly bring green to your space. With leaves made of commercial standard UV-stabilized polyethylene, you won't experience any issues with fading, UV deterioration or water damage

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hm, if the fence is totally on your land chances are that by putting the stuff against the fence the neighbor is committing a tort, which, as the cops rightfully observed, is a civil matter. It is called trespass to land. So if the stuff is touching your ground, or reaching into your ground, you have a cause of action. At least in theory I have the same problem every year. My neighbors refuse to rake their leaves blocking both my doors and filling my garage. The fool told me ( those are probably mine since you don't have any trees ) then tells me he hires guys to clean them for 80.00. I'm sure as heck ain't paying for his nasty ways

The Mowstrip is a plastic barrier for the bottom of fences. The Mowstrip is intended to eliminate the need to trim around fences and posts. This is the natural way to block weeds and grass from growing so you don't need to use a trimmer or chemicals. The Mowstrip weed barrier is easy to install that lies under the fence to prevent grass or weeds Im assuming the fence is just one of the kind that is just there, not belonging to either, just a divide. 1. the ticks are already in your yard 2. if you feel so strongly, perhaps you should put something against the fence on your side so your kids don't get scratches. 3. They're kids, relax. Theyre bound to get scratches at some point. Good luck The had lumber delivered 5 years ago so they could build a deck. It is still on the side of their house by ours. We are now getting roaches and black widow spiders that love that damp environment. The also have a broken paddle boat leaning against our fence and it has a huge well in it that fills up with water and is never emptied Trim the limbs of the entire tree to reduce the amount of leaves it produces. Focus on any branches that overhang the neighbor's yard. Install a fence if there isn't one. If the leaves are blowing..

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Blowing leaves thru chain link fence LawnSite™ is the . 6 hours ago Lawnsite.com Related Item . In the past I have taken a really large tarp, draped it over the top of the fence so there's a lot of it on the ground. Stake down the corners, blow the leaves onto the tarp, grab the corners, and lift/dump the leaves over the fence. Resume blowing If you want your privacy fence to stand out, adding the Dutchman's pipe vine is a sure way to do it. These striking plants have exotic-looking flowers that resemble curved pipes every late spring and early summer. The heart-shaped leaves glow green and attract swallowtail butterflies and other beneficial insects

Ok, if the fence is a few inches or more on your property, which is typical, you could force the neighbor to remove any dirt that he has placed on your property by filing a suit for trespass to land against him. Ivy plants can quickly grow out of control. But you can still get the look of an ivy privacy fence with artificial greenery. A faux ivy privacy screen can be attached to an existing fence. Dense leaves block the view of your yard, while adding style to your space

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The privet is an exceptionally popular plant addition to any fence line because of its highly attractive, dark green foliage. It will grow well in zones 4 through 8. Fan Palm (Chamaerops humilis) Also known as the European Fan Palm, this palm shrub has a crown of green, fan-shaped leaves that burst out of a singular trunk or a multi-trunk base Non-evergreen, but foliage-focused, plants can bring a startling and lovely backdrop to the garden. Many times foliage vines that grow on fences are variegated or have splendid fall color and are exciting to look at. For a foliage vine for your fence, try Prices and download plans . Sign in Sign up for FREE Prices and download plan Maintenance on a well-designed culvert protective fence is minimal and typically consists of three to four times a year removing sticks and leaves that floated against the fence. This usually takes less than 15 minutes per cleaning and can be done by anyone willing to get in the water. More Culvert Protection Info Sheet

Rot is an ever present threat to the health of your fence, and is caused by the wood's prolonged exposure to moisture, mainly via contact with the soil. Rot will weaken the fence's structural integrity and dramatically reduce its lifespan Can Grapes Be Planted Along a Fence?. Grapes (Vitis vinifera) are incredibly useful plants because of their edible fruit and decorative uses. Grapes require supports to grow well, so the National. Keeping plants off of a fence also prevents damage to the fence. Trees and tree limbs can fall on to a fence, causing damage. Plants hold moisture on a fence and, over time, the fence can then begin to rust. A clean fence line also removes habitat for damaging animals such as groundhogs, mice/rats, skunks, and opossums Rot is a common fungal disease that affects fences made from wood. Different species of fungus grow in specific circumstances and create their own telltale forms of rot. Knowledge of rot basics can help you diagnose the cause of many types of damage in your fencing materials. Knowledge also plays an integral part in prevention

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Chain Link Fence. One of the more classic fence options is a chain link. They're made of thick steel wires that are bent and hooked together. This is an excellent option if you're working with a tight budget but still want to install a fence. While it doesn't add any privacy, it can keep leaves from blowing out of your yard Neighbor's Brush Pile Against Our Fence My wife and I moved into our first house in September of last year, so this spring is the first time I'm really focusing on the yard. Some reference - it's a flat 1/8 acre lot (NYC suburb) completely fenced in Re: How to Stop a Neighbor from Leaning Objects Against Your Fence. Quoting adjusterjack. Geometrically speaking, the 3' are protruding into the air space of your property and, similar to tree branches, you have a right to remove the offending 3' by pushing the board back on to the neighbor's property

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  1. True to her word, she still tosses her yard wast over the fence onto my property. She says she is allowed since there are power lines over head. The power lines go over hers too, the fence is approximately centered under the lines. I have checked the county drawings and am sure the fence is at the property line. More
  2. Layers of leaves block sunlight and trap excess moisture against the lawn, resulting in bare patches come spring. It's also a good idea to keep layers of leaves off of beds of fall- and winter-interest plantings like pansies for the same reason. A thick layer blocks sun and risks disease in wet weather
  3. A large privacy fence is between the yards so I can't just move them to his yard. My house does not benefit from any shade from these trees. I get no benefit except for more leaves than there are stars in the sky. I owned a previous home where my leaves did go to the neighbor's yard and I raked them weekly. Thought it the responsible thing to do
  4. Seasons Fall Leaves Against Fence. More Details. autumn leaves autumn path background dry leaves fall leaves forest garden green leaves image leaves maple leaves nature oak leaves outdoor picture pile spring stripes texture tree wood. Categories. Nature and Wildlife Backgrounds. Similar Image.
  5. Arborvitae is the most popular choice for a living privacy fence, as its thick evergreen leaves create a dense hedge. It is available in many varieties of different stature, from dwarf to large. This fast-growing plant can tolerate any type of soil, and it is cold-resistant as well. Here's all you need to know about growing Arborvitae 2.
  6. The flowers do well in organic soil, so if the soil around your fence line is a bit rocky, you can add compost to it. The mixed soil should be given enough time, like weeks before planting begins. Also, a depth of 8-13 inches should be used to provide the flowers' root enough room to expand and develop
  7. The fence was built before the passage of the law: If a previously existing fence violates new height regulations, in most cases it can remain. A variance applies: A person can apply for a variance, a one-time exception to the law, if they intend to build a fence that violates a local ordinance

Nature is such a beautiful part of the outdoors, but when you live in a busy urban area, getting those hedges and leaves to flourish against the concrete jungle can be difficult. Thankfully, using artificial hedges lets you get that piece of nature right in your home. VINGLI Artificial Hedges Faux Ivy Leaves Fence, Decorative Trellis. We have new very nice wood picket fence. It replaced a chain link fence. Problem: my neighbor is convinced we are blowing our leaves in to her yard when we use leaf blower. We tried to tell her that most of the leaves she sees blowing were already on her property. If anything we are helping so she doesn't have to rake at all by the fence

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Leaves piled against fence. Show reporter's name Reported in the Leafing category anonymously at 14:21, Thu 12 November 2015 Sent to Bromley Council 4 minutes later zoom. Show photo Redact. Rear of No12 Craven Road, Orpington, BR6 7RT. Yesterday the groundskeepers were busy blowing leaves off the grass in Goddington Park This Artificial Fence lasts long, doesn't ade. Full and taller leaves, dense and bright, durable-no leaves falling, and UV protected long-lasting durability in outdoor conditions. Fence panels are easily fixed and mounted to any fence by using ZIPI ties or screws. Faux Ivy Leaf made of polyethylene material, which can last for years Consider raking leaves away from the fence first before mowing, so your fence doesn't get in the way of mowing. Remove the Leaves. Remove the leaves from your yard promptly. You don't want them to set overnight because they might blow up against your fence. Then you'll be collecting leaves all over again next to your privacy fence. If you would like a fast-growing plant to cover the fence, you will want an annual. Some annual flowering vines for fences include: Hops. Hyacinth Bean. Black-eyed Susan Vine. Passion Flower. Morning Glory. If you were looking for some perennial flowering vines for fences, these would include: Dutchman's Pipe

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The fence is made of very sturdy wooden posts and beams with a wire mesh across them. I would like to know what I could put up against the fence that would stop bushes growing through the mesh. An added bonus would be something that would stop them growing under the fence too Ivy climbing up a wooden fence in spring; green leaves against a light wooden plank. Vertical. Wild grapes on a wooden fence. Beautiful red green leaves vine decoration. Of an autumn garden. Wooden fence with shabby paint and green grape leaves. Old wooden fence with shabby paint and tender green grape leaves Texas leads the nation in the number of farms and ranches it contains, with 248,800 farms covering 130.2 million acres. It makes sense, then, that landowners in Texas occasionally have disputes regarding property lines, fences, and trees. Whether you live in the country or the city, it's smart to know your rights and responsibilities about your property lines I would like to request that your office (and the proper local law enforcement agency, as you deem appropriate) investigate and file suitable criminal charges against Ali International Inc. and the worker who forcefully threw a lamb against a metal fence, causing the animal unnecessary pain and suffering, on July 1 at its slaughterhouse located.

The Virginia Creeper Is a Beautiful Plant. Certainly, it is a beautiful plant; the stems have five leaflets and are pleasantly attractive, especially in May when they are still 'Spring Green,' but this pleasantly attractive vine does tend to take over. Most gardeners plant the vine for privacy. It is ideal for covering the fence between you. Maintenance on a well designed culvert protective fence is minimal and typically consists of three to four times a year removal of beaver sticks and leaves that floated against the fence. This usually takes less than 15 minutes per cleaning and can be done by anyone willing to get in the water

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Question: Do The Leaves Seem Like They Can Hold Up In A Windy Area? There Is A, Sometimes Strong, Crosswind In Front Of My Balcony. Answer: Ours Is Up Against Our Fence To Block The View To Our Backyard Neighbor's Yard. Our Dogs Love To See His Dog And Bark And Scratch At The Fence Osmanthus burkwoodii performs happily when grown against a wall or fence in sun or shade where its glossy, dark green leaves make a neat backdrop, but it is particularly useful for bringing light and interest to shady spots in April and May, when the highly scented, white, jasmine like flowers appear. It will cover an area of roughly 3m x 3m. Nov 2, 2012 - Explore Highlands Garden's board Along the Fence, followed by 127 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about fence, plants, dream garden The following summary information regarding fence requirements and the fence exception process for fences on private property •from isthe City of San Mateo Zoning Code Chapter 27.84 Fences, Trees and Hedges . The entire C hapter can be found online at: locations

Before and after. The boards on the white fence had deteriorated from the landscaping and old leaves accumulating against them over many years. We went back with a treated 2x6 on the bottom to contain the flower beds and preserve the new cedar boards Defensive plants, shrubs and trees (shrub fences) Spiny shrubs and trees have been used for many hundreds of years to create defensive barriers; either as hedging, to pen livestock into their fields, or by using a plant's climbing and defensive properties to improve an existing boundary, such as a timber fence or prevent graffiti being applied. The leaves of fence panels are having special treatment against UV lights. There are double twisted wire inside and plastic leaves are folded. The leaves of the fences can be easily washed by water. Natural look green fence panels can be manufactured in different heights. The most popular heights are 100 cm, 120 cm,150 cm, and 200 cm In the process of stress testing our newly installed electric fence to ensure our chickens would be safe from predators (such as foxes) our trail camera snap.. Trench the Fence Line. For starters, mark a line at least six inches into the yard from the fence line using stakes and string. The string marks the edge of the area you will trench and mulch. Dig straight down a few inches deep along the string line with a sharp garden spade. Remove grass and weeds with the spade, using caution not to bend the.

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So, I wound up constructing variations of the simple, effective fence I built to protect the farm garden from marauding deer. The main ingredient, of course, was 6-foot welded wire fencing, which I attached with zip ties to a quartet of metal T-posts to form a square of protective wire around each tree. With the sides of the square measuring. Canada leaves softball field over umpire decision A man in a hat with a Canadian maple leaf printed on it stands next to a fence and leans over the top of it with his forearms. NBC Olympic You might don't like other people or animals coming to your property, or you just want some privacy while relaxing in your backyard.No matter the reason, having beautiful plants instead of a traditional fence has many benefits.. It is true, though, that having a natural fence isn't a fest solution. You have to be patient before the plants become big enough to start giving you all great. In this garden in Melbourne, Australia, white and blue agapanthus blooms nearly float against the deep green backdrop. Timothy Lee landscape design Save Photo In fall, dark fences complement the rich colors of changing leaves, highlighting gold and orange tones and creating a moody pairing with plum and burgundy foliage

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The dark-green, glossy leaves create a dense living screening fence. These shrub-like trees are among the fastest hedging plants that are not in the class Coniferae. Within three years, the privacy hedge should reach 6 ft. (1.8 m) in height. These hedging trees grow just as well in shade as they do in full sun Vines are identified by the shape and color of their leaves, as well as their flowers and fruits. Lightweight flowering vines, such as clematis or morning glory, hide mailboxes, fences or other utilitarian structures. Dense vines provide privacy and can even make a green fence. All vines need some structure to climb. The fence to the rear and to the right are on the property line if not slightly over and the left is inward about 1 1/2′. After much thought I would like to have extra long vinyl fence posts set along my property line and/or butting the existing ones to my right and to my rear Can be espaliered against a fence or wall for a dramatic accent. Hardy in USDA zones 5-7. Creeping Cotoneasters, Cotoneaster adpressus are deciduous, mounding plants that only grow 12-18 tall, but will spread up to 6 feet. The shiny green leaves have wavy margins and turn to a maroon red in the fall

Occasionally, an eccentric owner puts up such an ugly fence that the neighbors hope it's against the law because of its appearance. A hideous fence could reflect an intent to annoy a neighbor, and if it's useless to the owner, it may be an illegal spite fence. (See Chapter 12.) But unless it is a true spite fence or violates a height. To break up the mass of a board fence, Sauer suggests adding an open lattice or baluster top, and planting flowering or evergreen shrubs in front to soften its solidity. 6. Stone Wall Topped with Fencing Photo by Courtesy of Walpole Woodworkers. Pro2Pro Tip: A good wall begins with a stable base. In locations with lots of loam and poor drainage. Can I trim back camellias growing against a wood fence? I don't want them to touch the fence. Answer: You can cut them back to get them off the fence. University of Memphis Director of Landscape Joellen Dimond says you should not shear the plant but prune the offending branches back to a growing node If you have enough space, plant 3-4ft (90-120cm) from a wall or fence so you can access the other side of the hedge to trim it if necessary. If you do not have much space, then you can plant as close as 18 inches from a wall or fence but it may be necessary for you to trim off branches on the fence side as it could push into and damage the fence as it is establishing Living in a No Fence District. Fencing in much of rural Arizona is governed by a series of statutes pertaining to keeping livestock. A county can be designated a No Fence open-range district, which places liability for property damage by stray livestock on the livestock owner. Living in a No Fence district does not mean you cannot have a fence

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Viburnum tinus is a dense evergreen shrub that makes a lovely, informal flowering hedge. It has dark green leaves and clusters of strongly scented flowers from late winter to early spring. It grows fast when young (at least 30cm a year); more slowly when mature. Maroon buds and white flowers of viburnum White-tailed deer can jump almost eight feet high, so effective upright fences against them should be this high. Deer may be able to jump high, but not both high and over a distance. So a fence may not be as high, perhaps six feet, but slanted outward. The deer will try walking under the fence and meet resistance Green fence designs with plants and flowers. Green fence, stone wall, and hedgerow created with evergreen plants, attractive front yard decorating ideas. Climbers such as the native Hibertia and Ivy are fabulous ground covers. They add a lush green color to brick, wood or natural stone walls. Vines and climbers can be trained to climb a variety. How to Make a Clematis Trellis. Cut the slats. Sand and stain the slats. Attach the vertical slats to fence. Add horizontal slats. Weave vines through the trellis. I'm using the same cedar fence pickets as I did in my other trellis project, but this time I'm creating a more subtle pattern with the strips

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  1. The safety of your family leaves no room for compromise. You wouldn't buy a car without seatbelts. And you shouldn't own a pool without a fence. From critically reinforced Solid Poles to the use of the strongest mesh available, you can now get a superior pool fence and an equally-strong lifetime warranty
  2. Question: Do the leaves seem like they can hold up in a windy area? There is a, sometimes strong, crosswind in front of my balcony. Answer: Ours is up against our fence to block the view to our backyard neighbor's yard. Our dogs love to see his dog and bark and scratch at the fence
  3. Use a Half Fence for Unruly Boards. Wood with knots or wavy grain and wood that has been dried unevenly will often warp badly as you rip it. If the halves bend outward, one will push against the fence and could cause burn marks or a dangerous kickback. If this begins to happen, shut off the saw and remove the board
  4. A drift fence erected as you advise would land smack in the middle of our front yard and I fear would cause drifts to build up against our house, further to the west. As an alternative, would putting a drift fence north of the line of shrubs, running east-west, and set back about 15 feet or so from the shrubs help at all
  5. Question:Do the leaves seem like they can hold up in a windy area? There is a, sometimes strong, crosswind in front of my balcony. Answer:Ours is up against our fence to block the view to our backyard neighbor's yard. Our dogs love to see his dog and bark and scratch at the fence

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The type of fence you own determines the type of vine you can safely grow on it. Even the gentlest vines hold moisture against the parts of your wooden fence they touch. However, aluminum and vinyl fences respond well to most types of vines since they are more durable and less vulnerable to environmental damage than wooden fences. For Wooden Fences Build an appropriate framework of posts (8 feet apart), a top rail, and heavy-gauge wire horizontal supports. Stretch wire tautly from post to post, spaced vertically at 1-foot intervals, to create a framework. If you train trees against a wall, leave 12 inches between the structure and the support system to allow for maintenance and air. So there it is, Gentle Reader: a fence against the deer that is cheap and easy to put up, easy to maintain, practically invisible, and that actually works. Ta-daaa! If you're the sort who works hard to plant fruit trees or vegetable gardens or berry bushes, I know that you want to reap the rewards of the delightful rewards that can come from. Roll the bamboo along the fence. Stand the bamboo roll vertically on the board, up against the fence. Hold the roll steady as you begin rolling it to the side. Roll it as far as you possibly can while holding it upright. Work slowly. Tie the fence in place before moving the board so you are able to keep the fence steady

Shop Improvements Expandable Fence with Leaves 9213200, read customer reviews and more at HSN.com. Put up against 4 ft wall between new neighbors and extended it upward 2 feet. Gives just the right amount of privacy and looks very natural. Love this. Installs easily. Ordered 6 but will order 4 more when back in stock We use cookies and similar tools that are necessary to enable you to make purchases, to enhance your shopping experience, and provide our services, as detailed in our Cookie Notice.We also use these cookies to understand how customers use our services (for example, by measuring site visits) so we can make improvements Similarly, as you pull a full bag up to the surface, do so quickly, to keep the leaves in the bag. Keep a trash can on pool deck to dump the leaves into, or use the technique of flipping the net over the fence. Circular flow patterns are best to keep sending the leaves in front of the skimmer. Aim your return fittings so that there is a slight. The bucket of chopped-up leaves is put into a 50-liter plastic barrel. We fill this half full of water, put the lid on, and leave it for three days to brew. You'll know if your mixture is ready as it will smell like a cross between urine and onions. Not a pleasant smell but effective against insects Garden Accents (Common: .99-in x 22.5-in x 17.9-in; Actual: .99-in x 22.5-in x 17.9-in) Black Metal Steel Garden Edging. The look of elegant wrought iron fencing in an affordable, easy-to-install sectional format! Create a dazzling border in your garden using this sectional fence

Teenager jailed after stabbing a girl in the face and smashing another's head against a fence because they called him Harry Potter. Ryan Walker, 19, wears glasses and has dark hair like actor. Ensure that you don't lean or store things up against the fence; Brush snow and leaves from the top; Keep debris away from the base of the fence; Visually inspect the fence for cracks and warping; Choosing a Fence Type. Again, you'll want to choose the fence your property needs rather than the fence you want By doing so, you will have an effective and durable fence in the chicken run. 13. Artificial Green Screen. This one is a lovely idea. If you want to have it, combine a supportive fencing system you already have, like simple posts, handrails, or panels, with a roll of artificial ivy leaf hedge

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  1. A hedge fence is a great way to make a natural barrier in your yard to provide privacy, reduce wind, and protect the soil from erosion. While it can take a few years for one to grow fully, you can easily plant the shrubs for a hedge fence with a few tools. Select a species of shrub that fits your needs and enough plants for the length of the fence
  2. The wrought-iron fence that surrounds the White House hasn't changed since 1965, but that may be about to change after a Texas man jumped over it on Sept. 19 and made it all the way through the.
  3. The cost of the fence with labor and materials ranges from $2,270 to $5,760. A landscaper will take about 15 to 20 hours to plant a 209-foot hedge of Leyland Cypress at an average of $45 to $65 per hour, for a total labor cost of $680 to $1,300. The material cost for 42 plants averages $25 each for a total of $1,050
  4. Damp leaves, grasses, plants and the like can all cause debris to enter your fence through tiny cracks and crevices. And it's when dirt and soil enters these crevices that rot begins. Therefore one of the most effectiven ways of preventing rot is by keeping your fence clear of foliage and grime

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  1. Leaning things against your neighbour's fence, hanging things on your neighbour's fence, even using your neighbour's fence as a makeshift retaining wall, will place a much heavier burden on the fence panels and supporting posts than they were designed to bear. The consequences of such actions are easy enough to predict and you will be liable.
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