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1. INTRODUCTION. The Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill (H.B.8, 2019) (the Bill), is a piece of proposed legislation that intends to address Government's reforms in the media sector. The Bill was gazetted on the 9th of August 2019, and is one of the three media bills which intend to replace the Access to Information and Protection of. Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill. Preliminary. 1 Short title. This Act may be cited as the Zimbabwe Media Commission Act, 2019 The Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill [] was published in August last year and, after public hearings conducted by the parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Information, Media and Broadcasting Services [the committee's report can be accessed on the Veritas website ‒ link], it is currently going through its Committee Stage in the National Assembly Accreditation of journalists and media practitioners for the year 2021. The Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) is advising all stakeholders, journalists and other media practitioners that the Commission has not yet started is... January 6, 2021. CONDOLENCE MESSAGE: FOSTER DONGOZI

ZIMBABWE MEDIA COMMISSION BILL, 2019. Memorandum. This Bill makes additional provisions with regard to the Zimbabwe Media Commission which is established by section 248 of the Constitution and whose functions are detailed in section 249 of the Constitution with the objective to protect the rights to the freedom of expression and the freedom of the media granted under section 61 of the. The Media Alliance of Zimbabwe (MAZ) in conjunction with MISA Zimbabwe welcomes the release of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Information, Media and Broadcasting Services' report on the Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill, which was presented to Parliament on 10 March 2020 The Portfolio Committee on Information, Media and Broadcasting Services conducted public consultations on the Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill (HB.8.2019) in terms of Section 141 of the Constitution. The public consultations were conducted from 14 to 18 October, 2019. The Committee covered areas in Harare, Mutare, Masvingo, Bulawayo and Gweru Colleagues! We have just published a detailed Commentary on the Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill, 2019, complete with recommendations on further improvements that can still be made on the Bill before it is passed into law. As stated in our reaction when the Bill was gazetted on 9 August 2019, this is the second of three official Bills meant to replace the discredited and restrictive Access to.

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THE Zimbabwe government on August 9, 2019 gazetted the Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) Bill, one of the three media Bills lined to replace the repressive and widely discredited Access to. The Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill is now headed for Senate after it sailed through the National Assembly with amendments. The Bill is one of the three legal instruments that seek to repeal the. The Zimbabwe government gazetted the Commentary on the Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill (hereinafter the Bill) on 9 August 2019. This relatively short Bill seeks to give effect to Sections 61, 248 and 249 of Zimbabwe's 2013 Constitution. Section 61 of the Constitution is on the right to freedom of expression and freedom of the media while. These include the Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill, Access of Information Bill and the Broadcasting Services Bill. yet proceedings of a media commission should be civil in nature.. The Zimbabwe Media Commission, being the regulator of the media industry in Zimbabwe is a constitutional body whose functions include the duty to uphold, promote and develop freedom of the media.

The two media rights advocacy groups pointed out that there is a noticeable sustained culture of violations against journalists and media workers in Zimbabwe. Journalists are subjected to all forms of violence, including verbal threats, harassment, physical abuse, unlawful detentions and arrests, reads the submission Zimbabwe: Complaints Commission Bill Hearings Begin. Senior Reporter. Participants at a public hearing for the Zimbabwe Independent Complaints Commission Bill welcomed moves to enact the law. MIHR Appeals to ZMC on Access to National Environmental Plan Document MIHR has appealed to the Zimbabwe Media Commission to intervene in Accordance with Section 35 of the Freedom of Information Act after the organization has failed to access the National Environmental Plan document as per the request made to the Ministry of Environment, Climate. In 2020 Reporters Without Borders ranked Zimbabwe 126/180 in their Press Freedom Index, where they s tate Page not yet turned on Mugabe era. After coming to power following the 2018 elections, President Emmerson Mnangagwa promised to expand media freedom and implement media reforms such as the Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill, which intends to enhance access to information

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Zimbabwe Media Commission. 100N Establishment of Zimbabwe Media Commission (1) There is a Zimbabwe Media Commission consisting of a chairperson and eight other members appointed by the President from a list of not fewer than twelve nominees submitted by the Committee on Standing Rules and Orders The committee on 10 March this year presented to parliament its report on the Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill. Media organisations have hailed the report as a fair reflection of sentiments and.

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  1. ate, all organizations involved In its 2002 report on Zimbabwe, the African Commission for Human and People's Rights recommended.
  2. The Zimbabwean Government Plans to Restrict Social Media Use with a Cyber Crime Bill The Cyber Crime Bill of 2019 was recently passed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa
  3. Zimbabwe's rights defenders seek to end torture. A model anti-torture bill drafted by a watchdog in Zimbabwe is hailed by human rights defenders as a powerful tool to combat gov't sponsored torture. During a fulsome interview that President Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe granted to state media on the eve of the country's 41st Independence.
  4. IPEC - Insurance and Pensions Commission. READ NEWSLETTER CONSUMER EDUCATION. NEWSLETTER. READ MORE READ MORE READ DOCUMENT Final Guidance Paper On Currency Reforms. SEARCH HERE Unclaimed Benefits. Search Engine READ ONLINE OR DOWNLOAD READ ONLINE OR DOWNLOAD READ NOTICE VIEW ALL PROCEDURES How to make a complaint. { {title}
  5. The proposed Bill will be reviewed with the Office of the Attorney General and at the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Communications, Climate Action and Environment. If the Bill is voted through the Oireachtas it will become law and the Media Commission including an Online Safety Commissioner will be established. How we can support yo
  6. The Draft Bill further provides for the definition of sensitive data, which includes political opinions, religious beliefs and affiliations, and any information which may present a major risk to the risks of the data subject. The Zimbabwe Media Commission's mandate does the following
  7. MISA Zimbabwe position The police and the Zimbabwe Media Commission should urgently investigate these cases involving the continued assaults and harassment of journalists and bring the culprits to book, otherwise, these media freedom violations will continue with impunity thereby placing the lives of journalists at great risk

ZIMBABWE _____ ACT To repeal and substitute the Constitution of Zimbabwe. ENACTED by the President and the Parliament of Zimbabwe. 1 Short title This Act may be cited as the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (N o. 20) Act, 2013. 2 Interpretation In this Act— existing Constitution means the Constitution of Zimbabwe that came int During a fulsome interview that President Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe granted to state media on the eve of the country's 41st Independence anniversary in April, he took breaks to regain his composure after getting emotional when the interview touched a raw nerve: the brutal torture he was subjected to by the Rhodesian colonial settler regime in the 1960s when he was a young freedom fighter ZMC Zimbabwe Media Commission To address this, the government must enact a new Constitution with a bill of rights which takes precedence over all other laws and norms. This should be accompanied by massive educational and awareness building programmes. The state should also b

The Press Council of Kenya Bill and the Kenya Mass Media Commission Bill: a critical and comparative review The Dutch Reformed Church and Separate Development Core Freedoms in Nigerian and U.S. Constitutions: A Study in Difference Who Were the Later Pleistocene Eastern Africans Access to Information. In terms of entitlement, only citizens of Zimbabwe, permanently residents or holders of temporary employment, residence permit or students permit are eligible to make a request. Foreign nationals and agencies as well as unregistered mass media are excluded. This contrasts with chapter four of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights stating that everyone. The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA), Zimbabwe, describes the legal and regulatory framework as one of the few in the region with virtual government monopolies in broadcasting and fi xed telephone service provision.1 Some of these may be taken up in the draft ICT bill that is under consideration at present Both privately-owned and public media should foster oneness and preach the gospel of development to rally the nation towards Vision 2030. His appeal comes after last Thursday's swearing in of new members of the Zimbabwe Media Commission at State House by the President The Foreign Correspondents Association in Zimbabwe has appealed to the courts against the law. The Public Order and Security Act. Constitutional lawyers have warned that the wide-ranging provisions of this bill - which give unprecedented powers to the police - are similar to apartheid-era security legislation in South Africa


ZESN - Zimbabwe Election Support Network. Press: ELECTORAL BILL, 2020. Media and Elections. Election Dispute Resolution. Election Day and Results Management. Persons with Disability. +263 4 250736 / 791443 / 798193 / 791803. info@zesn.net Zimbabwe reviewing the age of criminal responsibility. Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Senator Monica Mutsvangwa made the announcement this Tuesday at a Post-Cabinet Media Briefing. Zimbabwe is reviewing upwards the age of criminal responsibility for a child from 7 to 12 years. The review is being done in line with the Child Justice [ Zimbabwe's upper house passes data bill despite privacy concerns. Senators have approved Zimbabwe's Cyber Security and Data Protection Bill without debate, though opponents say it violates fundamental rights such as privacy, freedom of speech and access to information. The proposed legislation, which needs President Emmerson Mnangagwa's. BY SHARON HOFISI Many people in Zimbabwe want a career in law. But many of those reading the constitution or developments associated with it, such as controversial amendments, conveniently blame lawyers when the constitution appears to have been shredded. It is this approach which has created variegated opinions on the effects of Zimbabwe's Constitutional Amendment [

Zimbabwe media 'still not free'. For now, Zimbabwe has two daily newspapers - both controlled by the state. As the BBC prepares to broadcast a day of programmes from Zimbabwe for the first time since officials lifted a ban on foreign reporters, Zimbabwean journalist Brian Hungwe says he and his colleagues are still concerned about restrictions The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) has commended parliament for conducting public hearing for Independent Complaints Commission Bill, 2020, which seek to bring forth the establishment of Independent Complaints Commission to probe citizens complaints against the coutry's security forces

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The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), the police, and government officials have particularly warned against sharing what they call fake news. Strive Masiyiwa admits shutting down internet and social media in Zimbabwe, Submission on the Cyber Security and Data Protection Bill 2019 to the Parliament of Zimbabwe, June. Then, following the 'Lekki Massacre' on 20 October 2020, the government launched a fresh campaign to regulate social media, aiming to allow law enforcement to shut down the internet at will. This bill was sponsored by Borno Senator Mohammed Tahir Monguno, and called the 'National Commission for the Prohibition of Hate Speech' and says that MUTARE- Women inclusion in the mining sector value chain hinges on legal reforms to promote decent work, equality, and gender mainstreaming, says the Zimbabwe Gender Commission. ZGC, commissioner Naome Chimbetete decried the lack of involvement of women in mining as an indictment on policymakers, as she called for progressive reforms to promote.

Zimbabwe Today is an independent online newspaper that showcases all the news from Zimbabwe by Zimbabweans for Zimbabweans across the world. In the spirit of building a new Zimbabwe, we promote and support free speech, hence all the news you will read at Zimbabwe Today is uncensored, unbiased and uncontrolled Zimbabwe a global museum - Zimbabwe Vigil Diary. President Mnangagwa has described Zimbabwe as the 'museum capital of the world'. Speaking at the opening of the Bulawayo Arts Festival, he called on local authorities to rename buildings and streets after the country's heroes Media laws such as AIPPA give the Zimbabwe authorities discretionary control over which individuals may practice journalism and operate a media outlet, as well as broad powers to prosecute persons. By Koliwe Majama . Published on 19 May 2021 Page last updated on 19 May 2021. Digital rights featured prominently at the 68th session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights (ACHPR), held virtually from 14 April to 4 May 2021. The session also provided a platform to take stock of the general state of the human rights situation on the continent and brought together, for frank. [115th Congress Public Law 231] [From the U.S. Government Publishing Office] [[Page 1631]] ZIMBABWE DEMOCRACY AND ECONOMIC RECOVERY AMENDMENT ACT OF 2018 [[Page 132 STAT. 1632]] Public Law 115-231 115th Congress An Act To amend the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act of 2001. <<NOTE: Aug. 8, 2018 - [S. 2779]>> Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United.

These rights are Constitutional rights and therefore legally binding. If these rights are violated, one can seek redress by suing for damages or taking the matter to the Constitutional Court or any other Court or to the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) or other organisations that deal with human rights issues to access justice The Youth Development Commission Bill was therefore pre-meditated to address the drivers of youth restiveness and violent extremism as a result of idleness, unproductivity and underutilisation of human resources which bedevil the young population within the state. In addition, the bill was well thought out to address youth neglect in political. As well as Lesotho and Zimbabwe, countries including Uganda, Tanzania and Burkina Faso, are among those who have joined a growing trend of heavy-handed regulatory oversight of social media users

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In 2010 the Zimbabwe Media Commission was established by the inclusive, power-sharing government. In May 2010 the Commission licensed three new privately owned newspapers, including the previously banned Daily News, for publication. Reporters Without Borders described the decisions as a major advance Similarly, in a critique of the key legislative framework guiding civil liberties in Zimbabwe, scholars Mapuva and Mapuva-Muyengwa argue the enactment of legislation by ruling elites to restrict the political landscape in their favour has been ongoing for decades, and cite the NGO Bill (2004), Private Voluntary Organisations (1996), Urban. President Emmerson Mnangagwa Should Suspend All Individuals Implicated in the Covidgate Scandal in Zimbabwe. Post navigation. Zimbabwe Lockdown: DAY 86 WCoZ Situation Report. VISET Statement on Guidelines for Informal Sector Reopening Vatori venhau pamwe nevashandi vemasangano ezvenhau vari kukurudzira hurumende kuti mumutemo uri kugadzirwa weZimbabwe Media Commission Bill uve nezvikamu zvinoita kuti mashandiro avo avandudzwe kuitira kuti vakwanise kuwana mihoro yakanaka kuti vararame zvakanaka ZIMBABWE ACT To repeal and substitute the Constitution of Zimbabwe. Freedom of ex.pression and freedom of the media. 62. Access to information. 63. Language and culture. 64. Freedom of profession, trade or occupation. Estahlishmenl and composition of Civil Service Commission. 203. Functions of Civil Service Commission

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List of Zimbabwean legislation. Animal Health Act [ Chapter 19:01] replacing the Pounds and Trespasses Act [ Chapter 129] Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act [ Chapter 20:03] Bills of Exchange Act [ Chapter 14:05] Civil Aviation Act [ Chapter 13:11] Class Actions Act [ Chapter 8:17] Companies Act [ Chapter 24:03] Competition Act [ Chapter 14. Senate reconvenes as discussion between parties over a bipartisan $1tn infrastructure bill continue. August 1, 2021; Exercising right to vote in Zimbabwe should not be dangerous- Biden tells Mnangagwa August 1, 2021; Rojas sets world record to win Olympic women's triple jump August 1, 2021; Texas police release statement on shoot-out near Dallas captured in viral video August 1, 202 In 2017, the then-President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe signed into law a constitutional amendment bill which sought to change these provisions and give the President the authority to select and appoint these judicial leaders without conducting public interviews and without being constrained or restricted to the shortlist provided by the JSC

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Rather than earn a spread or commission on each advertising spend, the media buyer may charge you fixed service fees for various services. In this case, the 15 percent agency discount on the advertisement may be passed on to you, but you may be billed service fees for the development of a media plan, design of the creative or reporting The Commission can also report the offending member to their relevant professional council in terms of the Health Professions Act. However, Zimbabwe Nurses Association (Zina) president Mr Enoch Dongo said there was a need for Government to consult health care professionals before enacting the amendments The Parliament of Sierra Leone on July 23, 2020 unanimously approved the Independent Media Commission (IMC) Act 2020 and repealed the 1965 Public Order Act (POA) that criminalized libel and sedition in what has been hailed as a historic moment for the media in the country. I want all of us to consider this moment as a solemn one in our. Zimbabwe's first ISP, Data Control, was established in 1996. In 1997, the national Posts and Telecommunication Corporation (PTC) built a national Internet backbone and began selling bandwidth to private ISPs. 28 The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) oversees ISP licensing

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Zimbabwe Development Bank Act (Ch 24:14) Zimbabwe Investment Authority Act (Act 4, 2006) Zimbabwe Investment Centre Act (Ch 24:16(Zimbabwe Investment Centre Act 24:16 Zimbabwe Sotck Exchange Act (Ch 24:18) Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Act 24:18. Insurance Law. Export Credt Reinsurance Act (Ch 24:06) Insurance Act (Ch 24:07) Communications And Media La The Zimbabwe Media Commission charged 200 RTGS ($15) for a foreigner's 60-day accreditation, while local journalists paid 10 RTGS dollars ($0.63) for a one-year accreditation. On January 29, state media criticized foreign media after President Mnangagwa stated he was appalled by an attack by the British station Sky News broadcast of. Following the declaration by the World Health Organisation of COVID-19 as a global pandemic, a state of disaster was declared in Zimbabwe on the 20th of March 2020. A National Lockdown and prohibition of gatherings was legislated for the 21 day period commending 30 March 2020. The extent of lockdown has been reviewed and revised since.

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The Law Commission's recommendations, which have been laid in Parliament, would reform the communications offences found in s 1 of the Malicious Communications Act 1988 and s 127 of the Communications Act 2003. The Commission says that these offences do not provide consistent protection from. The right to ownership is enshrined in the Constitution of Zimbabwe. The Bill of Rights, in particular sections 71 and 72, provides for property rights in general and rights to agricultural land. Every person has the right, in Zimbabwe, to acquire, hold, occupy, use, transfer, lease, hypothecate, or dispose of all forms of property

Green Governance Zimbabwe Trust is a leader in developing and strengthening the skills, abilities and processes that communities and fellow organizations need to survive, adapt and thrive in a fast-changing world. We have successfully built the capacity of communities and organizations on environmental awareness and natural resource governance Zimbabwe, like many other countries in Africa, has limited rainfall during the months of November to March. Due to a well-developed dam system, sufficient water is guaranteed in all the main centres to support local populations and project Development. In the agricultural areas, dams supported by a borehole syste tracked by 123 users. Find a bill. There are 7,600 bills and resolutions currently before the United States Congress, but of those only about 7% will become law. Congress works in two-year legislative sessions tied to the elections. The current session is called the 117 th Congress and it began on Jan 3, 2021

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What is VAT and when was it introduced in Zimbabwe? Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax on consumption, charged on the supply of taxable goods and services. It is levied on transactions rather than directly on income or profit, and is also levied on the importation of goods and services. This tax was introduced in 2004 to replace the. Zimbabwe voazimbabwe.com bodies — the Nigerian Press Council and the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission. Raphael Adebayo welcomes the dailies' protest and said the media bill is an attack. Uttar Pradesh Population Control Bill: Every year on July 11, the world observes World Population Day. The same day this year, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath inaugurated the state's population policy 2021-30 which proposed that people having more than two children in the state should not be granted any special benefits and should be barred from using official concessions Social media was once seen as a way to give a human face to government agencies. In the wake of the pandemic, engagement with constituents has become less about edgy social media posts designed to boost follower numbers and, instead, more focused about competent communication of news and information in trying times

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the Inclusive Government provided a new beginning for Zimbabwe. Progress on the implementation of the GPA has, however, been mixed.4Some important elements have been implemented such as amendments to the Electoral Act, the appointment of independent Commissions to address Media, Human Rights and Election issues and the issuing of Prin The product of the 1999 Constitutional convention, this proposed constitution was rejected in a referendum on February 12-13, 2000. 68777 Proposed Constitution of Zimbabwe 1999. PREAMBLE. Acknowledging the supremacy of God, and recognising our diversity, We the people of Zimbabwe constituteproject.org PDF generated: 19 Feb 2021, 13:22 Zimbabwe 2013 Page 5 101. Succession in event of death, resignation or incapacity of President or Vice-President . . . 5 This commission obtains its existence from the Constitution of Zimbabwe as well as the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission Act. Its key constitutional functions include: combatting corruption, promoting honesty and financial discipline and directing the commissioner general of police to investigate corruption and to report back to the commission In advocating the enactment of gender-equality laws, we will carry to the parliament and Ministry of Justice, in partnership with Zimbabwe Gender Commission, a model Gender Equality Bill

The Chilean Senate on Wednesday by a 28-14 vote margin approved a bill that would extend marriage rights to same-sex couples. The vote took place less than a month after President Sebastián. Gains in media freedom now under threat. Media and the third wave in sub-Saharan Africa. The great advances for freedom of the media in sub-Saharan Africa occurred as the third wave of democratization 1 swept across the continent's shores. The 1991 Windhoek Declaration—a call for media freedom drafted by African journalists, later endorsed by the United Nations' cultural organization. Social media users in Turkey may soon have to face one to five years of imprisonment punishment for posting disinformation on the internet. This is according to a new law currently under development by the ruling AK Party, which is expected to be presented to the parliament this October

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- 242 - Zimbabwe similar instruments. However, the Act does not make specific provision for the Reserve Bank to set up and supervise the current payment system. Commercial law, which has been influenced by both Roman-Dutch law and English law, is generally used to regulate payment systems in Zimbabwe. Banking payment services are governe Books. Search the world's most comprehensive index of full-text books In its version of the 2022 defense authorization bill, the Senate Armed Services Committee called for more cyber authorities and domestic production of critical materials. The committee's bill includes a $268.4 million increase to the $10 billion budget request to support the Defense Department's. The Law Reform Commission of Mauritius is an independent statutory body set-up by parliament, under Act No. 26 of 2005, to review in a systematic way the law of Mauritius, to make proposals for its reform and development, and to ensure the law is understandable and accessible. Should you consider any area of the law is in need of reform, please. The incident followed the media outlet's having run stories about COVID-19 and Bill 10. The authorities also tried to restrict online broadcasting. Having said publicly that it did not regulate broadcast content online, in July the IBA forced Spring TV to obtain an operating licence before broadcasting on the internet

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Towards a new era in EU-Zimbabwe relations. Harare, 22. Nov 2019, 08:45. This week saw the beginning of a crucial milestone in Zimbabwe's re-engagement with the world. After 17 years without official political dialogue, the Zimbabwean government in which I serve as minister of foreign affairs and international trade and the European Union will. For Zimbabwe ensuring that all women of reproductive age have access to quality family planning services by 2020 is a priority. While grappling with a persistent shortage of health providers, the Ministry of Health is intent on improving access and uptake of voluntary contraceptive services among adolescents and reducing their unmet need for modern methods of family planning from 12.6% to 8.5%. Zimbabwe is the third country in the world to introduce the typhoid conjugate vaccine into the routine immunisation programme showing Zimbabwe's leadership in immunisation in the Africa region and globally. In 2019 Pakistan introduced the vaccine into routine immunisation schedules and Liberia followed suit in April 2021 The Indian government is reportedly looking to form a new panel of experts to focus on ways to regulate the cryptocurrency industry in the country. There is a view within the government that.