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  2. Find and compare different types of glass on Matmatch and contact suppliers directly. Search Here for Suppliers, Material Properties, Equivalent Materials and Standards
  3. Star-shaped Hanging Stained Glass Suncatcher: DIY. Instead of fixing to a window, one can hang such suncatchers so that they add extra spark to your room décor. Use colorful papers for a scintillating effect
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  2. Give your kids to paint the designs as per their choice. Rubbing vegetable oil over the color would increase its transparency. Suncatchers for Windows. 5. DIY Colorful Suncatcher Craft. Suncatcher DIY. 6. DIY Glass Gem Suncatcher. Colorful glass gems held together with glue makes for an amazing suncatcher
  3. DIY Sea Glass Chime. Made with individually hung sea glass pieces and bead thread. This sea glass chime also requires drilling holes. Norwester Seaglass. Shop Seaglass Driftwood Suncatcher Kit. Shop Seaglass with Holes. Hang your sea glass chime or suncatcher in a sunny spot. to fully enjoy the play of light & colors
  4. Here is a beautiful plastic bead suncatcher in an embroidery hoop frame that is so easy to make. Translucent pony beads and glitter beads are used, and the base is a wood embroidery hoop. Feel free to choose the size of both the hoop and the beads. 2. Glass Gem Sun Catchers Kids Can Mak

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  1. utes {on 400 degrees} in your oven, depending on how it cooks. Ours took a little longer, so just keep an eye on it. You'll get a nice melted-plastic smell, so don't worry. Maybe just open the windows. Pull them out when most of the beads are sticking together
  2. Hot Air Balloon Suncatchers. The lead lines on these hot air balloons are made using black puffy paint. The balloons are burnt-out lightbulbs, and regular craft paint is used to color between the black lines. 6. Tempera and Glue Art. This tempera and glue suncatcher is an outstanding project for home or school
  3. Check out our diy glass suncatcher selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our suncatchers shops
  4. um pans! A fun project with beautiful results! DIY Faux Stained Glass with Tiles from Holly's Art Corner. Here we have another stained glass effect using small glass tiles and glue! Fun tutorial meant for the kids of all ages! Hot Air Balloon Suncatchers from Suzys Sitcom
  5. Is it as hard as it looks? Marianne tried her hand in making stained glass, and honestly, it was a journey. Check it out to see the final product. Not ready.

How to make a stained glass sun catcher. Today, I decided to experiment with glass paints on plastic discs. The technique is simple and the results are vibrant and colorful. The plastic discs come in any size that you would like. I used 3.5-inch diameter, but smaller or larger would work just fine. They are pre-punched and can be purchased online Break out that pumpkin spice cold brew and make this super fun stained glass DIY suncatcher craft. Hang it up on the fridge or the sliding glass door. Love it! Easter Tissue Paper Suncatcher Craft. Source: Made With Happy. Doing crafts around Easter is the best way to gather your family for some quality time together. This simple tutorial shows. Faux Stained Glass Suncatcher: DIY. Again in heart shape, but it is more fun when you do it with tiny tots. The size of your heart doesn't matter, but the warmth in it sure does! Faux Stained Glass Suncatchers. 12. Free Stained Glass Suncatcher Patterns. If you are already a pro at making such suncatchers, the

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  1. TBC The Best Crafts Glitter Window Art for Kids, DIY Stained Glass Effect Acrylic Suncatchers Arts & Crafts Kit, 12 Suncatchers, 8 Peelable Window Paints, Make Your Own Window Art Gallery. 4.7 out of 5 stars 669. $18.88 $ 18. 88. Get it as soon as Thu, Aug 5. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  2. Glass gems can be found at dollar stores, craft stores, thrift stores, or online. Clear glue is at most stores, and Amazon has a great deal on it as well. Glass Gem and Glue Suncatcher Directions: Start by arranging the gems on the clear plastic lid. This can be done in any pattern or form. Let the children create to their heart's content
  3. Craft Time ~ Glass Gem Suncatchers - Subscription Box Ramblings Disclosure: If you make a purchase through the links posted below, I may receive a small compensation. Read the full disclosure.I haven't done anything crafty in a while and I suppose it was time

DIY wire glass bead tree suncatcher (via suzyssitcom.com) Suncatcher crafts can be easily adapted for the younger kids - just make them of colored paper! These shamrock suncatchers attached to the window are a genius and very simple to realize idea, excite your kids with this idea! DIY paper sahmrock suncatcher (via www.iheartartsncrafts.com Glass Stained Suncatchers DIY by Pauline Molinari • August 19, 2014. Pin 21. Share 1. Tweet. Stumble +1. Shares 22. It may be back-to-school time, but the sun is still shining bright here in SoCal Butterfly Suncatchers. Let the light shine in through these lovely Butterfly Suncatchers. Paper crafts for kids like these wonderful decorative crafts make stunning classroom decorations and gifts for family members. Get the Tutorial. Stained Glass Paper Stars. Stained Glass Paper Stars are just as colorful as stained glass, but you can easily. Our DIY photo suncatchers are sure to brighten your day, especially when you print your own photos on Lazertran decal paper. The nice thing about this DIY is that we use Plexiglas and don't have to worry about it breaking if dropped. The thin, transparent acrylic allows photos to remain vibrant when held up to the light, and if you get tired. Article Summary X. To make a tissue paper suncatcher, start by cutting a bunch of 1-inch tissue paper squares in a variety of colors. Then, tape a piece of contact paper down on a flat surface sticky-side up, and arrange the tissue paper squares in a pattern on the paper so there are no gaps between them

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Sea Glass DIY Wind Chimes are gorgeous outdoor chimes that you can make to hang in the backyard or garden. Homemade beaded wind chimes, like this driftwood sea glass wind chime, also make a lovely handmade gift idea! You may also enjoy this beaded sea glass suncatcher craft tutorial Glass is always the best for DIY suncatchers! I find that glass prisms seem to reflect a more clear rainbow and seem to be brighter. There are plastic ones on the market, but I like glass or crystal the best. You could try a variety of sizes on this DIY rainbow suncatcher as I did This entry was posted in Arts & Crafts, DIY Crafts and tagged bead crafts, diy crafts, DIY suncatcher, home decor craft, mermaid tear craft, sea glass, summer craft, suncatcher, suncatcher crafts by Crafty Kate. Bookmark the permalink Mixing Suncatcher Paint. Set out a 3-ounce plastic cup, or other disposable container, for each color you want to make. Put about 1 tablespoon of liquid glue in each container. For each color, add one or two drops of food coloring to a container. Stir with a disposable coffee stirrer, toothpick or similar item until thoroughly mixed

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So, with that in mind, I put together a fun sun catcher project to go along with this sunny theme! You will be surprised at how simple this sun catcher project is! In fact, it is a great project for the kids on a warm sunny day. So let's make some sunny sun catchers to catch some of those rays Make Your Own Glass Sun Catchers . There is one thing in Arizona that there is not a shortage of: sunshine. And when it comes to sunshine, there is nothing more enjoyable than making a sun catcher. A DIY sun catcher will bring joy to your home and provide a colorful decoration for all to see. I find this a great project for summer

You can buy suncatcher patterns at your stained glass store, but you can also find them online. The following websites offer great patterns: 111 Stained Glass Panel and Suncatcher Patterns by Donna Roberts - This ebook in PDF format includes dozens of free patterns you can use to create that perfect suncatcher. Many patterns work for beginners How to make a stained glass sun catcher. Today, I decided to experiment with glass paints on plastic discs. The technique is simple and the results are vibrant and colorful. The plastic discs come in any size that you would like. I used 3.5-inch diameter, but smaller or larger would work just fine. They are pre-punched and can be purchased online Make a stained glass suncatcher. By Amie. 6/18/08 10:26 AM. WonderHowTo. A quick tutorial on making a stained glass suncatcher from scrap glass. This is a nifty summer home project for stained glass enthusiasts and beginners alike. Video Loading

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DIY Sun catcher/Wind chime. Earth Day Suncatcher Craft for kids! Faux Stained Glass Seahorse Suncatcher. Beautiful Suncatcher Mandalas Nature Craft and Symmetry Activity - Contact Paper Suncatcher in a Wood Frame. DIY Nature Suncatcher Craft for Kids. Petal Suncatcher Craft. Craft a Pretty Nature Collage Suncatcher for Toddler This rustic DIY Sea Glass Wind Chime Suncatcher is a unique outdoor decoration you can make to hang in the backyard or garden. Using glass beads and small cowbells makes this a simple beaded homemade. Follow the link for the tutorial here. Tutorial. 39 of 49. Wind Chime out of Vintage Silverware She had beautiful crystal sun catchers in almost every window. And since her living room faced east, each morning the sun would come bursting in filling the room with sparkles. It was beautiful! Since each person seems to have a connection with crystal sun catchers, it only seems fitting to figure out a way to DIY them for great gifts Suncatcher crafts like these gorgeous homemade sea glass suncatchers make wonderful gifts for Mother's Day, Christmas, a birthday, or your child's favorite teacher. Related: Hanging Heart Prism Suncatcher. Homemade Sea Glass Suncatcher Crafts. A DIY sea glass suncatcher is a fun and easy craft and gift idea that both kids or adults can make How to Make Easy DIY Suncatchers Supplies. Tablecloth or something to cover your workspace. Decoupage medium like Mod Podge- if you don't consider that a household supply, find a bottle of white glue and mix it really well with water in a ratio of 2 parts glue to 1 part water. Acrylic paint- 2-3 colors

This stained glass suncatcher will certainly give your outdoors some color and it's really easy to make. You just need pieces of glass - in whatever shape and size you want. Then you just add the stained glass effect. Or, just check out this transparent stained glass suncatcher that I found on Etsy. You can pick this one up for $20 DIY Plastic Suncatchers Create suncatchers from glass pebbles wrapped in clear cellophane to resemble candies. Tie the candies together a few inches apart by wrapping a thick strand of nylon monofilament around the twisted ends and securing with a knot. Experiment with colored glass pebbles and different colors of cellophane Also, the Dragonfly and Heart-Shaped DIY: Sun Catchers are great craft projects to make with children during rainy days when the weather is bad and the kids are stuck indoors. We love the way the Sun Catchers turned out they remind us of stained glass. And, they're durable, too! I dropped the sun catchers several times, and they didn't break DIY Faux Stained Glass Suncatcher. August 6, 2018 By Kelli Stradling 3 Comments. 345 shares. Share; Pin; Tweet; Hello, Resin Crafters! I think that stained glass suncatchers are so beautiful. Making your own real stained glass is very difficult though, and sometimes finding a suncatcher that matches your style or decor can be near impossible or.

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For kids who are interested in the cosmos, make these stained glass space suncatchers from plastic plates! I enjoyed experimenting with my stained glass paints, and I wanted to share the experience with my young artist.The only problem, the stained glass paints we had were oil-based, and so the activity could become messy very quickly Diy stained glass suncatcher. First of all, they really are easy and cheap to make. Once you have all of the colors finished and the stained glass filled in, allow the suncatcher to cure overnight. It's ideal for sidelights in entry halls, bathroom windows, and Hang with a suction cup in a bright window or on a sliding glass door. Here is a detail of the stained glass effect - Rainbow Butterfly . Here is a detail of the stained glass effect - Monarch Butterfly . I hope that you will be inspired to create Cricut Butterfly Sun Catchers with YOUR Cricut Explore Air 2. It's a quick and easy project. Make Cosmic Suncatchers from glue and food coloring! This DIY Suncatcher is an easy kids craft. This project was the result of just messing around at the craft table one dayI was fooling around with the idea of swirling glue and color when my experiments caught my daughter's eye and she asked to make one

How to make DIY suncatchers. STEP ONE - Take the kids on a walk around the garden collecting leaves, flowers and other items they want to use in their paper plate suncatcher. STEP TWO - Using scissors, carefully cut the centre out of your paper plate, leaving only a border. You can use plastic disposable plates instead, although may need a craft knife to cut out your circle Take a small bead and pass the beading needle trough. Bring the beading needle back around and pass it through the bead again. Secure it with a knot and cut the string. Continue making strings of beads and securing them to the piece of wood one string at a time. Now, hang your beaded suncatcher mobile in a window that gets plenty of sunlight.

Beautiful sun catchers have been my thing this year! Happily, I'm going to show you how to make a flat marble framed sun catcher. I've used all kinds of glinty objects in several different ways to make sun catchers. Sunny days around here sparkle! My latest creations are made with flat marbles glued in a frame and are very versatile Stained glass suncatchers are a colorful way to brighten your day. Believe it or not, they are also super easy and safe to make with your kids too. Need a family-friendly summer activity that doesn't involve the TV? Follow this handy DIY guide from The Pretty Life Girls to add a splash of color to your home! Materials: Embroidery Hoops in. DIY Glass Garden Flowers. Polly Wilson Updated: Apr. 24, 2020. Learn how to make glass garden flowers from old plates, bowls, candleholders, and more. Recycle mismatched plates, bowls or candleholders into beautiful glass garden flowers. These show-stopper garden decorations are sure to be one-of-a-kind and won't require any watering 4 Transparent Paint Colors For Stained Glass Suncatcher DIY Art and Craft Kit. US $0.30-$0.80/ Set. 5000 Sets (Min. Order) 5 YRS Shanghai Zhenyuan Art Supplies Co., Ltd. 83.9%. 4.9 ( 18) Excellent customer service Arrived on time. Contact Supplier. Compare

5. Stained Glass Wreath Festive Craft. If you've seen our paper plate crafts you might have seen this idea coming! Paper plates are a great base for stained glass suncatchers. MATERIALS: Paper plate; Red paint (or colour of your choice) Some embellishments for around the edges of the wreath (we used these glitter bow stickers from Baker Ross Disclosure: If you make a purchase through the links posted below, I may receive a small compensation. Read the full disclosure.I haven't done anything crafty in a while and I suppose it was time. My mom found this idea for a Glass Gem Suncatcher on Pinterest and thought we should do it. Here's what we [ This sun catchers craft is a must try These are beautiful to hang on windows, sliding glass doors, and anywhere else that you get light through them to really point out the beauty of these DIY suncatchers. These beautiful flower suncatchers will brighten up any window. Each one is different and fun to make How to Make Suncatchers with Black Glue. Besides the black glue, you will need some piece of clear plastic - use an empty plastic container from the store (the kind they sell fruits and pastries in ), a plastic folder with clear sheets or an empty laminating pouch that has been run through a laminator. You will also need a design - you can.

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I knew that my boys would love to make their own stained glass suncatchers, but they're still not quite old enough to master the technique and gentle touch necessary to make the suncatcher base out of string. I came up with a plan to create stained glass snowflakes using thick chipboard as the frame - much easier for younger kids Cross Suncatcher Wind Chimes, Cross Suncatcher with Stand, He Lives and Jesus Saves Suncatchers are wonderful arts and crafts for Sunday School, VBS and church carnivals. DIY stained glass craft pays homage to beautiful windows in churches worldwide Crafters of all ages will enjoy learning how to make beautiful Rainbow Heart Suncatchers with tissue paper and glue. Reminiscent of stained glass, this easy Valentine's Day craft for kids is perfect for home or school. Read on for the full step-by-step tutorial and to download our free heart template Suncatcher 80MM AB Christmas Glass Decoration Faceted Maple Crystal Car Hanging. $11.97. Free shipping. or Best Offer. Only 2 left. Stained Glass Birds on a Wire Window Panel Hanging Sun Catcher Hardware Ornament. $7.50 to $10.15. Was: $10.68. Free shipping

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Chrysalis Fairy Butterfly AMIA Stained Glass Suncatcher 5.5 X 7 Oval 42668 $25.99 New Hard to Find MCM Hanging Mobile Sculpture Art Kit Made in USA Abstract DIY RAR Glass painting is a lot of fun. You can paint so many different things using glass paints. Since, glass paints are not only used for making decorative wall arts and frames. You can use them to make calendars, vases, lamps, trays and more. Glass painting ( and stain glass) is also great for revamping old and simple items

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Jul 27, 2021 - Explore Adele Sage's board Crystal suncatchers diy on Pinterest. See more ideas about crystal suncatchers, suncatchers, wire crafts DIY Art Activity: Stained Glass Hanging Stars Glue, coffee stirrers, tissue paper and your child's creativity are all that's needed for this beautiful arts & crafts project. By Meghan Burch. Nov 23, 2016. Ages. 5-13. Share this article Send. To. From. Subject. Message Nov 23, 2016.

Since it's like a suncatcher, faux stained glass paint looks best when the sunlight can streak through it majestically. Find a prominent spot to hang your DIY faux stained glass window, so it has pride of place in your home. Maybe the neighbors will start talking, and your artwork will end up a tourist attraction Free 2-day Shipping On Millions of Items. No Membership Fee. Shop Now

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Begin to Make Glass Bead Sun Catchers. First thing I do is gather all my supplies and start planning how to construct this beauty. Cut the number of dangles you want, I have six, from heavy fishing line. Mine is 20 lb test. The dangles will be about 24″ when complete. Add several inches extra of line for the knots These DIY Sun Catchers are a fun weekend craft for both adults and older kids. It's a beautiful way to capture your child's artwork through the sunlight of your windows. The Gallery Glass Everyday Sun Catcher Kit comes with 30 unique designs like an adorable unicorn, pineapple, or cactus, but I thought it'd be fun to use Mia's (8 years. Glass Gem Sun Catcher. August 25, 2014 [infobox] [supply]Glass gems[/supply] [supply]Plastic yogurt container lid[/supply] [supply]Clear Elmer's glue String or thread[/supply] [supply]Suction cup window hooks[/supply] [/infobox] Categories DIY & Crafts Tags catcher, gem, glass, sun Post navigation. 21 Cooking Hacks That Will Help Kitchen.

STEPS TO MAKE GLASS GEM SUNCATCHER: First, you squeeze a ton of glue into the lid. Make sure it coats the entire bottom nicely. Then you arrange the gems. I arranged mine in a pattern. Now, wait 2-3 days for it to totally dry. Then peel off the lid and flip it to the other side and let the glue dry for some time The crafting experts at HGTV.com teach you how to fake the look of stained glass with an easy and inexpensive geo suncatcher. Trending HGTV Ultimate House Hunt. Battle on the Beach. Top Kitchen Paint Colors Upgrade an old canvas painting into a modern work of art with a simple DIY frame DIY Epoxy Resin Hanging Sun Catcher: This project was inspired by a pin I (Vicki) saw on Pinterest. It was a sun catcher made from glass. I wanted to recreate it, but not in glass. We decided we could use the Cricut Maker to cut shapes and use epoxy to create faux stained glass

I love a good suncatcher craft over here at Babble Dabble Do, and this crystallized one we just tackled was actually a happy accident. Crystal Suncatchers are a fun science experiment for kids that are an offshoot of our popular crystal growing project: Overnight Crystal Gardens. Consider this project the sequel; it can either be done on its own or as a supplement to the crystal gardens It was a DIY beaded sun catcher {made with beads and a disposable pie pan.} It was such a cute, easy craft. He said, Mom, you should show this on your blog! I agreed, except I added a little twist to mine. I decided to make a mobile for the fourth of July. Here is how simple it is First, line some metal pans with a single layer of beads Cover your CD with tape. Step #2: Peel of the top of CD. Next Prev. Peel off the tape. This can be kinda fun! One time I got it all to come off in one piece! If you are left with little pieces still on the CD, just cover with a small piece of tape and pull off. Step #3: Determine your pattern I started researching and experimenting with a few different things to make my own suncatcher paint rather than buying it. I am excited to share this super easy DIY tutorial so you can make your own suncatcher paint for your next indoor party! EASY - Glue, food coloring and that is it Step 1: Start the outline of your tissue paper stained glass rainbow. Tear out the desired size of wax paper for your rainbow suncatcher, ours was about a 12×12-inch square. To make the rainbow shape, draw 6 curved lines with your glue. The largest should be on the top, gradually getting smaller as you go down

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SUNCATCHERS. ACCENT LAMPS IN STAINED GLASS. Stained Glass Floral Orchid Glass Sun Catcher $49.95 $38.95. Stained Glass Floral Water Lily Sun Catcher $74.95 $47.95. Stained Glass Sunflower Suncatcher $62.95 $56.95. White Pelican Stained Glass Sun Catcher - 10 x 12 $62.95 $55.95. Pink Flamingo Stained Glass Sun Catcher 10 x 12 $62.95 $56.95 Once the paint is dry, cut out the center carefully without cutting the sides. start by making a hole in the center, then pierce a scissor and start cutting carefully. Place the paper plate on top of the contact paper. trace the inner circle and cut a circle that's 1 inch larger in radius than the inner circle. Cut out the contact paper DIY sun catchers are fun to design and easy to make. These stained glass paper leaves are a very pretty way to decorate windows for fall. My kids really enjoyed making their own stained glass paper leaves DIY Nature Suncatcher Craft for Kids. This activity was inspired by our DIY Nature Slides for the light table. It uses simple materials and not only teaches kids about the environment in their area but it's also a fun activity to work on fine motor skills

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Make some colorful window decor with your kids. These gorgeous suncatcher crafts will look lovely hanging on your windows and sliding glass doors. And the great thing about suncatchers, if you're new to them, is that once you learn the technique (with tissue paper, crayons and other materials), you can easily adjust the signs for each season 11 Gorgeous Suncatchers to Brighten Your Windows. Grab as much of that spring time sun as you can and use it to light up your home! Craft a stained glass look with tissue paper. Cut an intricate design from cardstock & fill in the spaces with bits of tissue paper. Get tutorial here How to Make DIY Glass Flowers. If you do not have the patience to grow real flowers, or if you do love to garden and add art pieces as accents to your garden, you are going to love these glass flowers, made from recycled materials. They are the perfect upcycle project for the summer time, and make beautiful gifts for others too.. Here are a few DIY stained glass plans you can implement if you want to make your own stained glass feature. Contents [ show] 12 DIY Stained Glass Window Plans. 1. Basic Design. 2. Make a Door. 3. Blue Suncatcher DIY Suncatcher - Make Bead Suncatcher. Summary: This bead suncatcher is so easy to make and looks really pretty and cheerful hanging against the window. When you are sitting beside the window to enjoy the sun, it is a beautiful scenery to you by catching the sun light into colorful and sparkly light

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DIY Of The Week: Glass Sun Catchers. Posted on July 7, 2020 by swagbucks. Source. Keep the tops of your plastic containers for this fun project from favecrafts.com. Supplies: Glass Cabochons Elmers Clear School Glue Recycled Plastic lids (butter and yogurt containers will work) Fishing line These raindrop suncatchers look like wind chimes made of colored glass. Your preschoolers will love hanging and observing these in the windows. BIO: Clarissa is a former elementary teacher and writer of the blog Munchkins and Moms. She loves to share creative preschool activities that are both playful and educational Hamsas, Ornaments, Suncatchers, Symbols. Stained Glass Hamsa Suncatcher - Black (black) $ 25.00. This handmade stained glass hamsa suncatcher brings a splash of color and beauty to any space. The Hamsa symbolizes the Hand of God, and is considered a universal sign of protection, power, and strength. 1 in stock Mosaic Glass Suncatchers I love mosaic and have produced quite a few over of the years. We have some large panels attached to the back of our house and the children love looking at them when we have our afternoon tea prior to class. There have been quite a few requests to make one. Mosaic does take time though and my aim this term was to. This Fused Glass Sun Catcher DIY Mosaic Kit Comes With: Glass Base, Pre Cut Glass Pieces, Glue, Return Label. Video Instructions . Everything you need to make your own fused glass Passover Plate. A wonderful & fun gift! Get creative and try your hand at a new craft. No experience is needed, just a little imagination! The instructions are simple.

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Glass Bead Crafts Glass Beads Fused Glass Stained Glass Glass Art Beaded Crafts Wire Crafts Copper Crafts Diy Wind Chimes Driftwood and Glass Beaded Suncatcher | Etsy Copper colored wire compliments green glass beads with a touch of pink in this one of a kind suncatcher Now for the project itself, start off by taking the picture frame apart and place the hanging tab on the back of the glass. You can even use some hot glue if needed and once the glass is firmly back in the frame, it is time to bring out the flood of color. Use the neon food coloring and the glitter glue and let the kids go crazy with the pattern Fold the butterfly shape in half and cut about half an inch to an inch from the outside following the outline of the shape. This will create the stained glass frame. Cut a piece of contact paper slightly larger than the butterfly. Peel the backing off and stick the stained glass frame to the sticky side. Cut a variety of colors of tissue paper. Craft Project: DIY Faux Stained Glass Frames Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time knows we LOVE sun catchers or anything pretty and sparkly in a window. :-) A year and a half ago, we worked on a faux stained glass project with black glue and permanent markers. The girls' projects have been hanging in my kitchen window over.

40 DIY Wind Chime Designs to Try in 2017Give Your Octopus a Paintbrush (or 8): Pony Bead "GlassStained Glass Nautical Window Tropical Sea Starfish

Capture a little bit of that energy and joy in a DIY that mimics a stained glass suncatcher. Anyone who spies it hanging in your window will know that a creative Star Wars fan lives inside. With some patience and a steady hand, you'll turn colorful tissue paper and our X-wing helmet template into a sunny homage to your favorite pilot A wonderful DIY suncatcher kit which contains everything you need to design and make your own colourful Sun catcher. It contains real specialist art glass, no plastic or imitation glass here! Are you a crafter who wants to try something different? This is the kit for you Stained Glass Suncatcher. Discover the art of stained glass and create a colorful suncatcher! YouTube. Doodle Crate. 14.2K subscribers. Subscribe. Make a Stained Glass Suncatcher - Doodle Crate Project Instructions. Watch later. Copy link