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  1. Regency bonnets featured millinery flowers, dramatic feathers, and even faux fruit. I found a box of very vintage floral trim at an antiques shop. For $1 I got two complete sprays plus additional bits and pieces. I removed, ironed, and replaced the rumpled ribbons, repaired or removed damaged parts, and added a few purple and mauve flowers to.
  2. What I needed were the stays and a petticoat. Furthermore, I needed a bonnet to top up my outfit. Empire underthings: the stays. I bought the Regency underthings pdf pattern by Sense & Sensibility patterns. It has a pattern for a chemise, stays and two chemisettes. They come in sizes 6 to 26D. All the cup sizes from A to D are included
  3. Regency Drawn Bonnet... Pattern and Tutorial #3. At this point in your project you should have... all pieces cut the tip sewn to it's lining and gaged to 14 7/8 Crown/Brim hemmed and all 13 cording channels done The Crown/Brim pattern is marked with a broken line along it's center. The center front, and center back are marked with an X
  4. I decided to make myself a Regency bonnet to match my gown for the Emerald Parlor's Regency picnic in September. I discovered that there were many good tutorials on-line, but many of them were either missing valuable instructional points, or the bonnets weren't quite what I was wanting (as far as style or shape), so I decided to create my own tutorial

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  1. Regency bonnets featured all sorts of trim, lace and ribbon. I found a spool of periwinkle double-faced satin ribbon at Michaels for around $3 (use your coupon). Place the various trims in any manner you find pleasing. Altogether the cost of the bonnet was $5.50
  2. 1810 Bonnets from Costumes Parisiens simply trimmed with ribbon and a few feathers or ribbon bows. You'll find many existing Regency bonnets with little trim. Hardly decked out at all! Only a simple ribbon, a swath of fabric, or a gimp braid is all you need. This tends to be in the first half of the Regency up to around 1810 or so
  3. Regency Bonnet Pattern - Julia. Julia, a puffed crown flared brim bonnet, appeared in the fashion plates between 1800-1810. The Julia features a buckram brim and a gathered or pleated crown. The crown is finished off at the neck by a neat bias binding. The brim is available 4 levels of depth and flare
  4. Mariah recreates a very popular style of close bonnet during the early Regency era. Made of lightweight, even sheer, fabrics, it featured beautiful embroidery, lacework, and other fabric manipulation techniques. The Mariah peaked in the fashion plates in 1806
  5. Making a Regency Poke Bonnet. February 24, 2020 Jennifer Serr. In December I found out about a KQED movie premier of the BBC production of Sanditon, the previously unfinished book by Jane Austen. The event was posted on the Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild Facebook Discussion group and when I heard about it, I was thrilled

There's something about a Regency bonnet that is just so cute! But making something so 3D and involving such unusual materials as straw and buckram can be really daunting. But working with straw is actually a lot easier than you think and making a bonnet pattern is quite simple. Regency Bonnet Video This bonnet is starting to slip backward, poke-bonnet fashion. Still, it's marked as a Regency bonnet by its fairly large, cylindrical crown; later headwear had crowns that were more like cones with the point chopped off. The plaid fabric plastered to the back is an odd trim, carried on by plaid ties in front The pattern that I used was Timely Tresses's Regency Bonnet Pattern called The Lucia. In this pattern, I had a choice of using a gathered crown or a puffed crown (with the rows of gathered lines). I went with the puffed crown since that was the effect that was in the original bonnet

Find a pattern for your next Regency dress! Or perhaps for a coat, a spencer jacket or the proper underthings. Julia Bonnet Pattern. Price $14.95. Cordelia Bonnet Pattern. Price $14.95. Patterns . All returns should be made within 60 days and items must be in new condition: unworn (except for trying on), without stains, scents or visible. Regency Stovepipe Bonnet. My first Regency Stovepipe Bonnet, made from scratch (no patterns), based off a few fashion plates. See below for more photos. Patterns Used: - None. - See the Gainsborough Hat page for photos showing progress I did not show for this bonnet. Inspired By a Few Bonnets and Hats

Sewing a Regency Gown and Bonnet. March 30, 2020 Jennifer Serr. I hope this blog post entertains you and helps you think of pretty, if not somewhat silly things. We all need a little bit more of that right now. My last post was about constructing a Poke Bonnet for a Regency Costume I had purchased. This is the sister post to that one, as the. This page has 7 Regency French Bonnets / Jockey Cap patterns. The patterns are 10 USD each for one, if your order up to 4 different ones at the same time they are a dollar less for each pattern, ie. 9 ea. for 2, 8 ea. for 3 and 7 ea. for 4 . Make sure you use the pull down menu for the right price Sewing Pattern - Regency Period Hat or Bonnet Pattern - 3 styles. MC54 - Regency Hat and Bonnet Pattern (Sewing Pattern). This pattern was designed for creating a hat with a buckram base. it also includes instructions for a fur edge on the bonnet. View A is a Cantab Hat, View B has a smaller brim and View C has the larger brim for a total of 3.

This PDF tutorial will help you to make your own Regency era poke bonnet. Although it was designed with the English Regency in mind, these bonnets would also make lovely accompaniments for early Victorian or American Civil War costumes. NOTE: This listing is not for a finished bonnet. It is for a pattern and tutorial to make your own bonnet Julia, a puffed crown flared brim bonnet, appeared in the fashion plates between 1800-1810. The Julia features a buckram brim and a gathered or pleated crown. The crown is finished off at the neck by a neat bias binding. The brim is available 4 levels of depth and flare 19th Century Regency Bonnet 19th Century Regency bonnet Simple decoration with a ribbon for everyday wear or more elaborate decoration for dressier occasion WN 708 $10.00 Late 18th Century Hat Buckram and wire are used to make this perky decorated hat WN 714 $10.00 1825 Turban WN 716 $10.00 1795-1825 Pouf Hat WN 720 $10.00 1830-40's Bonnet

The Regency Era 1795-1819; The Romantic Era 1820-1837; Early Victorian Era 1838-1853; Era of the Hoop 1854-1865; Bonnets Patterns and Kits; Forms; Completed Bonnets; Untrimmed Bonnets; Sun Bonnets and Hoods; Books Frippery Ribbons. Velvet Ribbons; Flowers and Leaves; Feathers; Other Items Caps and Veils; Hair Ribbons and Nets; Hair Dressing and. Regency bonnet progress [20130924] Binding on and crown sewn to brim as well as ribbons. Next step may be gluing brim to crown because I don't trust the stitching not to pop. Still bonnet work [20130922] Instead of finishing the bonnet today, I did a lot of seam ripping and redo-ing. Redid the inside lining that I messed up by trying to glue. This is a pattern for hat # 4 from the multiple hat pattern above but it has easier to follow and expanded instructions. Also, there is a downloadable version of the pattern here. French Bonnet / Jocky Cap #4. single $10.00 USD 3+ to the same address $8.00 USD A quick tutorial on how to make a simple Regency poke bonnet with a glue gun and some inexpensive craft items. Please try to ignore that I sound like I have..

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The pattern features 3 brims with a gathered or puffed crown, and an optional bavolet. The Lucia pattern also features a 12 page illustrated instruction booklet and 3 brim lines and 2 crowns for creating a 1805-1815 Regency era bonnet Regency Drawn Bonnet... Pattern and Tutorial #3. At this point in your project you should have... all pieces cut. the tip sewn to it's lining and gaged to 14 7/8. Crown/Brim hemmed and all 13 cording channels done. The Crown/Brim pattern is marked with a broken line along it's center. The center front, and center back are marked with an X The pattern that I used was Timely Tresses's Regency Bonnet Pattern called The Lucia. In this pattern, I had a choice of using a gathered crown or a puffed crown (with the rows of gathered lines). I went with the puffed crown since that was the effect that was in the original bonnet

Made-to-Order Headwear. Austentation offers extremely reasonably priced Regency hats and bonnets. Be sure to visit the Portfolio page, which has several examples that look very correct to me, particularly the Longbourne (at left), the Georgiana Darcy (when worn with scarf, as at right), and the Elinor. Also charming, on the Hats & Bonnets page, is the Eliza Regency 1795-1820: Burnley & Trowbridge. Laughing Moon Mercantile Lynn McMasters - Hat patterns. Kannik's Korner. Mantua Maker Historical Sewing Patterns. Past Patterns. Sense & Sensibility. Smoke & Fire. Tailor's Guide - As of Sept 2018 their main webpage is gone. Timely Tresses - Bonnet patterns. Wingeo - site no longer workin Kannik's Korner Woman's Caps and Bonnets for Fashionable and Working Women c. 1790 - 1820. Altogether this pattern provides 16 bonnet variations and two day cap patterns on full size tissue paper. The caps are based on originals whereas the bonnets are inspired by originals and numerous contemporary illustrations

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My Regency Stovepipe Bonnet Pattern for Download Well, I think I'm going to stop selling my bonnet pattern as a physical papery thing, and have decided to merge it and the instructions into one easy .pdf file that can be sent to your local FedEx Kinkos or CopyMax (or wherever you can find a large-format printer) to print it for you A Regency Bonnet: Pattern Review (Julia) Work Basket in Silk and Berlin-work; Regency Chemise; Links for Original Bonnet Patterns; Tatting for an 1850s/60s Chemise; Girdle Pocket #1; First!!!1! Topics Bonnets Children & Doll Styles Reticules Accessories & Jewelry Christmas & Ornaments Gifts & Stationery Special Orders Weddings: Click on a picture for full item description or to add this item to your shopping basket. Plain Bonnets. Plain Eliza $36.00: Plain Mary $32.00: Plain Lucy $36.00: Plain Molly $36.00: Plain Elinor $25.00: Belle $36.00 Pattern from Out of a Portrait for making Regency Bonnets. It includes several brim shape options along with instructions for a double brim and a softer flipped back brim and adding a fur edge. All sizes included

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  1. 1810's Regency Redingote and Bonett Multi-sized Pattern for Regular and Slim 18 Dolls. |. $9.99. Regency lasted only between 1811 - 1820 and it was a period when King George III was deemed unfit to rule and his son ruled as Prince Regent. The Regency is noted for its elegance and achievements in the fine arts, architecture and fashion which.
  2. My biggest problem was the method of closure. Often regency dresses had drawstrings in back to gather up the neckline and waistline. This pattern used drawstrings but it just wasn't working. The neckline pulled at weird angles, the drawstring binding crumpled up into a big pokey mess and it was difficult to put the dress on by myself
  3. The Regency Lady's Turban. Turbans are wonderful things. They are good for day wear and evening wear, they allow for a variety of hairstyles, and your options for decoration and embellishment are endless. Turbans are the salvation for short-haired ladies, who need only style and curl the hair around their face (comb forward like a man's hair.

A Regency Bonnet: Pattern Review (Julia) While waiting on my corset reference books (which delays both it and the gown), I decided to get to work on some headgear. I bought the Julia pattern from Timely Tresses a couple years back in order to surprise my dear sister Red, with an appropriately red regency bonnet While our beautiful bonnets are new, we are proud to use upcycled and repurposed materials for our costumes whenever possible. Many of our gowns have been rented and some have even graced the stage. We love the idea of sharing and wearing Regency gowns just like Jane Austen when she borrowed gowns from her sister Cassandra's closet. Category Welcome to Sense & Sensibility! S&S provides a full range of historical patterns for ladies from 1 to 101, covering Georgian, Regency, Romantic, Edwardian, Titanic/Teens, 1940s and 1950s styles. I also have lots of sewing tips and tutorials here to help you customize your patterns and get the perfect fit every time A new Regency Bonnet Pattern. is now for sale. It includes several brim shape options along with instructions for a double brim (below) and a softer flipped back brim (right) and adding a fur edge. For more pictures of this bonnet click here. I also have posted all the pictures from two photo shoots at the Egyptian Museum (1) (2)

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  1. Poke bonnet pattern. 200g paper yarn ( I used the 0.8 variety, using different thickness means that you need more/less of the yarn) Size 5 (metric sizes) crochet hook (the hook can be quite large, otherwise crocheting this stiff material is rather difficult and the result will look uneven) Thin wire for the brim (without wire support the brim.
  2. Dec 27, 2013 - Buy Regency Period Hat or Bonnet Pattern: Sewing Patterns & Templates - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase
  3. Hungarican Chick is obsessed with the Regency period, Jane Austen, crafts, English sidesaddle and riding, making period costumes, writing, drawing 'potteresque' animals in bonnets, and gardening. She lives near Mount Hood in Oregon. She is a published author, a book reviewer and even dabbles in small-press publishing
  4. A Regency / 18th Century chemise and 18th Century petticoat. My stays were made by the very talented Anthony Canney / House of Canney. A music dress from Simplicity 1427, View 2 from 1955. This year's robe from Simplicity 8510 from 1969. A science housedress from a 1960s nightgown pattern — I don't have the pattern number handy
  5. The hat worn by Emma was quite high however I preferred a slightly lower crown so I used 'Ophelia' a pattern with instructions to create a regency/federal era poke bonnet from 1810 - 1820. I bought it from Jane Austen.co.uk and would definitely recommend it if you fancy making it yourself
  6. Regency Era Soft Crown Hat/Bonnet for Jockey Style Caps and French Bonnets. This pattern was just revamped to be a mix and match pattern. It has 5 different shapes of brims and 8 different crowns so, that you can create a cap or bonnet that is simple or complex

I am slowly putting together a Regency wardrobe for the 200th Anniversary of Waterloo, and I've always wanted to make myself clothing from this era. This weekend I started on a Lynn McMasters Regency Bonnet Pattern. I can't say I am much of a fan of her patterns and in the future will probably just draft my own Summer bonnet sewing pattern for sizes 0 months through 24 months. Source: Purl Soho. Newborn baby bonnet pattern with flat back and lace trim. Source: Sewing. Cat & Rabbit kids bonnet patterns (not for babies, fits ages 2 - 7). Source: Made By Toya. This list of adorable and free baby bonnet sewing patterns sure made me want to sew for a.

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The 2010 Regency Bonnet Workshop. The ORS bonnet workshops are a popular and fun event. It's a casual, busy-hands event where many of us sit around for six hours just stitching, prattling away, laughing and drinking tea. Most people (those who work while talking, as opposed to talk while occasionally stitching) leave the workshop with a near. I started this 1830s bonnet after finishing my 1830s dress, which I took pictures of with my Regency bonnet. The styles are similar enough to work, but hats did grow a bit more in the 1830s to match the wider skirts and bigger sleeves. For my bonnet, I wanted something that'd work with both my green and my gold dress, and I settled on a white. This pattern has 8 variations of the late 18th / early 19th C. jockey style bonnets. A perfect match for all those lovely day dresses in our Regency department All of our bonnets come with interchangeable ribbons! Autumn Regency Recipes Browse our Regency Resources pages to find inspiration for your next Jane Austen event! Looking for a Regency pattern? Find patterns for ladies of all ages in our Shop! don't forget we have. free shipping. on everything! Visi

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Regency poke bonnet by Noora Karjalainen. Published in. The Shadow of My Hand blog. Craft. Crochet Category. Hat → Bonnet. Published. September 2013 Suggested yarn About this pattern Regency poke bonnet. by Noora Karjalainen. 4 projects, in 46 queues overall rating of 4.7 from 3 votes I used a frankensteined amalgamation of the two Regency era dresses in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion; it's the gathered bodice and skirt of the V&A dress and the back and sleeves of the Salisbury Museum dress, combined with the drawstring neckline and closure that was demonstrated on Sense and Sensibility's pattern site.Unfortunately, some aspects got lost in the frankensteining process. This is a fast and easy way to make a decently regency looking bonnet, a la Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. So, I was told that the WHOLE ENTIRE POINT of Haley's dress was THE bonnet. Not just any old bonnet, but THE absolute-perfect-must-have bonnet Regency Bonnet (L54) This pattern includes several brim shape options along with instructions for a double brim (below) and a softer flipped back brim (right) and adding a fur edge for winter styles. You will love this fabulous new shape! Related Products Jul 12, 2013 - Follow the Merry Dressmaker's sewing endeavors, historical treasure hunts, and musings about design, fashion, and garment construction

Oct 3, 2019 - Making a Regency Bonnet - Better Dresses Vintage. Oct 3, 2019 - Making a Regency Bonnet - Better Dresses Vintage. Oct 3, 2019 - Making a Regency Bonnet - Better Dresses Vintage. Pinterest. Today. Explore. Hat Pattern. Double Cape and Bonnet 18 Doll Clothes Pattern $6.99 + Quick View Double Cape and Bonnet 18 Doll Clothes Pattern. $6.99 This Regency inspired pattern from Keepers Dolly Duds makes a fully lined collared cape with an optional... View full product details →. Regency-1820's Hats & Bonnets 1830's- Hats & Bonnets 1840's- Bonnets 1850's-1860's Basic Bonnets 1850's-1860's- Hats & Bonnets 1850's-1860's-Straw Bonnets I design and construct my patterns and blocks based on original items, photos and illustrations. On occasion, I will make use of original patterns published during the 19th and early 20th. Regency Era Ladies Headwear - May 1812 La Belle Assemblee Head-dresses Fig 1 - Imperial bonnet of Maria Louisa blue, ornamented with straw-color French trimming; three bows of ribband, the same colour as the bonnet, in front of the crown, which is high and spiral, the bows edged with the straw-coloured trimming; the bonnet lined with white, and turned up in front Size 10 - VINTAGE Emma Pride & Prejudice Regency Cosplay Costume Condition. $74.99. Was: $149.99. $16.65 shipping

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Jun 6, 2012 - Ideas for trimming a plain straw bonnet Jun 18, 2019 - free pattern for poke bonnet - Google Search. Jun 18, 2019 - free pattern for poke bonnet - Google Search. Jun 18, 2019 - free pattern for poke bonnet - Google Search. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or. Making a bonnet pattern can seem daunting, but it's actually fairly simple. There are many ways it can be done. For this guide I used sticky tape, scissors and A3 cartridge paper. My daughter needed a Regency bonnet. I found this simple design on google. I will link to the original source when I have a little more time

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The pattern was of a late Regency bonnet, circa 1817, and was provided as part of the workshop. The basic materials (buckram, wire, and pellon) were also provided. We were set to work handsewing the strips of metal wire to the edges of the buckram. In millinery, the buckram is cut to the desired shape and the wire is used to hold the buckram in. A Regency Stovepipe Bonnet Pattern. I'm a bonnet fiend. It started with my first bumbling attempt at a bonnet (pictured below) This evolved into my first try at a stovepipe.... pictured below:and now I sell them on etsy. Finally, after being encouraged by Hats by Leko to make a pattern so she can make buckram frames, I have drafted my.

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Catherine is the first of several Regency era hats and bonnet styles to be offered. Based on a bonnet featured in ITV's 2007 production of Northanger Abbey, Catherine is constructed of blocked, wired and sized woven straw with a ruching of ivory silk ribbon on the inside brim Okay, so I already made one Regency bonnet out of a standard straw hat.That was easy. But for my second bonnet i wanted to be more of a purist and go with all straw, rather than a fabric crown. And I wanted it to be visually different from the first bonnet, with a more open, delicate look that would go with the light, airy cotton dress I would be wearing it with

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JaneAusten.co.uk has an entire post on triming your bonnet, including simples bows and flower springs. from janesuten.co.uk. The Accessory: 1812 Regency Bonnet from Lynn McMaster's Pattern. Historical Period: 1812/Regency. Outfit It Accessorizes: To-be-finished Regency attire for GBACG's Tall Ship Adventure. Materials Used: buckram, silk, glue Regency Bonnet - Repurposing a Vintage Pillbox Hat I didn't have a pattern piece for doing this, so I sort of dug up my old geometry skills and just made it happen by doubling the inner circumference, then drawing out the brim with the same width, plus an inch I have written in the past about how to make a wrapped turban, but I thought I'd also share my own technique for making one of the Regency hats that has the look of a draped turban, but is actually a fixed cap.There are oodles of fashion plates showing turbans and brimless cloth caps during the Regency period, and the huge variety of styles and shapes made me realize that it's hard to go wrong. Can't have a Regency gown without a bonnet. I strongly identify with Mary in this picture. I'm really pleased with how the dress turned out, though next time I probably would just use a commercial pattern to make it easy on myself, and not, you know, finding a surprise train in the skirt The bonnet I'm quite proud of. It's the Lucia pattern and kit from Timely Tresses. I chose this jockey style because I'd never made a hat before and wanted to start simple. The big gold feather came from them, too. The ribbon is just some satin poly. I bought it and the fancy velvet trim at Joann

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November 14, 2020 was also the day the Regency Society of Virginia had organized a Zoom get-together including inviting Charles Burns, The Silhouettist from the UK. I reserved my place as a birthday gift to myself and had made the Regency Overdress which I detailed in this blog post and the first of a two-part video The finished bonnet: Complete outfit. The facts: What: a 1805s riding bonnet. Pattern: None,just a re-shaped and cut hat. Fabric & notions: 1 black wool hat, thread, scraps of red wool and black cotton, 20 cm millinery wire, 1 hook & eye and one gold button. Time & cost: Not including the time it took to dry, I'd say about 3-4 hours. The only. The Bonnet. Perhaps my favorite part of the whole outfit was the ruched brown bonnet. For this Spencer jacket I used a couple of pattern pieces from the Regency jacket pattern at www.sensibility.com, and a lot of pieces that I drafted from scratch

Steph, I'd been thinking about doing a Regency bonnet workshop for my costume guild. We teach each other to save money, and this being a quick one will appeal to a lot of our sewing challenge peeps. It's nice to see it's working with a glue gun. I always thought that was one of the best inventions they came up with in a long time Making my own Regency dance slippers and boots. I am running a demonstration class on how to create your own Regency dance slippers at this year's (2014) Jane Austen Festival Australia. Dance shoes of the period. as can be seen below, were often soft silk slippers, tied on simply with ribbons. They would have shoe roses attached with pins and. Blue Regency Day Dress, Part I: The Idea and the Pattern; Regency Bonnet; Blogroll. 36 Eggs; Atelier Nostalgia; My Etsy Store for Mini Top Hats; Plaid Petticoats; Sprinkle Bakes; The Dreamstress; The Katniss dress; The Modern Mantua Maker; The Quintessential Clothes Pe DIY Regency Poke Bonnet I've been in love with the poke bonnet that Kate Winslett in Sense and Sensibility forever. Finally I found where to purchase the base for this bonnet and make my own! Although to be technical, this is actually called a capotes

Santa Patterns. Skirt Patterns. Teddy Bear Patterns. Toy Patterns. Easy to Sew Hat Patterns. Find the latest in trends and styles by perusing this large group of hats and caps, in many shapes and sizes. Every one of the 82 hat patterns below has a tutorial or instructions so you can make a hip and funky or a practical hat for everyone Pattern: Lynn McMasters Regency Bonnet Year: 1812 Notions: millinery wire, woven interfacing, buckram, ostrich feathers, piping cord, polyerster thread How historically accurate is it? The wire and ties were sewn on the machine and glue was used covering the upper brim. Everything else is spot on 1810-1820. The Ophelia pattern featuring a 20 page illustrated instruction booklet. 3 interchangeable brims and headpieces for creating a Regency/Federal era poke bonnet I knocked it out very quickly as it is a simple and forgiving pattern. I even wet blocked it (a first) to open up the lace pattern and make it lay nicely. Behold! A very easy and quick Regency bonnet or hat from The Cheats Costume Guide by Hathaways of Hawthorn. The cheat is using a faux straw sun visor as your base Regency Undergarments. Most regency women wore a set of stays underneath their gowns. They were either short stays or a fuller body stay with cording for strength. They supported the body and lifted the bust but did not bring in the waist - that was to come during the Victorian period. Stays were worn over a short-sleeved chemise made of either.

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Busy Bee Sharon has been Making Regency Bonnets! Posted on July 10, 2018 by Sharon Lathan • 33 Comments. As is obvious by the time of this posting, your Austen Author administrator has dropped the ball big time by forgetting it was her blog date! It is the first time I've ever missed my date completely, as far as I can recall, (although I. Labels: Regency bonnet, regency fashion, Regency hat, Wingeo Regency stovepipe bonnet pattern, WN719. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) About Me. Madame Mimi About me. I am a 40 something wife and mom of boys. I have been sewing on and off for over 25 years Elizabeth Bennet's Spencer Jacket & The Jane Austen Festival. Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on September 27, 2011. This week the Jane Austen Festival was held in Bath, England with all the festivities this occasion calls for - a costumed promenade in Regency dress and numerous dances and balls! Since it has been over two years since my own participation in this costumed ritual, I wanted to.

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A Regency Gown Pattern I have made a start on the toile, in calico, and hope that this dress works out better with it's back fastening, (I can go back to the drawstring dress after the promenade). It won't matter too much what the bodice looks like, as I will be making a new spencer with matching hat or bonnet to go with it, and I will be. Moltabocca, who also has a great set of sewing tutorials on her site, has gathered free patterns from across the internet, as well as pattern making sites that help you generate the perfect pattern for a custom corset.And if you aren't sure how to take the pattern images and enlarge them properly, Moltabocca also shows how to quickly and effectively enlarge a pattern using Powerpoint LINK TO FREE REVERSIBLE BONNET PATTERN. 2. Cut the following pieces from your fabric. 1 back - Fabric A. 1 back - Fabric B. 4 sides - 2 Fabric A (right side and wrong side) & 2 Fabric B (right side and wrong side) 1 strip for ruffle - 3″x 28″. (not shown) 1 strip for strap/tie - 3″ x 28″ (for snap closure), longer for tie/bow. Posts about Regency written by graciesews. I don't know if I've ever expressed it here, but I am obsessed with love the color green: sage green, emerald green, leaf green, forest greenThe only shade I dislike is neon lime green (but who can blame me?). As such, when I saw in a fashion plate a sage green bonnet decorated with a pale lilac ribbon, I fell in love The Regency era had an endless supply of fascinating headwear that became more and more outrageous as the era moved on. When the C19 th began a wide range of hats from small caps to enormous ribbon festooned bonnets. These plus turbans, feather trimmed satin jockey hats and poke bonnets were all part of Regency gentlewoman's wardrobe